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Letterheads, invoices etc of businesses in Wigan from many years ago. Some of these are superbly detailed, well worth a look.

This section has been made possible with contributions from Ron Hunt, thank you.

M. Collier & Sons
Painters and decorators &c. 113 Standishgate.

Wigan Coal & Iron
Kirkless, Wigan. Letter from 1910.

Thomas Crank & Son
Colliery Agents and Coal Factors, 76 Swinley Road, Wigan. 1927 letter.

John Wood & Sons Ltd
Barley Brook Foundry, Wigan - invoice/receipt for special screws made from special steel, 1932.

The Wigan Wagon Company Ltd
Springs Branch. Quote for old timber, 1927.

The Wigan Wagon Company Ltd
Receipt for money received from Billinge Collieries, 1933.

The Wigan Wagon Company Ltd
Springs Branch, bill for hire of 25 wagons, 1933.

George Makinson
General Hardware Merchant etc., Station Road. Invoice from 1932.

Bourne Fisher & Co
Colliery Agents, Coal & Coke Contractors. Request for quote to Billinge Collieries. 1924.

Union Foundry
Invoice/receipt for supply of equipment to Billinge Collieries, 1933.

Thomas Crompton & Sons
Hinge-Makers, Forgers etc, from Ashton-in-Makerfield.

WR Davies & Co
Railway Wagon Works, Springs Branch - quote for hire of 25 wagons, 1924.

John Peak & Co
Bridgewater Chemical Works. Manure, Sheep Dip, Oils, Fluids etc.