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Stuart Edwards' letter sent via email.

Funeral of my Dad, Henry Patrick Edwards of 30 School Lane, Upholland.

Hello Brian,

I've been an avid 'watcher' of your site for some 12 months or so, and have nothing but admiration for the hard work you put into it. I moved out of the Wigan area some 20 years ago and have been resident in the US for the last 4 years, so finding a site dedicated to Wigan is nothing short of marvellous.

I've read the court columns (surprising who you see in there!!) and the news, good and bad, all makes a good read. There are some deserving events that don't make the local paper though!!

You're probably wondering what this E-mail's about. Well, I'd like to bring your attention to a little event which occurred in Upholland on Friday 21st February.

It was the funeral of my Dad, Henry Patrick Edwards of 30 School Lane (opposite the Owl Inn). Fortunately I got back to see Dad before he passed away, but didn't manage to make the funeral. On speaking with him I found out he had made all his own arrangements:-

1) Organised his burial plot with the local vicar,
2) His head stone.
3) Arranged the funeral, noting the the funeral directors that it would be less expensive if the only cost was the hearst. and people could follow on foot to the church around the corner.
4) No sadness had to be the theme. The tune played on him leaving the church was the old Morecambe and Wise favourite "Bring Me Sunshine In Your Smile".

All this came to fruition on the 21st February and all but 300 friends and relatives were in the church. It probably livened up a quiet Friday morning in Upholland, which is exactly what he would have wanted.


Stuart Edwards

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