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Wigan Streets, 1933

Taken from the 'Starrs Handy Street Guide of Wigan', 1933.

Street Location


Ablett Street 18, Sovereign Road
Acacia Crescent Beech Hill
Acton's Court 19, Hardybutts
Acton Street 11, Dicconson Street
Acton Terrace 113, Upper Dicconson St.
Acton's Walk 98, Chapel Lane
Acton's Yard 17, Marsh Lane
Acton's Entry 25, Lyon Street
Albion Yard 30, Millgate
Addison Street 112, Great George St.
Back Addison Street 7, Addison Street
Addison's Yard 12, Addison Street
Afghan Street 22, Silver Street
Ainsworth's Court 149, Scholes
Albert Street 12, France Street
Alexandra Street 75, Albert Street
Alfred Street Mesnes Road
Alfred Street (P) Duke Street
Algernon Street 228, Poolstock Lane
Alker Street 119, Wallgate
Alker Street (P) 206, Ormskirk Road
Alliance Street Orchard Street
Alma Court Off Belvoir Street
Altham's Yard 43, Standishgate
Alexandra Square 103, Whelley
Anderton Street Hardybutts
Anderton's Yard (P) 48, Fleet Street
Andrew Street 68, Prescott Street
Ann Street 8, Wood Street
Anson Street 45, Albert Street
Appleton Street 123, Great George Street
Arcade (The) 48, Market Place
Arcade (The) Off King Street
Arcade Street 31, Library Street
Arches, Brook Lane Brook Lane (Chapel Street)
Ardern Street 9, Oxford Street
Argyll Street 194, Ormskirk Road
Arthur Street 55, Buckley Street
Arthur Street (P) Goose Green
Arundel Street 1, Windsor Street
Arundel Street (P) 182, Ormskirk Road
Ascroft Avenue Beech Hill Lane
Ascroft Street 63, Cambridge Street
Ash Street 904, Warrington Road
Ashland Avenue Freckleton Street
Ashton Street 17, Wellington Street
Ashton's Yard 43, Princess Street
Ashton's Yard Duke Street
Aschroft's Yard 36, Queen Street
Ascroft's Yard Milton Street
Ashcroft's Yard 56, Warrington Road
Atherton Street 3, Darlington Street
Atherton Street (P) 52, Warrington Road
Atherton's Yard 2, Great George Street
Atherton's Yard 1, Brock Mill Lane
Atherton's Yard 29, Hallgate
Atherton's Yard (P) 14, Atherton Street
Avondale Road 34, Shaw Street


Backwater Street 10, Water Street
Back Sidney Street Warrington Road
Back Union Street 17, Union Street
Bailey's Court 3, Hallgate
Baiting Houses (P) 2, Newby's Yard
Baker Street 39, Pool Street
Baldwin Street 1, Vauxhall Road
Ball Street 281, Woodhouse Lane
Balshawgate 29, Wellington Street
Bank Street 348, Ormskirk Road
Bank Terrace 23, Longshoot
Bank Court 2, Standishgate
Bank Chambers Wallgate
Bankes Street 29, Cambridge Street
Bank's Yard 14, Colin Street
Banks' Yard (P) 33, Chapel Street
Barley Brook Street 191, Gidlow Lane
Barlow's Yard 41, Lower Morris Street
Barlow's Yard 84, Standishgate
Barlow's Court 62, School Street
Barlow's Yard 1, Faggy Lane
Barlow's Yard 33, School Lane
Barlow's Yard 72, Scholes
Barnsley Street (Lower end) 32, Park Road
Baron Street 263, Scholes
Barrack Square 9, Wallgate
Barton's Terrace Off Wallgate
Barton Street 33, Chapel Street
Barton Street (P) Pemberton
Barton's Yard Off Barton Street
Barn Houses 110, Hardybutts
Barnes' Court 23, Queen Street
Barnes' Yard 1, James' Street
Barton's Fold 19, Barton Street
Bath Street 297, Whelley
Baths (Public), Millgate
Beaconfield Street 144, Whelley
Beaufort Street 7, Billinge Road
Bedford Street 17, Whelley
Bedford Street (P) 14, Enfield Street
Beech Farm Cottages Ormskirk Road
Beech Grove Beech Hill Lane
Beech Hall Street 345, Gidlow Lane
Beech Hill Avenue 108, Beech Hill Lane
Beech Hill Lane Continuation Woodhouse L.
Belle Vue Street 454, Ormskirk Road
Bellingham Avenue 139, Wigan Lane
Bellingham Drive 9, Bellingham Avenue
Belmont Street (P) 119, Fleet Street
Belvoir Street 51, Scholefield Lane
Belvoir Court Off Belvoir Street
Bentinck Street 389, Warrington Road
Benson's Square 20, Melbourne Street
Benson's Yard 88, Gidlow Lane
Beresford Street 27, Meadow Street
Bevan's Yard 138, Wigan Lane
Bigham's Yard 11, Pitt Street
Billinge Road (P) 320, Ormskirk Road
Birch Street 130, Gidlow Lane
Birkett Bank Continuation Hardybutts
Birkett Bank Terrace 1, Birkett Bank
Birkett Street 417, Birkett Bank
Bishopgate Crawford Street
Blacking Shop Yard 131, Wallgate
Blue Bell Avenue Beech Hill
Bold Street 24, School Lane
Bold Street (P) 57, Billinge Road
Bold's Yard Billinge Road
Bolton Street 249, Scholes
Bolton's Yard 51, Hallgate
Bottom Croft 80, Hallgate
Borough Police Courts, King Street
Boyswell Lane 120 Scholes
Brackley Street 4, Duke Street
Bradford Place 20, Green Street
Bradford Place 130, Chapel Lane
Bradford Street 130, Chapel Lane
Bradshaw Gate 29, Wellington Street
Bradshawgate 50 Birkett Bank
Bradshaw Street 122, Whelley
Bretherton's Row 15, Wallgate
Brickkiln Lane 84, Standishgate
Brickcroft (P) 771, Ormskirk Road
Bridge End 154, Prescott Street
Bridge Street 139, Chapel Lane
Bridge's Yard 63, Lower Morris Street
Bridgeman Terrace Contn. Mesnes Street
Bridgewater Street 127, Wallgate
Bridgewater Street (P) Newtown
Brindley Street 606, Ormskirk Road
British Legion, 30, Dicconson Street
Brock Mill Lane Wigan Lane
Brookhouse Street 38, Warrington Lane
Brookhouse Terrace 68, Spring Street
Brook Lane 9, Chapel Lane
Brook Street 7, Pool Street
Brook Street (P) 35, Duke Street
Brown Street 19, Pitt Street
Brown Street 8, Balshawgate
Buckley Houses Off Gidlow Lane
Brown's Yard 27, Queen Street
Bryham Street 13, Vauxhall Road
Buckley Street Gidlow Lane
Bull Hey 1, Parson's Walk
Bull's Yard 67, Billinge Road
Bulteel Street 14, Ellesmere Road
Burland Street 79, Scot Lane
Burland's Yard 54, Ormskirk Road
Burlington Street 34, Turner Street
Burn's Yard 147, Scholes
Butler Street 15, School Lane
Byrom Street 6, Brook Street
Byron Street Corporation Street
Bywater Street 307, Wallgate


