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My Collection

My collection of interesting things related to Wigan. Sort of a mini-museum online!

All the items shown are mine, please see each item for further details... e.g. It would be great if I could return the Prisoner of War letter to Alfred Hoffmann, or his direct family. Also, the Isherwood painting could go to a serious collector for the right price!

P.O.W. Letter
Written by Alfred Hoffmann, D-684120, based at a camp in Wigan.

Isherwood Painting
"Rain Shawls, Wigan" oil by James Lawrence Isherwood.

Victorian Coin
Presented by Sir Francis Sharp Powell, Baronet, M.P. in 1897.

Wigan Observer, 1900
An original Wigan Observer dated Friday, April 13, 1900.

Postcard, 1907
Postally used card to Standish, 1907.

AA Map, 1934
Detailed Wigan to Okehampton Road Map.

Hippodrome Programme
Opera at the Wigan Hippodrome, 1942.

Act of Parliament
To make the River Douglas navigable, 1714.