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The Wigan Directory of 1825

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Thomas Barton.
William Eccles.
Thomas Woodcock,
  (and Treasurer.)
Joseph Bevan.
John Hodson Kearsley, Esq.
Henry Bullock.
Henry Gaskell.
The Mayor and Justice are Magistrates, and the Mayor is also Coroner for the time being.
Bailiffs - Mr. John Ranson and Mr. Jas. Knight.
Town Clerk - Thomas Grimshaw, Esq.
Foreman of the Jury - Mr. John Thompson.
Constable, Gaoler, and Billet Master - Mr. Wm. Lyon.
Attorneys to the Corporation - Mr. Samuel Newsham,
   Mr. James Bancks, & Mr. John Croudson.
POST-OFFICE, WIGAN. - POST-MISTRESS, Abigail Lyon. - Office, Standishgate.
Letters are received from Liverpool, Prescot, & St. Helen's, every evg. at 20 m. p. 6, and are despatched
at 10 min. p. 11 night.
Letters to Blackburn, Lancaster, Manchester, Preston, Warrington, London, and all parts of the North and South,
are despatched at ½ p. 6 evg. & are received at 11 night.
* The Office opens at 8 morning, and closes at 10 night.
D I R E C T O R Y .
MISCELLANY - Consisting of the Inhabitants not arranged in the Trades' Lists, with the Residences
of the Gentry, Clergy, and Manufacturers.
* The letter S. is occasionally used as an abbreviation of the word Scholes.
Ackerley Wm. attorney's clerk, Wigan lane
Acton Rt. perpetual overseer, Millgate
Acton Wm. govr of the Workhouse, Frog lane
Ambler Mrs. Bridget, Church street
Ambler John, gentleman, Church street
Anderson Mr. James, Wallgate
Anderton Leigh, gentleman, Burkett bank, S.
Anderton Roger, gentleman, Burkett bank, S.
Anderton Wm. canal agent, Henhurst lock
Ashall Thomas, traveller, Rodney street
Ashton James, manufacturer; h. Millgate
Ashton Luke, linen mfr.; h. Chapel lane
Ashton Rd. bookkeeper, Scholes
Aspinall Mrs. Betty, Frekleton
Aspinall John, gentleman, Wigan lane
Aspull John, professor of music, Marsden place
Atherton John, gentleman, Scholes
Balcarres Right Hon. the Earl of, Haigh hall
Bancks John, Standishgate
Baron John, assessor & colctr. of taxes, Millgate
Barton Hy. coach propr. & livy. stables, Millgate
Bimson John, canal agent, Wallgate
Blackburn Wm. Savings' Bnk. agt.; h. Wigan lane
Bolton Mrs. Elizabeth, Queen street
Bolton James Andrew, gent. Wallgate
Bolton John, brass founder; h. King street
Bretherton Mrs. Elizabeth, Wallgate
Bridgeman Hon. and Rev. George, A. M. rector
    of Wigan
Brindle Ann, gentlewoman, Church street
Brown James, gentleman, Standishgate
Bryden Samuel, smallware dealer, Standishgate
Buckley Peter, slater & flagger, Hallgate
Bullock John, gentleman, Millgate
Burland Jas. plumber & glazier; h. Gt. Geo. st.
Calderbank Wm. canvasser, Wallgate
Campbell John, carriers' agent, Millgate
Chadwick Jph. furniture broker, Standishgate
Chadwick Strethill, Esq. Poolstock
Clare Thomas, shopman, Wallgate
Clayton Rt. Esq. Larches, Wigan lane
Clegg Mrs. Sarah, gentwmn. Greenhill cottage
Cocker Abraham, gentleman, Millgate
Cowell Nicholas, gentleman, Weint
Cowell Wm. gentleman, Bishopgate
Culshaw Thomas, Church street
Danson Thomas, yeoman, Scholes
Dinwiddie Rev. Wm. (Presbyterian); h. Wallgate
Dodenhoff Clement, agent, Millgate
Ducker Mrs. Nancy, Millgate
Duckworth Rd. gentleman, School lane
Eckersley James, cotton spinner, Queen street
Eckersley Wm. cotton spinner
Entwistle Miss Jane, Church gates
Farrimond Jane, gentwmn. Wallgate
Farrimond John, gentleman, Wallgate
Fisher Ellen, gentwmn. Wallgate
Foreman Patrick, tobacco pipe mfr. Lord street
Gaskell Henry, solicitor; h. Southworth house
Gibson Betty & Ellen, gentwmn. Wallgate
Goodwill Rev. Geo. curate, Standishgate
Grayson Robert, gentleman, Scholefield lane, S.
Green Thomas, dealer in hops, Wallgate
Gregson John, joiner; h. Millgate
Greenough, Mrs. Ann, Bishopgate
Greenough James, whsman. Harvey's yard
Grounds Wm. gentleman, Chapel lane
Greenough Ralph, gent. Standishgate
Gulland Wm. bookkeeper, Bellingham lodge
Haliburton Alex. coal master; h. Douglas bank
Halliwell Thos. whsman. Banck's yard
Hammersley Ralph, linen draper; h. Queen street
Hampson Wm. warehouseman, Wigan lane
Harrison Nthn. worsted & yarn mfr. Standishgate

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