Cadman's Yard 107, Tunstall Lane
Calderbank Street 141, Billinge Road
Calderbank's Yard 16, Wellington Street
Caldwell's Yard 11, Melbourne Street
California Street 96, Poolstock Lane
Cambridge Street 1, Hardybutts
Campbell Street 119, Tunstall Lane
Canal Bank Warrington Lane
Canal Street 151, Woodhouse Lane
Canal Yard Off Wallgate
Carlisle Street 500 Ormskirk Road
Carlton Street 18, Tipping Street
Carlton Avenue Off Wallgate
Carnegie Library, Ormskirk Road
Caroline Street Wallgate
Carr Lane Fleet Street
Cartwright's Yard 130, Standishgate
Castle Street Vaughan Street
Castle Yard 5, Warrington Lane
Catherine Street 80, Scholefield Lane
Catherine Terrace Off Birkett Bank
Caunce Road Caunce Street
Caunce Street 29, Platt Lane
Caunce's Yard Off Arundel Street
Cawdor Street 169, Ormskirk Road
Cecil Avenue 39, Springfield Road
Cecil Street Lorne Street
Cedar Drive 50, Bradshaw Street
Cemetery (Wigan), Ince
Chadwick Street 12, Brook St., Goose Green
Chadwick Square 184, Gidlow Lane
Chancery Street 111, Hardybutts
Chapel Lane Off King Street
Chapel Street 41, Queen Street
Chapel Street (P) 512, Ormskirk Road
Charles Street 66, Wigan Lane
Charnock's Yard (P) 32, Barton Street
Chatham Street 200, Darlington St. East
Chatsworth Street 9, Enfield Street
Chaucer Place Mesnes Road
Cheltenham Street 237, Whelley
Chestnut Road 26, Cedar Drive
Cherry Croft 47, Wigan Lane
Church Street Standishgate
Church Street (P) Fleet Street
Church Terrace 57, Hardybutts
Church Grove 16, Cecil Street
City Road, Kitt Green Fleet Street
Clapgate Lane 425, Warrington Lane
Clare Street 14, Mason Street
Clarence Street 3, Orchard Street
Clarence Chambers Wallgate
Clarence Yard 50, Wallgate
Clarington Grove 190, Darlington St. East
Clayton Street Wallgate
Clayton's Yard 103, Ormskirk Road
Clephan's Yard 29, School Lane
Clifton Crescent 152, Wigan Lane
Clifton Street 36, Wigan Lane
Clifton Street (P) 221, Poolstock Lane
Clock Face Yard Off Scholes
Colinfield Off Douglas Road
Collin Street 11, Douglas Road
College Avenue King Street
College Street Off Library Street
Colliers' Yard 21, High Street
Commercial Yard 12, Market Place
Connor's Yard Off Vauxhall Road
Conservative Club, Market Street
Convent of Notre Dame School, Standishgate
Coop Street 196, Scholes
Co-operative Hall, Dorning Street
Cooper's Row 17, Market Place
Cooper's Yard 172, Scholes
Copperfield Walkden Avenue East
Coppull Lane 87, Wigan Lane
Coronation Street Swan Meadow Road
Corporation Street Poolstock
County Court, Crawford Street
County Police Court, Crawford Street
Cowell's Yard 8, Hallgate
Cowling Place 8, Standishgate
Cowling Place (P) 85, Marsh Green
Cowling Street Swan Meadow Road
Crawford Road 59, Poolstock
Crawford Street King Street West
Crawford Terrace 144, Scholes
Crispin's Court 57, Millgate
Cricket Street Off Prescott Street
Crofters' Arms Yard 19, Hallgate
Crompton Street Standishgate
Crook Street 71, Spring Gardens
Crook's Yard 71, Hallgate
Cross Keys Yard 7, Market Place
Cross Street 23, Driving Lane
Cross Street (P) 14, Woodford Street
Crown Street Swan Meadow Road
Cudworth Street Pottery Terrace
Cumberland Street 49, Whelley
Cuthbert Street 393, Ormskirk Road
Cygnet Street Swan Meadow Road


