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This mother of a town

I am currently editing for publication a collection of poems by my brother Godfrey Talbot entitled "Cardigans for Granny". Most of the poems were written in Wigan and many are about Wigan and its people.

I thought the one below, "Mother of a town" is especially appropriate for inclusion.
Bob Talbot

This mother of a town

Sculptors sit here,
Loosening their grip.
Fine bosomed teachers,
Engineers with hairy thighs,
Robust men - Friday clean,
Laughing fearless,
They assemble here
To thumb their noses
At the fear of life.
Bellies hanging,
Pulled harder by gravity
But always a clean shirt
... a close shave.
Nobody notices
The white haired man
Scribbling in the corner,
Sketching with affection
In this mother of a town.

© Godfrey Talbot
The Bowling Green
Wigan, March.'89

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