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the corner shops

Comment by: linda Housley (metung, australia) on 8th May 2009

Hi Lennie Yes I remeber the pens at the back of cecil st and many times I went to the big hill its not there any more I think houses have been built and also on the School field I will be visiting the view in July when I go over for a holiday so many changes will have to go to the Wamsley for a drink to see if it has changed

Comment by: Lennie Ashton (Ashford, UK) on 7th May 2009

Hi Linda...I left Springview in 1958 also, but I have been back many times to visit relations I have stayed at cousin Jimmys loads of times. The only butchers I can remember apart from Bartons was Websters you must remember his pen at the back of Cecil St, he also had lots of evil dogs (fighting ones I think)Did you ever go over to THE BIG HILL!!! in the fields at the back of Springview school? Lennie

Comment by: Bob Aspey (Wigan, England) on 6th May 2009

Hi Jay Gee...I actually lived on the opposite side of the road to the Legion Field and Rathbones...In our row there was Barry Baldwin, Me, Alan Bishop, Cyril Vincent then Peter and John Hart next to Van's Cafe, also close by...Alan Cunliffe, Brian Winnard, Ken Parkinson, Ian Rayner.

Comment by: linda Housley (Metung, Australia) on 6th May 2009

HI Lennie Remember those names I think Christine and Jean Moved about 1958 approx I went to spring view Infants then St marys jr and then back to spring view snr Ther was an hairdresser called rene gore she was my grand dads niece and there was a butcher next to her but cant recall the name of that butcher

Comment by: Lennie Ashton (ashford, UK) on 5th May 2009

Hello Linda...Christine and Jean are not names I remember ??? I lived at no, 7 Hope st.in the 50s maybe earlier than you are talking about the only "Highams" I remember lived next door to the Allens' I went to St.marys junior school then Springview boys before moving South with my Mum & Dad and sister Marian she went to Britannia Bridge girls.Do you recollect Jackie and Tommy Meadows? What about Wilf Lucas Brian Cumberbach George Rothwell and lots lots more.....Lennie

Comment by: linda Housley (metung, Australia) on 5th May 2009

Hi Lennie do you know Christine and Jean Higham they lived in hope st

Comment by: linda Housley (metung, Australia) on 5th May 2009

I remember the meadows family Maureen carol and Billy Billy use to mate with my brother Jimmy Higham Mrs Meadows did the catering for my wedding My mum use to go to jumble sales with Peggy Allen at the methodist church in Hope st

Comment by: lennie ashton (ashford, UK.) on 3rd May 2009

Hi...An answer to your memories Dated 17 Jan I remember Dorothy Higham very well she lived next door to my cousin Jimmy, and Peggy was my Cousin Billy's ( Jimmy's brothers) wife, Billy died many years ago. Do you remember the Meadows family who also lived in Cecil St. especially Maureen she was my first girlfriend when at St.Marys junior school. Oh so many memories, great eh. Lennie

Comment by: Joan Beckett(Wilding) (wigan, UK) on 21st April 2009

Do any of you remember Atherton's shop in Newtown they used to sell hosiery and if I remember right you could walk all around the shop and get your nylons and suspender belts xxx

Comment by: brian kellie (blackrod bolton, u k) on 21st April 2009

turners butcher shop was next door to the bank on one side and on the other side was harold turners hardware shop and a wool shop run by two sisters called miss simms

Comment by: annette friend of derek linney (wigan, lancashire) on 19th April 2009

dereks grandparents had chapel lane shop which was known as linneys and then is parents had it

Comment by: jay gee (leyland, england) on 16th April 2009

Hi Bob,sorry I hav'nt replyed sooner,been off line a few weeks. I remember Harold Cambell and all the shops. Did you live near Gilligans and back onto the british legion field.

Comment by: Jean Glover(nee Ashcroft (Orrell, Wigan, England) on 15th April 2009

I remember Mrs. Colliers shop on Moor Road near Orrell Post. One lad went in and asked for a haypoth o those toffee you cant reach on the top shelf.

Comment by: A parr (Adelaide, Australia) on 11th April 2009

Anyone remember turners butcher shop on Manchester rd, Higher Ince, and Barlow,s clogg and shoe repair shop.

Comment by: Bob Aspey (Wigan, England) on 18th March 2009

Hi Jay Gee....Re:- Mechanics Arms......I used to live just up the road from the Mechanics Arms in Warrington Road in the 40s and there was a lad in my class at St Mark's School by the name of Harold Campbell....He lived in the Mechanics Arms...does that answer your question?.....I also remember Maggie Taylor's shop, Canty the demon barber, Billy Melling's and Bob Housley's shoe shops....Coming out of Mellings with new irons on my clogs and making sparks on the flags...Happy memories !