Dandy Shop Yard 76, Queen Street
Danesway Mesnes Road
Darlington Street Cont. of King Street
Darlington Street East Cont. of Darlington Street
Dawber Street Dorning Street
Dawber's Court 123, Standishgate
Dawber's Terrace 47, York Street
Dawber's Yard 98, Frog Lane
Dawson Avenue Off Gidlow Lane
Deaf and Dumb Institute, 20, Swinley Road
Dean Street 15, Cambridge Street
Dean's Yard 65, City Road
Delph Street Park Road
Delph House Poolstock Lane End
Derby Street Beaconsfield Street
Derby Terrace 16, Withnell Street
Dicconson Crescent Dicconson Terrace
Dicconson Street Standishgate
Dicconson Terrace 100, Standishgate
Dicconson's Yard 1, Lyon Street
Dicconson's Yard (P) 5, Clayton's Yard
Diggle Street 8, Woodhouse Lane
Diggle Street Gidlow Lane
Dobbs Fold 190, Wallgate
Dobson's Yard 46, Princess Street
Dorning Street 50, Hallgate
Dorset Street 317, Whelley
Douglas Road 25, Wigan Lane
Douglas Street 2, Chapel Lane
Douglas Street East 47, Warrington Lane
Douglas Street (P) 17, Ormskirk Road
Douglas Terrace 11, Standishgate
Douglas Terrace (P) 1, Ormskirk Road
Dover Street 294, Wallgate
Drake Street 8, Milton Street
Drill Hall, Powell Street
Driving Lane Chapel Lane
Duke Street (P) 353 Warrington Road
Duke Street 96, Wigan Lane


Earl Street Swinley Road
Earl Street (P) 521, Scot Lane
Eccleston Street 47, Dicconson Street
Eckersley Street 32, Whelley
Edith Street Miry Lane
Edward Street 98, Swinley Road
Edwin Street 140, Hardybutts
Egerton Street 129, Wallgate
Eleanor Street 283 Wallgate
Elizabeth Street 52, Caunce Street
Ellen Street 5, Fairclough St., Hr. Ince
Ellesmere Road Ormskirk Road
Ellis Street 42, Whelley
Elm Avenue 5, Larch Avenue
Elmfield Road Wigan Lane
Enfield Street 636, Ormskirk Road
Engine Fold 723 Ormskirk Road
Enion's Yard 96, Chapel Lane
Essex Street 273, Scholes
Ethel Street Granville St., Poolstock
Every Street Greenough Street
Excise Office, Crawford Street


Factory Street Lamberhead Green
Factory Yard 75, Scholefield Lane
Faggy Lane 83, Chapel Lane
Fairclough Street 42, Darlington Street
Fairclough's Court 23, Chapel Lane
Fairclough's Yard 33, Clayton Street
Fairhurst Street 142, Great George St.
Fairhurst's Yard 52, Millgate
Fairhurst's Yard 42, Bolton Street
Fairhurst's Yard 1, Great George Street
Fairhurst's Yard (P) 10, Charnock's Yard
Farrell Street 61, Enfield Street
Farrell's Yard 26, School Street
Farrimond's Row 83, Wallgate
Farrimond's Yard 12, Essex Street
Field Street 48, Frog Lane
Fisher's Yard 69, Wallgate
First Avenue Off Springfield Road
Fir Grove Off Gidlow Lane
Fire Station, Chapel Lane
Fitzadam Street Spring Gardens
Fleece Yard 63, Scholes
Fleet Street End of Ormskirk Road
Flemming's Yard 9, High Street
Flemming's Yard 33, Hallgate
Fletcher Street Off Herbert Street
Florence Street 39, Cutler Street
Florrie Street Off Linney Street
Fogg's Place 49, Hardybutts
Fogg's Yard 44, Millgate
Folly 6, Wigan Lane
Foreman's Yard 7, Scholefield Lane
Foster Street 47, Woodhouse Lane
Foster's Buildings 122, Frog Lane
Foundry Lane Billinge Road
Foundry Street 5, School Street
Fourteen Meadow Road 98, Swan Meadow Road
Fowden Street 58, Caroline Street
Foy Street 15, Harrogate Street
France Street 49, Ormskirk Road
Francis Street 49, Prescott Street
France's Yard 84, Great George Street
Frank Street 6, Manor Street
Frankfort Street 21, Warrington Lane
Freckleton Street 136, Wigan Lane
Freckleton Avenue Off Freckleton Street
Frederick Street 20, Birkett Bank
Free Library, Rodney Street
Frith Street 304, Wallgate
Frog Lane New Market Street


Garden Street 33, Warrington Lane
Gaskell Street 12, Scholefield Lane
Gaskell's Yard Millgate
Gaskell's Yard (P) 35, New Street
Gasworks Yards Sovereign Road
Gee Street 105, Scholefield Lane
Gee's Court 14, Harrogate Street
George's Terrace Marsh Lane
German's Yard 28, Princess Street
George Street 125 Billinge Road
Gerard Street 3, Oldfield Street
Gibraltar Street 40, Fleet Street
Gibson's Yard 25, High Street
Gidlow Avenue 272, Gidlow Lane
Gidlow Lane 19, Frog Lane
Gilroy Street 25, Vauxhall Road
Girls' High School, Standishgate
Glassbrook Street 86, Gidlow Lane
Glassbrook's Yard 26, Duke Street
Glassbrook's Yard 32, Vauxhall Road
Glebe End Street 9, Frog Lane
Glover's Yard 1, High Street
Golborne Street 35, Platt Lane
Golden Cross Yard 126, Standishgate
Goldenways Walkden Avenue East
Gordon Street 214, Darlington Street East
Gore Street 709, Ormskirk Road
Gore's Court 6, Pemberton Valley
Gore's Yard 5, Ironmonger Lane
Gorman Street 15, Meadow Street
Gorner Street 8, Trentham Street
Gower Street Ormskirk Road
Grafton Street (P) 43, Duke Street
Grammar School, Park Road
Granville Street 6, Sandon Street
Grayson's Yard 14, Freckleton Street
Great Acre 238, Scholes
Great George Street 108, Wallgate
Green Street 144a, Chapel Lane
Green's Yard 9, Cawdor Street
Greenough Row 31, Hardybutts
Greenough Street 140, Scholes
Greenough's Garden 15, Orchard Street
Greenbank Cottages 20, Shelmerdine Street
Green Hayes Avenue Mesnes Road
Greenhall's Yard 5, Rigby's Yard
Griffin Yard 82, Standishgate
Grundy's Yard 7, Hardybutts
Grosvenor Street 133, Ormskirk Road
Guildford Crescent 153, Thicknesse Avenue


