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Your Letters

Your letter could appear here. Air your views/opinions on here. If, for example, you have sent a letter to the local press and it has not been published, send it to brian@wiganworld.co.uk and I will list it here... Or, if you have anything else to write about, be it a re-union or another announcement, email me.

Gathurst Past This Way, from John Clays. (20th October 2003)

A big thank you from Australia, from Mary Blakeley. (24th August 2003)

Tom from Watford shares his recollections of the old Wigan Dialect. (4th July 2003)

Interesting find re: Ashurst name, by Frank Glover. (30th May 2003)

Tracing Wigan ancestors, by Bill Latham. (2nd March 2003)

Funeral of my Dad, Henry Patrick Edwards, by Stuart Edwards. (25th February 2003)

Walter and Maureen Heaton's memories of Wigan Cycling Club. (12th June 2002)

P. Parkes response to Councillor Peter Smith's Letter in the Reporter (10th May 2002)