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Wigan Past

Wigan Past will contain news and true stories of things that happened in Wigan. Listed in date order.

July, 1900
Fatal train crash at Hindley
On the 24th July, 1900 there was a fatal train crash at Hindley. It happened at Amberswood Junction, killing the driver and one passenger. There were also twenty-five other passengers injured...

August, 1908
Maypole mayhem
It was five o'clock on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 18, 1908 when an explosion ripped the heart out of the Cannel Mine (No 1 Pit) at Abram's Maypole Colliery.

April, 1945
For love of Dolly
Wigan's strangest mining disaster. A railway engine named Dolly and driver Ludovic Berry disappeared down a mine shaft. They are still there to this day...