Haigh Hall, Wigan Lane
Harrison's Square Off Orchard Street
Haig Street 156, Great George Street
Haigh View 23, Kingsway
Hallgate Market Street
Halliwell Terrace 57, Silver Street
Halliwell's Yard 66, Hallgate
Hambleton Street 51, Cambridge Street
Hamilton Street 248, Scot Lane
Hanover Street Off Scholes
Hardman Street 9, Brook Street
Hardybutts Warrington Lane
Hardy Street 100, Park Road
Hardy's Place 143, Hardybutts
Hardy's Yard 6, Longshoot
Hardy's Yard 46, Whelley
Hardy's Yard 80, Ironmonger Lane
Harper Street Hartley Avenue
Harrison Street 84, Ormskirk Road
Harrogate Street 25, Darlington Street
Harrogate Place 30, Harrogate Street
Hart's Cottages Wigan Lane
Harley Avenue 150, Darlington St. East
Hartley Place High Street
Hartley Street (P) 699, Ormskirk Road
Hart's Yard 12, Greenough Street
Harvey's Court 49, Standishgate
Haslam's Yard 32, Victoria Street
Hawthorn Avenue 13, Larch Avenue
Hazel Avenue 34, Guildford Crescent
Heardman Avenue 32, Mort Street
Heaton Street 50, Swinley Lane
Heaton's Street 78, Scholefield Lane
Heaton's Yard Scholefield Lane
Heaton's Yard (P) 458, Warrington Road
Heaton's Yard 16, Cross Street
Heath's Yard 6, Faggy Lane
Hen Street 14, Bolton Street
Henhurst Bridge Chapel Lane
Henry Street 70, Caroline Street
Hermitage Off Coppull Lane
Herbert Street 21, Miry Lane
Hesketh Street 154, Scot Lane
Hesketh's Court 14, Chapel Lane
Hesketh's Yard 38, Lord Street
Hewlett Street Library Street
Hey Street 9, Field Street
Heyes Yard 40, Lord Street
Heyes Street 184, Frog Lane
Hieland Road 168, Whelley
High Street 10, Coppull Lane
Higham Street 4, Chancery Street
Higham's Yard 157, Whelley
Highfield Billinge Road
Hill Street 16, Delph Street
Hills Yard 12, Bridge Street
Hilton Street 19, Powell Street
Hilton's Court 19, Douglas Street
Hilton's Entry 6, Douglas Street
Hilton's Yard 41, Lower Morris Street
Hilton's Yard 91, Queen Street
Hodges Street 50, Park Road
Hodges Yard 7, Douglas Street
Hodge's Yard 9, Cumberland Street
Hodson Street 20, Caroline Street
Holcroft's Yard 68, Boyswell Lane
Holland Street 5, Catherine Street
Holme Street 13, Duke Street
Holme Terrace Mesnes Road
Holme Avenue Green Heyes Avenue
Holt Street 263, Woodhouse Lane
Holt Street (P) 99, Poolstock Lane
Hope Street 16, Standishgate
Hope Hall, Hope Street
Hopwood Street 47, Victoria Street
Hopwood Street (P) Ellesmere Street
Hornby Street 19, Kenyon Road
Horsfield Street 102, Miry Lane
Horton Street 394, Woodhouse Lane
Hospital, Billinge Road
Houghton Avenue
Howard Street 228, Scholes
Howard Street (P) 696, Ormskirk Road
Howard's Yard 49, Clayton Street
Howard's Yard 70, Lower Morris Street
Hunt Street 13, Rupert Street


Income Tax Office, Rowbottom Square
Infirmary, Wigan Lane
Inland Revenue Offices, King Street West
Ingram Street 204, Woodhouse Lane
Inglewhite Avenue Mesnes Road
Ironmonger Lane 6, Faggy Lane
Isabella Street 32, Caunce Street
Ivy Street 25, Spring Gardens


Jackson's Row 43, Wigan Lane
Jackson's Square 160, Scholes
Jackson's Yard 1, Appleton Street
James Street 14, Green Street
James Street 131, Chapel Lane
Jane Street 12, Platt Lane
Jew's Yard 70, Millgate
Jockey Terrace School Street
John Street 37, Hardybutts
John Street (P) 104, Tunstall Lane
Johnson Street 6, Leigh Street
Johnson Street (P) Brook Lane
Johnson's Terrace 10, Bradford Street
Johnson' Yard 21, Wood Street
Johnsons' Yard Off Mill Street
Jordan's Yard 19, Lyon Street
Johnson's Place 16, Wood Street
Jordan's Entry 12, Chapel Lane
Joynson Terrace 46, New Street


