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Mary Blakeley's letter sent via email.
A BIG thank you from Australia.

Thanks a million for your web site.

Through your site I have found a very dear friend I have searched for years to find, in fact she was my bridesmaid.

Since we have found each other we phoned and emailed on a regular basis and i cannot believe the old (old) memories it has brought back for both of us, and its all due to you and your wonderful site.

It just seems as though it had to be that we found each other... as I had booked a flight to Wigan leaving Australia on November 26th to spend xmas and new year with my sister in law and her family in Worsley Mesnes.

So thank you thank you thank you for this very special site and the chance to find a true and dear old friend.

Mary Blakeley, Oakey QLD, Australia

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