From: Edward Saliu
Subject: Search for Next of Kin

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Another linked to Nigeria. How come they all spell out the amount as well as tell you in figures?

Quote: "I am contacting you in strict confidence and trust hoping in you I have found a right partner".
You can trust me mate!

From The Desk Of
Barrister Edward Saliu

My name is Barrister Edward Saliu. I am a practicing attorney with my Chambers at 26 Sobo Arobiodu Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. I seek your assistance to bring a pending transaction to a logical conclusion.

About four years ago, a client bearing Mr. David Prescott briefed me form Canada but residing in Port Harcourt, one of the crude oil producing cities in Nigeria. He forwarded documents to me claiming to have concluded certain turn around maintenance (TAM) on the Port Harcourt oil refinery and was been owed the sum of $20,320,000.00. (Twenty million three hundred and twenty thousand United States dollars) by the federal government of Nigeria. I was briefed to legally assist in ensuring that the funds were paid. I was to get a legal fee of 5% of the total sum at the release of the funds to Mr. David Prescott.

Some months back, Mr. David Prescott was involved in a motor accident at portharcort and unfortunately lost his life. Ever since then, my office has tried contacting any next of kin of his for over a year but to no avail. From our investigations we found out that he had resided in Nigeria for over 20 years and so has lost touch with any relatives of his. Infact, he has no next of kin.

The issue now at stake is that I have been able to successfully process Mr. David Prescott's contractual payment in his name, as I received a letter for him from a government designated banking institution that an account has been opened in his name (Mr. David Prescott) and his owed funds has been paid into the said account. Considering that my client is dead, I have no means of being paid for my legal services rendered over the past four years, hence my need for a partner who would claim the said funds as the next of kin after collecting and transferring the funds on our behalf, pay me my legal fees and an extra 65% of the total fund, 20% would be for you and 10% for any expenses which may be incurred in the process of the transfer. Hence my searching for a foreign partner who I would introduce as the next of kin of Mr. David Prescott and who could assist me in transferring the funds.

I am contacting you in strict confidence and trust hoping in you I have found a right partner. This whole process should not take more than 3 working days. I want to assure you of a 100% risk free nature of this transaction as I have taken everything into consideration.

Please contact me if you are interested on my telephone number 234-8023274036 or my email: also ensure to forward to me your confidential email and tel/fax numbers.

Best Regards

Barr Edward Saliu

NB: Here is the information about Mr Prescott.

Mr. Clive D Prescott
Date of birth 1st Oct 1943
Place of birth Halifax Canada
Died 14th Nov 2001