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The Wigan Recipe Book, 1925

The Wigan Recipe Book, 1925

Material kindly submitted by Ron Hunt.

A souvenir "Favourite Recipe" Book collected and arranged by the teachers of St. Thomas's School for the Grand Bazaar "Ye Olde Englishe Fayre", held at the Drill Hall, Wigan in 1925.

96 pages filled with local adverts, recipes sent in by Wiganers, household hints, quotations...

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Cover   The Wigan Recipe Book, November 1925.

Page 1   Souvenir Book to raise funds for Wigan C.E. Schools.

Page 2   Goodwin's (ad)

Page 3   Wigan Parish Church. The Nave (photo)

Page 4   F. Russell, confectioner & fruiterer (ad)

Page 5   St. Thomas's Church, Wigan (photo)

Page 6   Cafe Makinson (ad)

Page 7   Thanks!

Page 8   J. Peterkin Ltd., grocers (ad)

Page 9   INDEX

Page 10   Ben Turner Ltd., butchers (ad)

Soups :-

Page 11   Tomato soup, Kidney soup

Page 12   J. Davenport & Sons, tobacconists (ad)

Page 13   Celery soup, Potato soup, Onion soup

Page 14   John Clarke, fish, game and poultry (ad) - J. W. Broughton, confectioner and tobacconist (ad)

Fish :-

Page 15   Baked codfish, Fish souffle, Fish cakes, Potted shrimps

Page 16   Chas. Scott, boot repairer (ad)

Page 17   Creamed fish, Dressed crab, American sandwich

Page 18   Alf Peacock, the Pinafore King (ad)

Meats and Entrees :-

Page 19   Roman pie, German recipe for cold meat, Currry

Page 20   J.J. Broughton's, sports (ad) - Ogden's Pianos (ad)

Page 21   Tomato rarebit, Savoury eggs, Scotch eggs, Cheese souffle

Page 22   E. Dickenson & Co. Ltd., jewellers, clothiers.. (ad) - R. Leach (ad)

Page 23   Beef gateau, Beef roll, Beef galantine

Page 24   Wm. Lythgoe, pawnbroker (ad)

Page 25   Veal cake, Pork cutlets, To cook a rabbit

Page 26   Farnworth & Sons, jewellers (ad)

Page 27   Omelette, Lentil savoury, Mince steak and ham, Savoury pie

Page 28   Coleclough and Massey, millinery, furs, ladies' outfitting... (ad)

Page 29   Beef roll, Toad in the hole, Breakfast for eight

Page 30   John N. Henderson, auctioneer and valuer (ad)

Puddings and Creams :-

Page 31   Leicester pudding, Lemon pudding, Ashfield pudding

Page 32   Banquet self-raising flour (ad)

Page 33   Canary pudding, Fig pudding, Sultana pudding, Three-minutes pudding

Page 34   Atora Suet (ad) - Proe's bakes and confectioners (ad)

Page 35   Judy pudding, Quaker oat pudding, Queen pudding, Treacle pudding

Page 36   Hall's Bread (ad)

Page 37   Plum pudding, Snowdon pudding, Bread pudding

Page 38   Wigan and District Co-operative Society (ad)

Page 39   Queen Mary pudding, Raspberry sponge pudding, Lemon pudding

Page 40   H. & F. Lowe, painters, decorators, signwriters... (ad)

Page 41   St. Leonard's pudding, Bread and fruit pudding, Sponge pudding, Steamed pudding

Page 42   W. Ollerenshaw, hatter and outfitter (ad)

Page 43   Devonshire clotted cream, Trifle, Fruit blancmange, Banana mould

Page 44   Walter Wignall, wallpaper and paints (ad) - Hewitt's florist and fruiterers (ad)

Page 45   Pineapple cream, Lemon mould, Raspberry cream, Pineapple snow

Page 46   Borwick's baking powder (ad) - Preston & Warburton furnishers (ad)

Page 47   Bakewell tart, Sponge cake, Scones, Plum cake

Page 48   The Moot Hall Ladies' Hairdressing and Beauty Parlour (ad)

Cakes and Scones :-

Page 49   Dundee cake, Biblical cake

Page 50   Turog flour (ad)

Page 51   Parkin biscuits, Scotch scones, Raisin scones

Page 52   Houghton's household utensils (ad)

Page 53   Nut bread, Sponge cake, Scotch pancakes, Cocoanut cream cake

Page 54   Jess Baker insurance (ad) - Puzzle

Page 55   Cream for C. cakes, Scotch short bread, Drop scones, Orange cake

Page 56   Shortbread, Lemon buns, Milk tea cakes, Orange cake

Page 57   Girlde cakes, Butter cakes, Sponge cake, Currant bread

Page 58   Channel Island cake, Drop scones, Bible cake

Page 59   Scones, Scotch scones, Raisin scones

Page 60   Lunch cake, Orange cake, Madeira cake, Victoria sandwich

Page 61   French dessert cake, Puff paste, Ginger puffs, Cream rolls

Page 62   Madeira loaf, Rich light cake, Lunch cake, Queen cakes

Page 63   Raspberry sandwich, Shortbread, Quaker oat cakes

Page 64   Scotch cake, Cracklings, Lemon gingerbread

Page 65   Gingerbread, Russian sandwich, Lunch cake

Page 66   Sponge cake, Raspberry sandwich, Sultana cake

Page 67   Sandwich cake, Snow cake, Rice cake, Gingerbread

Page 68   Cherry soda cake, Cheap sponge cake, Simnel cake

Page 69   Christmas cake, Birthday cake, Jelly cake

Page 70   Tomato tart, Madeira cakes, Almond macaroons, Macaroons

Page 71   Sweet butter, Apricot creams, Cream baskets, Christmas cake

Page 72   Red breast cakes, Plain plum cake, Milk tea cakes

Page 73   Swiss roll, Lunch cake, Ginger breads

Page 74   Lunch cake, Short bread, An excellent genoese mixture

Jams, Sauces and Pickes :-

Page 75   Marmalade, Black currant jam, Crab apple jelly

Page 76   Vegetable marrow jam, Mince meat, Blackberry and apple cheese

Page 77   Marmalade, Blackberry jelly, Apricot jam, Black currant jam, Vegetable marrow jam

Page 78   Apple jelly, Lemon cheese, Invalid jelly, Lemon honey

Page 79   Strawberry jam, Rhubarb marmalade, Mincemeat

Page 80   Blackberry jelly, Lemon cheese, Blackberry jelly, Apple jelly, The "Unexpected Guest" scones

Page 81   Pickles, Excellent chutney

Page 82   Rhubarb chutney, Gooseberry chutney, Indian chutney

Page 83   Green tomato chutney, Pickled red cabbage

Salads :-

Page 84   Salad dressing, Mushroom salad, Lobster salad, Chutney

Invalid Cookery, Beverages :-

Page 85   Egg jelly, Milk jelly

Sweetmeat :-

Page 86   Treacle toffee, Butterscotch, Treacle toffee, Toffee, Cocoanut ice

Page 87   Ginger beer, Lemonade essence, Ginger wine, Baking powder

Page 88   Horlick's tablets (ad) - Puzzle answers

Page 89   Horlick's malted milk with white of egg, Horlick's malted milk custard, Gruel, Chicken fillets

Page 90   American fudge, Helensburgh toffee, Everton toffee, Caramel toffee

Page 91   Turkish delight, Peppermint creams, Real scotch shortbread

Page 92   Household hints

Page 93   Sundries

Page 94   Quotations

Page 95   Welco! (ad)

Page 96   Quotations