Kay Street 47, School Street
Kearsley Street 75, Gidlow Lane
Kendal Street 1, Gidlow Lane
Kendrick Street 51, Platt Lane
Kent Street 22, Leigh Street
Kenyon Road Bridgeman Terrace
Kenyon Street 23, Swinley Lane
Kildare Street 131, Warrington Road
Kilshaw Street 27, Enfield Street
Kimberley Street 110, Park Road
King Street 29, Wallgate
King Street West 48, Wallgate
Kingsway 18, Monument Road
King of Prussia Yard 24, Hallgate
Kirkless Street 51, Birkett Bank
Knowles Avenue Duke Street
Knowles Avenue (P) Goose Green
Knowles Street 8, William Street
Knowles Villa Warrington Road
Knowles Terrace 33, Douglas Street


Labour Club, Powell Street
Labour Exchanges, Station Road and Mesnes Street
Laburnum Grove 24, Hazel Avenue
Lady Lane Clapgate Lane
Lamb Street Bradshaw Street
Lambton Street 69, Smethurst Lane
Lancaster's Entry 14, Lyon Street
Land Street 30, Kendal Street
Lansdowne Terrace 19, Earl Street
Larch's Cottages Wigan Lane
Larch Avenue 10, Ridyard Street
Latham's Yard 22, Millgate
Latham's Yard 32, Queen Street
Latham's Yard 11, Victoria Street
Laurel Street 197, Scot Lane
Layland Street 874, Prescott Street
Lea Street 67, Miry Lane
Lea's Square Off Prescott Street
Lea's Court 54, Market Place
Lea's Yard 4, Pitt Street
Leach's Yard Off Belvoir Street
Leach's Yard 49, Caroline Street
Leader Street 2, Catharine Street
Leader Street (P) 671, Ormskirk Road
Leader's Buildings King Street
Leeds Street 16, Miry Lane
Leigh Street 104 Darlington St. East
Leyland Mill Lane Off Wigan Lane
Leyland's Yard 51, Scholes
Leopold Street 151, Enfield Street
Letterewe Street Pottery Terrace
Library Street 1, Wallgate
Lichfield Street 7, Brindley Street
Lilac Avenue 14, Laburnum Grove
Lime Street 41, School Lane
Lindsay Street 102, Whelley
Linney Street 10, Catharine Street
Linney Terrace 5, Linney Street
Liptrot Street 24, Scot Lane
Litherland's Yard 3, Peers Yard
Little Church Street 751, Ormskirk Road
Little Lane 200, Billinge Road
Little London 104, Standishgate
Littler's Yard 5, Clayton Street
Lomax Yard 1, Shelmerdine Street
Lombard Buildings 69, Standishgate
Longshoot 220, Scholes
Lord Street 76, Wigan Lane
Lorne Street Catherine Street
Low Street 34, School Lane
Lower Morris Street 70, Scholes
Lower St. Stephen Street 61, Frog Lane
Lower Fold 8, Wilde's Houses
Lowe's Houses 44, School Lane
Lowe's Square 13, Hardybutts
Lowe's Yard 39, Bridge Street
Ludovic Terrace Off Wigan Lane
Lymm Street 90, Warrington Lane
Lyon Street 138, Wallgate
Lyon's Yard 4, Ironmonger Lane


Mab's Cross, Standishgate
Mabel Street End of Bold Street
Magraw's Yard 98, Ormskirk Road
Maple Grove 28, Lilac Avenue
Marsh's Buildings 3, Bradford Street
Marsh's Court 2, Bradford Street
Martlew's Yard 15, Scholes
Mabel Street Beaufort Street
Major Street Leader Street
Makinson Arcade 56, Market Place
Manchester Place 78, Hardybutts
Manning Avenue 69, Springfield Road
Manor Street 3, Dorning Street
Manor Street (P) Ormskirk Road
Margaret Street 24, Woodhouse Lane
Market Arcade Market Place
Market Hall, Woodcock Street
Market Place 2, Library Street
Market Street 26, Market Place
Marsden Street 12, Hope Street
Marsden Street (P) Newtown
Marsden Court 57, Hallgate
Marsh Green 583, Scot Lane
Marsh Lane 50, Standishgate
Marsh Street 91, Poolstock Lane
Marsh's Court Bradford Street
Martland Mill Lane Marsh Green
Marton Street 37, Dicconson Street
Marylebone 163, Wigan Lane
Mason Street 1, Miry Lane
McCormick Street 2, Chancery Street
McCormick Street 19, Lowe's Square
McEwen's Yard 60, Millgate
Meadow Street Frog Lane
Melbourne Street 101, Wallgate
Melling Street 94, Billinge Road
Melverley Street 267, Wallgate
Mercer's Court 159, Wigan Lane
Mesnes Park Terrace Bridgeman Terrace
Mesnes Road Kenyon Road
Mesnes Street 38, Standishgate
Mesnes Terrace Off Hope Street
Meyrick Street 28, Queen Street
Milk Street 26, Queen Street
Millgate Market Place
Mill Lane Warrington Road
Mill Meadow 79 Darlington Street
Mill Yard 119, Scholes
Mill Street 74 Great George Street
Millstone Yard 65, Wigan Lane
Milton Grove Off Wordsworth Avenue
Milton Street 5, Poolstock
Mint Street 184, Scholes
Mint Terrace Mint Street
Mint Court 3, Mint Terrace
Miry Lane 180, Wallgate
Mitchell Street Ormskirk Road
Molyneux Street 172, Scholes
Molyneux's Yard 10, Lord Street
Mona Street 20, Frog Lane
Molyneux Yard 15, High Street
Monks' Yard 405, Warrington Road
Monument Road Wigan Lane
Monument Entry 126, Wigan Lane
Mooney's Yard 66, Ormskirk Road
Moore Street 32, Lamb Street
Moorfield Street 218, Woodhouse Lane
Moore's Buildings 118, Frog Lane
Moot Hall Chambers Wallgate
Morpeth Street 235, Ormskirk Road
Morris Row 229, Scholes
Morris' Yard 28, Duke Street
Morris' Yard 28, Bridge Street
Mort Street 12, Springfield Road
Moss Street 68, Woodhouse Lane
Moss Street (P) 12, Brook Lane
Moss Yard 33, Queen Street
Moss Terrace (P) 3, Barton Street
Mount Street 22, Greenough Street
Municipal Offices, Hewlett Street and King Street
Myrtle Street 18, Spring Gardens


