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Your contributions are most welcome, I will list any I receive on this page.

More Wigan Speyk!
Thanks to James Foster, a Wiganer now living in Spain for sending in this funny Wigan speyk!

Old Arcade / Legs o Man
Thanks to Alan Leigh for providing history about the Stanley family plus a picture of an old oil painting showing the arcade and pub.

The Old Arcade
Thanks to Keith Roberts for sending a poem and picture of The Old Arcade. It was read on BBC Radio and published in one of Geoffrey Shryhane's books.

Old Wigan
Thanks to Alan Leigh for sending a very old scene from the top of town.

Soldier's Service and Pay Book
Thanks to John Bentham for sending Wigan soldier Fred Bentham's service and pay book for World War II.

Soldier's Small Book
Thanks to Mike Halliwell for sending in pictures of his grandad's small book from the first World War.

Even more Wigan Speyk!
Thanks to Colin Burgess, Susan Sherwood and Steve Whittle for contributing some hilarious 'Wiggin Terms' and dialect

Red Rock in flood, June 2002
John Barlow sent in 3 photos of the Red Rock area, shortly after the flooding in June, 2002.

Wiggin University 1st Year Exam
Submitted by Neil Hanley. Saved from the 1970's while studying at St John Rigby Sixth Form College in Orrell.

This mother of a town
Submitted by Bob Talbot, who is currently editing for publication a collection of poems by brother Godfrey Talbot entitled "Cardigans for Granny", and thought this was appropriate for inclusion.

Petrified Tree
Submitted by Neil Baxter. A petrified tree in Wigan? Apparently so, here is a photo and help with locating it...

Postcards to and from Wigan
Submitted by Sandra Priestly. Postcards from the Isle of Man, London, Chicago, Portugal, Cape Town... Well travelled Wiganers from around 100 years ago!

Wigan ghosts!
Submitted by Ron Hunt. An old article from the Wigan and District Advertiser, 24th December 1890 about a ghost in Standish.