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Picture Post, 1939

Picture Post, November 11, 1939

Kindly submitted by Ron Hunt.

Picture Post was a magazine that pioneered photojournalism, it was first published in 1938 by Edward G. Hulton. The magazine was an immediate success and after just four months was selling 1,350,000 copies a week.

In the magazine published on November 11th 1939, an interesting 9 page article about Wigan was included as a pictorial feature. The article titled "LIFE IN WIGAN" included text and 30 photographs of places and people not long after Orwell's visit to the town.


Select a page below:

Page 1   W I G A N

Page 2   Pier, School and Park

Page 3   Keep-Fit, Shopping Centre and Parish Church

Page 4   The Territorials, Jimmie Sullivan, James Starr, The Rector and Major J.S.A. Walker

Page 5   Mill Girl, Pit-head Baths, Municipal Committee

Page 6   The Men Who Stand and Wait, The Men Who Dream About Coal

Page 7   The Boy Who Wants to be a Miner, Shelters Against the Bombs, and Shelters Against the Rain

Page 8   Evening Class, A Talk on Tactics in the Changing Room, In a Cotton Mill, A.R.P. Drill at Whelley School, Dancing at the Empress Hall

Page 9   Cowheel Pie, A First-aid Squad Stands By, Wigan Library, Clog-Maker, Wigan Grammar School