Netherby Road 186, Thicknesse Avenue
Neville Street 24, Scholefield Lane
New Lodge 130, Wigan Lane
New Market Street 90, Hallgate
New Street 17, Canal Street
New Street (P) Chapel Street
New Square 50, New Market Street
Newark Street 188, Woodhouse Lane
Newby's Yard 2, Dean's Yard
Newman Avenue 69, Springfield Road
Newman Street 158, Whelley
New Row (P) 8, Moss Street
Noble Street 505, Scot Lane
Norfolk Street 59, Throstle Nest Avenue
Norfolk Street (P) 150, Ormskirk Road
Norley Road 15, City Road
Normanby Street (P) 15, Worsley Street
Northumberland Street 68, Platt Lane
Northumberland Street (P) 20, Duke Street
Nutt Street 32, Bradshaw Street


Oak Street Off Darlington Street
Oldfield Street 52 Normandy Street
Old Elms Wigan Lane
Old Fold (P) Off Chapel Street
Orchard Street 82, Greenough Street
Ormandy's Houses Westwood Road
Ormskirk Road From End of Wallgate
Ormesher's Yard 41, Clayton Street
Orpington Street 9, Major Street
Orrell Street 111, Warrington Lane
Osborne Street 10, Castle Street
Oxford Street 31, Greenough Street


Pagefield Street 158, Gidlow Lane
Pagefield Off Woodhouse Lane
Park (Mesnes), Bridgeman Terrace
Park (Alexandra) Pemberton
Park Crescent 4, Park Road
Park Crescent W. 10, Park Road
Park Road 49, Parson's Walk
Park Street 73, Pool Street
Parkinson's Yard 68, Frog Lane
Parkinson's Yard 345, Warrington Road
Parson's Walk Market Street
Parr's Court Off Darlington Street
Partington Street 442, Scot Lane
Patrick's Row 57, Shaw Street
Pearl Street 265, Barnsley Street
Peer's Court 16, Vauxhall Road
Peer's Yard 7, Bridge Street
Peet Street 68, Corporation Street
Pemberton Valley 56, Tunstall Lane
Pendlebury's Yard 115, Wigan Lane
Pendlebury Yard 165, Scholes
Pennyhurst Street 40, Herbert Street
Penson Street Off Coppull Lane
Pension Street 18, Haigh Street
Penson's Yard 125, Standishgate
Perch Street 31, Whelley
Pipe Shop Yard 150, Chapel Lane
Piper's Alley Off Pottery
Pitt Street 126, Wallgate
Plantations, Wigan Lane
Platt Lane 191, Scholes
Poke Street 18, Fleet Street
Police Station, King Street
Pool Street 89, Poolstock
Poolstock Con. Chapel Lane
Poolstock Lane Worsley Mesnes
Poplar Avenue 493, Ormskirk Road
Portland Street 14, Turner Street
POST OFFICE (Head), Wallgate
Portland Street Ormskirk Road
Potter Square 17, Princess Street
Potter's Yard 11, Milton Street
Pottery Road Wallgate
Pottery Street Pottery Terrace
Pottery Terrace 9, Pottery Road
Powell Street Standishgate
Powell's Yard Church Street
Powell's Yard 60, Hallgate
Powell's Yard 48, Millgate
Prescott Street 92, Miry Lane
Prescott's Yard 79, Scholefield Lane
Preston's Yard Albert Street
Primrose Hill 182, Scholes
Princess Street 105, Chapel Lane
Princess Street (P) 145, Little Lane
Proe's Court 66, Frog Lane
Public Assistance, Frog Lane and Billinge
Public Baths, Millgate
Pump Court 55, Scholes
Pump Yard 83, Queen Street
Pyke Street 25, Nutt Street


Quadrant Buildings King Street
Queen Anne Buildings Wallgate
Queen's Hotel Yard 158, Wallgate
Queen Street 65, Wallgate
Queen Street (P) 225, Billinge Road


Railway Street 65, Woodhouse Lane
Rainford's Buildings 73, Wigan Lane
Rainford Houses Warrington Road
Ranson's Yard 14, Princess Street
Ratcliffe Street 38, Woodhouse Lane
Ratcliffe's Yard 46, Millgate
Reading Room (Boys'), Station Road
Regent Street 25, Greenough Street
Regent Street (P) 145, Little Lane
Register Office, Bank Chambers, Wallgate
Red Lion Court 100, Caroline Street
Red Lion Court (P) 6, Regent Street
Red Lion Place 125, Chapel Lane
Richards' Yard 17, Vauxhall Road
Richmond Hill 689, Ormskirk Road
Richmond Street 90, Hallgate
Richmond Street (P) 43, Poolstock Lane
Ridyard Street 339, Ormskirk Road
Rigby's Buildings Powell Street
Rigby's Yard Rigby's Buildings
Rigby's Yard (P) 5, Banks' Yard
Riley's Yard 62, Northumberland Street
Riley's Yard 53, Queen Street
Rimmer's Yard 2, Victoria Street
River Street Turner Street
Roebuck Yard 43, Standishgate
Rodney Street King Street
Roscoe Court 50, McCormick Street
Roscoe Street 120, Hardybutts
Rose Avenue Beech Hill
Rose Hill Avenue Pemberton
Rosemary Crescent 16, Pyke Street
Rothwell's Yard 64, hardybutts
Round House 114, Whelley
Rowbottom Square 25, Wallgate
Royal Oak Yard 113, Standishgate
Royal Arcade Market Place
Rupert Street 88, Hardybutts
Russell Street School Street
Rylands Row 52, Standishgate
Rylance Court 769, Ormskirk Road
Rylands Street 220, Gidlow Lane


