From: Dr. Musa Ojo.

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Getting all to familiar now... All are linked to Nigeria, all offer a cut of so many millions... yawn...


I am making this venture proposal to you, as a reliable partner. I got your contact from your country business guide as a reliable person/company in a related area of my interest for investment.

The money I want to invest was acquired from the late Nigerian President(General Sanni Abacha) vault account then I was his financial adviser. This money was safely lodge with a security finance company here in Nigeria with the help of the operations manager of the finance company.

The amount to invest is $40Million US dollars. Presently, I am not serving this new Civilian government in any capacity. If you will like to assist me as a partner, then indicate your interest after which we shall both discuss on the modalities. All other information related to the present funds will be revealed to you as we proceed. Keep this proposal confidential as regards to what I explained above and you can reach me urgently on my e-mail.I shall give you 20% for your assistance and co-operation while 75% will be invested in your company based on your advise and 5% will be set aside for the expenses indicate your direct telephone, fax number, when replying. Please you don't have to entertain any fear, because this transaction is 100% risk free.

Best regards,
Dr.Musa Ojo.