Picture Post, 1939

The Boy Who Wants to be a Miner
The Boy Who Wants to be a Miner
His father and his grandfather were miners. It's his ambition to be a miner, too. He does not read the Ministry of Labour Statistics of unemployment. He does not know how many pits have been closed. He does not even know that, of nineteen houses in Greenhough Row, where he lives, often only four families have work.

     They are the sign of their trade. Many miners and mill girls wear clogs. The most characteristic sound in Wigan is the clip-clop of the iron-shod clogs on the flagged pavement. The price for different types varies from 4s. 11d. to 6s. 11d. They are made in Wigan.
     Work over, Wigan offers a round of entertainment comparable with any town in England, only much cheaper.

Shelters Against the Bombs
Shelters Against the Bombs...
A.R.P. trenches are being dug in the areas where slum clearance is in progress. They will be covered with earth, on which grass, for playgrounds, will be sown.

And Shelters Against the Rain
...And Shelters Against the Rain
He is 27. He is a miner by profession; but he has been nine years out of work. He lives in the Hardybutts - a row of slum houses which are to be replaced by Council houses like that on the left-hand page. More than two thousand Council houses have been built; but there are still slums.