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The Wigan Directory of 1825

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Hawarden Mrs. Jane, Standishgate
Hesketh John, agt. to Livpl. Union Co. Wallgate
Heselden Chas. & Geo. whip & picker mfr. Wallgate
Higham James, Borough Gaol, Millgate
Hill Rev. Edward, A.B. Bishopgate
Holmes Richard, yeoman, Chequers house
Hopwood John, gentleman, Wallgate
Hopwood Margaret, gentwmn. Wigan lane
Hyslop W. D. traveller, Standishgate
Irving Chpr. timber merchant; h. Wallgate
James James, excise officer, Banck's yard
Johnson Wm. overlooker, Scholes
Kearsley J. H. gentleman, Standishgate
Kenyon Jane & Eliz. gentlewomen, Freckleton
Knight Thos. Kitchen, mfr; h. Millgate
Lancaster Rt. thong maker, Wallgate
Latham John, gentleman, Standishgate
Layland Leigh, bookkeeper, Wallgate
Lea Wm. gentleman, Standishgate
Leigh Sir Robert Holt, Bart. Whitley hall and
    Hindley hall
Litherland Wm. bookkeeper, Wigan lane
Lloyd Rt. excise colctr. 4, Hotel yd.; h. Ince hall
Longshaw Thos. bookkeeper, Rodney street
Lord John, gentleman, King street
Lord John, jun. attorney; h. Standishgate
Lowe Jas. iron founder; h. Standishgate
Lowe Ralph, mfr.; h. Hardy butts, S.
Lyon T. H. stamp distributor, Standishgate
Lyon Wm. borough constable and gaoler,
    Marsden place
M'Clure William, Standishgate
M'Kie William, Hallgate
Marsden Mrs. Mary, Bottom of Millgate
Marsden Thomas, gentleman, Marsden place
Marshall Rev. John, (Indpt. min.) Hope st.
Martin Mrs. Eliz. Standishgate
Martlew John, stone & slate merchant, Scholes
Martlew Joseph, bookkeeper, Wigan lane
Mather John, calenderer, Church street
Maxwell James, gentleman, Millgate
Mawson John, excise officer, Burkett bank, S.
Middlehurst Rev. Chas. (Catholic) Standishgate
Moneypenny Winifred, gentwmn. Standishgate
Moonney James, attorney's clerk, Millgate
Moore John, bookkeeper, Wallgate
Moor Nicholas, maltster; h. Brown's yard
Moore William, gentleman, Wallgate
Moorfield Mrs. Mary, Wallgate
Moorfield Thomas, gent. Millgate
Morley John, warehouseman, Millgate
Morley Michael, gentleman, Millgate
Morris Thomas, attorney; h. Millgate
Moss Thomas, brush mfr., Wallgate
Newsham Rev. Joseph, (Catholic) Standishgate
Omelia Thos. egg merchant, Standishgate
Ormshaw Wm. fruiterer, Standishgate
Park Wm. spade &c. mfr.; h. Marsden place
Peck Geo. sail, cart cover & tarplg. mfr. Wallgate
Peet John, sheriff's officer, Commercial court
Peet Richard, plane maker, Wigan lane
Pemberton Mrs. Mary, Griffin yard
Penson Mrs. Mary, gentwmn. Standishgate
Platt Henry, warehouseman, Lord street
Postlewhite Rev. Jph. (Catholic) Standishgate
Powell Rev. Benj. minister of St. George's, and
    surrogate, Standishgate
Ranson Henry, gent. Chapel lane
Rice Geo. sen. gentleman, Burkett bank, Scholes
Rice George, grocer; h. Marsden place
Rich Wm. joiner; h. Chapel lane
Rimmer Thos. attorney's clerk, Banck's yard
Roby Samuel, bookkeeper, Church street
Roby Thomas, mfr.; h. Rowbottom square
Rothwell James, gent. Burkett bank, S.
Rymer Rd. gentleman, Burkett bank, S.
Scott Mary, gentwmn. Freckleton place
Scott Thomas, linen mfr.; h. King street
Shee Euphrasia, music teacher, Church street
Shee James, artist, Church street
Sherlock John, mfr.; h. Chapel lane
Singleton John, gentleman, Standishgate
Singleton Mr. Samuel, Standishgate
Smith Ellen & Elizabeth, gentwmn. Millgate
Spry Geo. usher, Grammar School, Millgate
Steer Ann, gentlewoman, Wigan lane
Steill Rev. Alex. (Independent) Standishgate
Stock Aaron, cotton mfr.; h. Standishgate
Stoppath Margaret, gentwmn. Wigan lane
Stringfellow Joseph, gent. Standishgate
Sumner Henry, bookkeeper, Marsden place
Sutton Edward, reed maker; h. Standishgate
Taylor Mr. Thos. Cross Key's yard, Market pl.
Taylor Wm. town cryer, Factory yard, Standushgate
Thacker Mr. John, Royle's yard
Thicknesse Ralph, banker; h. Beach hill
Thompson Charles, salt &c. dealer, Scholes
Thompson jas. Iron mert. &c. Demesne terrace
Thompson Jane, gentwmn. Church street
Thompson John, Iron merchant; h. Wallgate
Tipping Thos. mftg. chemist; h. Queen street
Turton Mr. Wm. Bishopgate
Vizard Samuel, parish clerk, Hallgate
Walker Mrs. Mary, Market place
Walmsley Charles, Esq. Westwood house
Walton Thos. supervisor, Rodney street
Watmough John, warehouseman, Banck's yard
White Jonathan, letter carrier, Millgate
Whiteman Mrs. Elizabeth, Standishgate
Whitley Benjamin, manager, Marsden place
Wigan Thomas, accountant, Wallgate
Wilson Wm. excise clerk, Marsden place
Winstanley John, warehouseman, Weint
Withnell Mrs. Sarah, Rodney street
Woodcock Thos. banker; h. Bank house
Wood John, coach proprietor, Hallgate
Woods Wm. cotton spinner; h. Queen street
Yates Charles, warehouseman, Millgate
 LIST OF INHABITANTS - Arranged according to their Professions and Trades.
Marked 1 are Boarding & Day,
2 Charity, & 3 Day Schools.
Ackerley Amelia, Wigan lane
Bent Jane, Standishgate
2 Collett Thomas, (Free Grammar)
2 Ditchfield J. (Natnl.) Hallgate
3 Eccles Robert, Millgate
Entwistle Rd. (dwg.) Churchgts.
3 Fogg Peter Henry, Wigan lane
1 Harding Amelia, Bishopgate
3 Harrison Alex, Church yard
3 Lough Miss, Great George st.
3 Maddison Joseph, Queen st.

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