Comment by: brian kellie (blackrod bolton, uk) on 14th March 2009

Does anybody rembers the chip shop in ince green lane near ince bar just past tommy mellings clog shop it was only a small shop near ince central school it must have been in the late 40s are the early 50s

Comment by: Ruth (Wigan, UK) on 11th March 2009

Hello Joan my name was Brindle. I was speaking to Freda, Margaret's aunt, a short while ago so if Margaret is in touch with Freda she will explain how we know each other. Give my best wishes to Margaret for her birthday. I don't know Freda's married name. Memories eh. It's surprising how things come back to us - and this is only started by "remembering corner shops" All the best Joan.

Comment by: Joan Beckett(Wilding) (Bolton, UK) on 10th March 2009

Hi Ruth, thanks for answering, I am actually going to Margaret's 60th birthday next week thats, Mary Rooney and Jack Speakmans daughter, my mum was Kathleen Rooney, Margaret is now living in Bentham north yorkshire she runs The Horse and Farrier a lovely country pub. she has asked me to ask your surname if you don't mind. my lasting memories of Father Speakman was him keep finding my lost glasses on the buses. Also my lovely memories of Mother Speakman was her lovely voice I can still recollect it to this day it was lovelyx

Comment by: Ruth (Wigan, England) on 9th March 2009

Hello again Linda. Yes I do remember the Duddles. That shop is now a "corner shop" which seems to sell most everyday food stuff. The row where Wooseys' was is now no more and the whole of that area is now grassed over. Looking at the site it is hard to visualise how many properties stood on it as it seems quite small. At your end of spring View and on your side was there a small sweet shop called Fairhurst's? There was also an Outdoor License shop too but I can't remember the name. Sorry can't recall Aileen or Dorothy Higham.

Comment by: Ruth (Wigan, Lancs) on 9th March 2009

Hello Joan - We actually lived next door to Speakman's so I knew all the family. Did Jack marry Mary Rooney? I remember Margaret when she was very young but she wouldn't remember me as we moved in the early 50's. Coincidentally I was speaking to Jack's younger sister only last week. I hadn't seen her for quite sometime. Jack was one of the older children so I think he married and moved away whilst we were still at school. All the best.

Comment by: julie chamberlain (wigan, england) on 9th March 2009


Comment by: Joan Beckett(Wilding) (Bolton, UK) on 9th March 2009

Hi Ruth I was just reading your message about you knowing the Speakmans my mums sister Mary married Jack Speakman from Malvern Crescent. Do you mind me asking you surname and I can ask our Margaret does she know you.

Comment by: linda Housley (Metung, Australia) on 8th March 2009

Hi Sandra I dont know of any sights that are available like Wigan world here in oz but a lot of wigan people who live here are on wigan world so perhaps you can leave a message someone might know your son

Comment by: Linda Housley (Metung, Australia) on 2nd March 2009

Hi Ruth Dont remember any of those names I think you might be a little bit older than me because I went to Spring View when it was a mix school we were the first girls to go from St Marys Jr 1961 Do you know Aileen and Dorothy Higham they lived in spring view also do you remember the shop on the corner of Repton ave it was owned by Mr Duggle he was a tv and radio repair man

Comment by: Ruth (wigan, England) on 25th February 2009

Hello again Linda - Yes remember the Woosey's and especially Margaret their only child. A great loss to them. She had the hairdressers I think at the corner of Repton Avenue. I went to Spring View infants school on Derby Street/then St Mary's. Part of Spring View was for senior boys at that time. After that to Moss Lane. I can remember the Speakman's Wadsworth's,Alan's Woodcock's, Cooksey's - mostly from Malvern Crescent. I would know others but too many to mention. Do you know any of these names?

Comment by: sandra davies (wigan, england) on 25th February 2009

hi linda no i have never been to oz as sadly my son didnt even tell me he was emegrating as we wernt on speaking terms at the time it was other people who told me they had gone very upsetting for me i have tried everything i can on the internet to find them do you have a web site in oz like wigan world that i could try x

Comment by: Linda Housley (Metung, Australia) on 25th February 2009

Hi ruth I do remember Roy and it was sad that he died young Do you remember Mr Mrs Woosey who had the post office They had a daughter Margaret and sadly she also died very young What school did you attend and did you have friends around sping view hope to hear from you

Comment by: Linda Housley (Metung, Australia) on 25th February 2009

Hi Sandra Good to hear from you yes the smell of leather was good Do you remember Jones grocers? We live in Melbourne but we are 4 hours away from the city Cairns is a long way from us and we know it is a beautiful place have you been to visit your family hope to hear from you soon

Comment by: sandra davies (wigan, england) on 23rd February 2009

hi linda how great to hear from you i remember your david and carol johnson i remember your mum and dad too i used to love going in your dads shop oh that wanderfull smell of leather what part of australia do you live my eldest son lives in cairns xx

Comment by: Ruth (Wigan, Lancs) on 23rd February 2009

Hello again Linda. Remember Bartons very well that was the one we used most. Evan's butchers was on the bend opposite Taylors Lane. I remember the son, Roy, played professional rugby. Unfortunately I think he died whilst still relatively young. Thanks for replying,Linda.

