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Frank Glover's letter sent via email.
Interesting find for anyone researching the Ashurst name.

Hi Brian,

In 2001 my son was renovating a property in Swinley Road. It was necessary for him to remove some architrave which he placed to one side. I called to see him and I commented on the quality of the timber [it was mahogany] he agreed but said, 'sadly it will end up in the skip'. I picked the architrave up to dispose of it for him [doing a general tidy up] when I noticed some writing in pencil on the back of the said timber.

This is the bit which may be pertinent to someone. The inscription was John Ashurst - Wigan, dated April 29 1882. I still possess the piece, and whenever I see it my imagination travels back in time to a craftsman feeling proud enough with his workmanship to put his signature to it.

Kind regards, Frank Glover (via email).

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