Salmon Street 73, Whelley
Salisbury Terrace 123, Warrington Road
Sandon Street 41, Poolstock
Sandon Street 644, Ormskirk Road
Sandycroft Avenue 41, Avondale Road
Sanitorium, off Bradshaw Street, Whelley
Saracen's Head Yard 81, Wigan Lane
Sarginson Street Wenlock Street
Sayers Yard 119, Scholes
Scarisbrick Street 46, Wigan Lane
Scholefield Lane 169, Scholes
Schofield's Place Foundry Street
Schofield's Yard Foundry Street
Scholes Off Millgate
School Lane 46, Scholes
School Street 47, School Lane
School Terrace 431, Warrington Road
Schofield's Houses Off Billinge Road
Scot Lane 89, Ormskirk Road
Scott Street 53, Gidlow Lane
Second Avenue 66, Springfield Road
Seed Street 8, Northumberland Street
Seven Stars Road Wallgate
Shared Street 13, Kent Street
Sharp Street 234, Wallgate
Shaw Street 20, Earl Street
Shaw's Yard Off Boyswell Lane
Shaw's Yard 106, Hallgate
Ship Yard 12, Millgate
Shelley House Cottages Warrington Road
Shelmerdine Street 7, Harrogate Street
Short Street 3, Core Street
Silver Street 101, Darlington St. East
Silver Street (P) 30, Chapel Street
Silver Terrace 17, Silver Street
Silverwell Terrace 7, Silver Street
Silverdale Walkden Avenue East
Simpson's Yard 2, Swift's Yard
Sledbrook Street 34, Enfield Street
Smethurst Lane 25, Chatsworth Street
Smethurst Street 9, Enfield Street
Smith's Yard 1, Charles Street
Smith's Yard 27, Lyon Street
Smithy Yard 86, Wigan Lane
Snape Street 5, Edith Street
Soho Street 27, Warrington Road
Sole Street 61, Whelley
Somerville Road Spencer Road
Southern Street 272, Billinge Road
Sovereign Road 6, Darlington Street
Spencer Road Wigan Lane
Spencer Road West Cont. of Spencer Road
Spring Gardens 50, Frog Lane
Spring Grove 105, Spring Street
Spring Street 10a, Hardybutts
Springfield Road 144, Park Road
Springfield Street 137, Wigan Lane
Standishgate 60, Market Place
Standishgate Place 33, Standishgate
Standish Yard 68, Millgate
Stanley Street 31, Platt Lane
Stanley Street (P) 134a, Ormskirk Road
Stanley Square 85, Platt Lane
Station Road 1, Standishgate
Stevens' Yard 140 Billinge Road
Stirling Street Mesnes Road
St. Clement's Road Off Wigan Lane
St. John's Street 21, Fleet Street
St. Malo Road 8, Spencer Road
Stones' Yard 1 Bolton Street
Stopforth Street 52, Woodhouse Lane
St. Aubyn's Road Off Wigan Lane
St. Ann's Square 8, Bank's Yard, Coppull Lane
St. James' Terrace Off Tipping Street
St. Margaret's Home, Warrington Road, Goose Green
St. Patrick Street 67, Scholefield Lane
St. Thomas Street 50, Caroline Street
St. George's Terrace Marsh Lane
Stratford Street 130, Park Road
Stuart Street 41, Wellington Street
Steward's Yard 60, Millgate
Summersale Off Billinge Road
Swan Meadow Road Pottery Road
Swann Street 60, York Street
Swan Terrace 112, Scholes
Swift Street 2, Warrington Road
Swift's Square 56, Stanley Street
Swift's Yard 14, Melbourne Street
Swift's Square (P) Ormskirk Road
Swinley Lane 34, Swinley Road
Swinley Road 108, Wigan Lane
Swinley Street 34, Swinley Lane
Sycamore Avenue 25, Guildford Crescent
Sydney Street 335, Warrington Road
J. STARR & SONS, LTD., Printers and Bookbinders,
     Wallgate. Works : Dawber Street.
     Wholesale Warehouse : Rowbottom Square.


Taylor Street 46, York Street
Tan Pit Houses In Field, Goose Green
Taylor's Yard Little Lane
Technical College, Library Street
Telephone Exchange, King Street West
Teck Street 37, Cambridge Street
Tennyson Drive Menses Road
The Avenue 4, Kingsway
Thicknesse Avenue Off Beech Hill Lane
Thicknesse Row Off Platt Lane
Third Avenue 84, Springfield Road
Thompson Street 72, Whelley
Thompson Street (P) 111, Poolstock Lane
Thompson's Yard 29, High Street
Thompson's Court 4, Faggy Lane
Thorburne's Lane Ormskirk Road
Thorn Street 880, Warrington Road
Throstle Nest Avenue 206, Gidlow Lane
Tichborne Street 19, Vaughan Street
Tickle Street 214, Wallgate
Tipping Street 109, Poolstock
Toc H., Union Bank Chambers, Wallgate
Top Croft 72, Hallgate
Tower Buildings, Wallgate
Town Hall, King Street
Trafalgar Road 27, Wrightington Street
Trencherfield 135, Wallgate
Trentham Street 21, Ormskirk Road
Tuberculosis Dispensary, Rodney Street
Tunstall Lane Ormskirk Road
Turner Street Greenough Street
Turner's Yard 329, Warrington Road


