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More Wigan Speyk!

Thanks to James Foster, a Wiganer now living in Spain - for the following Wigan Speyk!

AMOFF WOM - I must go home. i.e. Thiv rung't bell for lastuns so AMOFF WOM

CHONKY FETTLIN - Excellent/very good. e.g. That's a CHONKY FETTLIN pint iveversin one.

PUSH IRON - Bicycle. i.e. I faw'd off mi PUSH IRON on't way tut thoffy (off-license).

AGATE - Strange Wigan verb vaguely meaning "to be doing/to start", as in, ArtAGATEagen thee? or therAGATEagen up yonder.

THAWANTS - You need, i.e. THAWANTSthayedseeintu thee!

DUSWANT - Would you like? e.g. Amoff tut Knees for a bevvy, DUSWANT cum orwot?

THEGMON - Egg distributor - i.e. AsTHEGMONbinyet. Am klemptdioth.

MAULINBAUT - Without the possession of. i.e. gerreminagen am MAULINBAUT.


CHAUVE - To irritate. e.g. Stop CHAUVIN'T lad, thas gooin drive im roun't bend.



CHUFFED BITS - Exceedingly happy. e.g. Awer CHUFFED BITS wimi new, chonky fettlin push iron.

WHALE - Wheel, e.g. Awent feishin in't cut anallusa cotched wera WHALE.

WEERSBINMON - 1. Where have you been, e.g. WEERSBINMON? Asbinere aw day. 2. Could you tell me the whereabouts of the refuse-collector? e.g. WEERSBINMON? Antsinim since wensdiwik.

ARSE - House. i.e. Si thatthere ARSE on't thill, thatswer't thegmon lives.

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