Comment by: Linda Housley (Metung, Australia) on 22nd February 2009

Hi Ruth Yes I remember all those shops it was a good community back then all you needed in that small area we use to live in morris St and my grandma lived in Derby st do you remember Bartons butcher and Evans butcher gret memories

Comment by: Ruth (Wigan, Lancs) on 22nd February 2009

Hi Linda - re SPRING VIEW - I put a posting on here last July - just wondered if you saw it. Maybe some of the shops mentioned were before your time but I'm sure your family would remember them. Spring View had all the shops needed at the time. Now there is virtually nothing. All the best.

Comment by: Linda Housley (Metung, Australia) on 22nd February 2009

Hi Sandra My husbad David Housley remembers Tabeners news agent he use to live in the cobblers next door to Carol Johnson He also went to infant school at the same time has yourself he also knows your brother Ian hope to hear from you

Comment by: graham holmes (wigan, england) on 26th January 2009

dose anyone remember mrs houghtons corner shop in mort street springfield we used to get our toffee there oh those penny dantys andmy mam used to buy brookbond tea to get the stamps when you had got a card full you got ten bob i lived in whiteside avenue

Comment by: sandra nee turner (wigan, england) on 26th January 2009

does anyone remember tabiners news agents near skew bridge on warrington road newtown i remember buing five park drive and a penny book of matches on my way to work does anyone remember me ilived the other side of skew bridge facing rigbys farm

Comment by: colin weston (blackpool, lancashire) on 21st January 2009

in the 40s - 50s the shop was owned by harold ainscough, i used to live with my parents in the offlicense on lorne st next door carrys confectioners

Comment by: Linda Housley (Metung, Australia) on 17th January 2009

Hi Lennie yes i remember all those shops and Dowds barm cakes the best use to get one in the mornings going to school also I know your cousin Jimmy Allen they use to live a few doors from my Dads uncle Evan Higham My mum was very friendly with Mrs allen and I think it was her Daughter not sure about her name )I think it was Peggy

Comment by: Lennie Ashton (Staines, England) on 6th January 2009

Hi to anyone who lived in Springview in the 50s,, yes I remember little Joe's sweet shop, Farrimonds chippy they had a son called Owen, and Rothwells clothes shop where our parents got stuff on tic, Dowds barm cakes, we lived at no 7, Hope st,,,my cousin Jimmy Allen has lived in Cecil St all his life great memories, I went to St. Mary's school...

Comment by: MIKE (standish, ENGLAND) on 6th January 2009

JIMMY I remember the rubber works, I seem to recollect there was once a fire there.

Comment by: owd dave (wigan, england) on 6th January 2009

How many of you remember Eric the Barbers at the top of Gidlow Lane in the sixties and his lovely wife Winnie who although dissabled always had a smile for you

Comment by: John Jarvis (Pemberton, uk) on 5th January 2009

Certainly do Barry. Great chippy it was too; always queues on a Friday dinner and tea...

Comment by: BARRY PRIOR (wigan, england) on 5th January 2009

Does anyone rember BENDLOWS chipey in endfield st I was fecth up down near the labour club

Comment by: John Jarvis (Pemberton, UK) on 4th January 2009

Mike: The barber at the top of Pem, where Fortune is now, was Len Booth; he used to walk with a leg iron I think... Very nice chap ; his shop was always packed. Jimmy: I do remember Jarvis's, but no relation to me.

Comment by: marie greenall (wigan, england ) on 4th January 2009

i remember a shop in edward st ince called maggie wadesons it was a grcocers

Comment by: Jimmy (Wigan, Lancashire) on 4th January 2009

Mike, the accident was before my time but I know about it. There was a big fight outside the milk bar with the teddy boys, and one lad got pushed under a bus and died. I think this was about 1950.

Comment by: MIKE (standish, ENGLAND) on 3rd January 2009


Comment by: Jimmy (Wigan, Lancashire) on 3rd January 2009

Yes Mike I remember the garage, and the old rubber works. I can't remember the names of the barbers though. I used to go to the one on the corner of the alley which went up to the the coop shop in Fleet St, it has been demolished and replaced by a taxi office and a pie shop now.

Comment by: MIKE (standish, ENGLAND) on 3rd January 2009


Comment by: Jimmy (Wigan, Lancashire) on 3rd January 2009

Mike, Glad you mentioned Jarvis cycles, that was the first thing in my head when I saw John's surname. I thought I had imagined it. I moved up that area aged 6 in 1952 and remember also the shops in Fleet St behind the stocks where KFC is now.

Comment by: Joan Beckett(Wilding) (wigan, UK) on 2nd January 2009

My Mum used to have the chippy on Poolstock Lane near to The Bold pub you used to get a mixture and a fish for 2 shillings.