Union Street 79, Scholes
Upper Bradshawgate 39, Vauxhall Road
Upper Dicconson Street New Market Street
Upper Morris Street 102, Scholes
Upper St. Stephen Street 47, Frog Lane
Upholland Grammar School Clerk's Office, Bank Chambers, Wallgate


Vauxhall Road 135, Scholes
Vauxhall Street 139, Scholes
Vaughan Street 41, Greenough Street
Vere Street 59, York Street
Victoria Avenue 86, Park Road
Victoria Buildings King Street
Victoria Street 111, Wallgate
Victoria Street (P) 39, Warrington Road
Vine Grove 18, Chapel Street
Vine Street 16, Whelley
Vitriol Fold Off Woodhouse Lane
Vulcan Terrace Miry Lane


Waddington Buildings 10, Clayton Street
Waddington's Yard 47, Great George Street
Walkden Avenue 72, Kenyon Road
Walkden Avenue East Kenyon Road
Walker's Yard 11, Lyon Street
Wall Street 132, Woodhouse Lane
Wall's Court 23, Hallgate
Wall's Yard 29, Lea Street
Wallace Lane 112, Whelley
Wallgate Library Street
Walmer Street 78, Corporation Street
Walmsley Street Warrington Lane
Walmsley's Yard 15, Lime Street
Walmesley Avenue 54, Walmer Street
Walmsley Square 42, Frog Lane
Walmsley's Yard 26, Lord Street
Walnut Avenue 38, Wallace Lane
Walsh's Yard 99, Scholes
Walter Scott Avenue Off Wigan Lane
Walter Street Ellesmere Road
Walthew House Lane
Walthew Yard 41, Millgate
Wardley Street 786. Ormskirk Road
Warnford Street Heaton Street
Warrington Lane 41, Scholes
Warrington Lane Terr. 2, Warrington Lane
Warrington Road (P) 54, Ormskirk Road
Water Street 14, Marsh Lane
Water Heyes Road 101, Greenough Street
Water Heyes Terrace 38, Vaughan Street
Waterloo Street 100, Woodhouse Lane
Watkin Street Off Crompton Street
Watmough's Yard 82, Scholes
Welch's Yard 109, Standishgate
Well Street 69, Lorne Street
Wellfield Road Gidlow Lane
Wellington Street 93, Scholes
Wenlock Street 18, Soho Street
Wesley Street 177, Enfield Street
Westminster Street Portland Street
Westminster Street (P) 166, Ormskirk Road
Westmorland Street 43, Whelley
Weston Street 9, River Street
Weston Place 26, Stamdishgate
Westwood Road 152, Chapel Lane
Whelley 279, Scholes
White Street Off Spring Street
White Street (P) 830, Ormskirk Road
Whiteside Avenue 20, Mort Street
Whitley Crescent Mesnes Road
Whittaker's Yard 107, Wigan Lane
Widdrington Road 22, Monument Road
Widdow's Yard 28, Vauxhall Road
Wiend 9, Market Place
Wigan Assessment Committee, Tower Buildings, Wallgate
Wigan Chamber of Trade, Station Road
Wigan Corporation Transport Office, Market Place
Wigan Juvenile Organisation Committee, King Street
Wigan Lane Standishgate
Wigan Rotary Club. Headquarters : Grand Hotel
Wigan Rural District Council, Bank Chambers, Wallgate
Wigan's Yard 60, Queen Street
Wignall Street 54, Corporation Street
Wignall's Yard 24, Wignall Street
Wilcock Street 248 Wallgate
Wilde's Houses 292, Billinge Road
Wilfred Street 74, Scot Lane
Willgoose Lane Wallgate
Willan Road 21 Wellfield Road
William Street 63, Platt Lane
William Street 23, Wood Street
Willow Road Beech Hill
Willow Street 916, Warrington Road
Wilshaw Street 45, Soho Street
Wilson Avenue Barnsley Street
Wilton Street 28, Sovereign Road
Windermere Street 5, Whelley
Windmill Street Mount Street
Windsor Street Turner Street
Winstanley Street 144, Warrington Road
Withnall Street 46, School Lane
Woods Street 9, Driving Lane
Wood Street 102, Chapel Lane
Wood Street (P) 37, Scot Lane
Woods' Square 41, Lime Street
Wood's Yard 36, Upper Morris Street
Woodcock Street 37, Market Street
Woodford Street 800, Ormskirk Road
Woodhouse Lane 29, Meadow Street
Woods Grove 14, Chapel Street
Wood's Yard 5, Wood Street
Wood's Yard (P) Wardley Street
Wood's Yard 16, Duke Street
Wood's Yard 55, Great George Street
Woolden Street 15, Mitchell Street
Wolfendale's Yard 45, School Lane
Woolpack Yard 32, Millgate
Wordsworth Avenue Mesnes Road
Workshops for the Blind, Darlington Street East
Worsley Mesnes Foundry Poolstock Lane
Worsley Street 738, Ormskirk Road
Worsley Terrace Standishgate
Worsley's Yard 63, School Street
Worsley's Yard 24, Rupert Street
Worth Street 31, Eleanor Street
Worthington Fold Warrington Road
Worthington's Yard 39, Queen Street
Wright Street 1, Eckersley Street
Wright's Yard 130, Wigan Lane
Wright's Yard 54, Whelley
Wright's Yard (P) 22, Fleet Street
Wrightington Street 1, Bridgeman Terrace


Yates Grove Beech Hill
Yates Street 53, Miry Lane
Yates' Yard 13, Wallace Lane
Yew Grove Beech Hill
York Street 42, York Street East
York Street East 12, Appleton Street
Y.M.C.A., King Street West


Zulu Street 40, Silver Street