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Subject: Bleeding Gums? Gingivitis? Gum Disease? hwsf

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"Bleeding Gums? Gingivitis? Gum Disease? hwsf" - What?!? Yes, I suffer from hwsf.

          Gum Disease? - Gingivitis? - Bleeding Gums?
               Nature Provides the Best Answer

Gum disease occurs naturally. You can end it naturally too!

   "Since using Oramd, my wife and I have both
   noticed improvements in our gums. My gums had
   been bleeding due to separation between the
   gum and tooth, or plaque build-up. Using two
   drops for brushing has made a difference. I am
   re-ordering the product because I am convinced
   that it is working for both of us, and I want
   to see how much improvement I can realize over
   a longer period of time. I've only been using
   it for a month and I can see a difference".

   Richard Massie, New York

   "I was experiencing sensitive teeth (sensitive
   to hot and cold) and went to the dentist. He
   coated the affected tooth with a product that
   was supposed to stop the sensitivity but it did
   not. Two days later my first order of OraMD
   arrived and I started to use it. By the second
   day the sensitivity was gone. Also, I like the
   way my teeth feel, clean and fresh, after using
   OraMD. Your product is great".

   Bill Gore
   Cincinnati, OH

   "I really do enjoy using your product ORAMD. It
   gives my mouth such a clean refreshing taste. I
   was so excited when I went to the dentist after
   using your product for 3 months , I had zero bleeding
   points!! That was the first time I had ever had
   no bleeding points. I especially like the fact
   that it is all natural with no chemicals or
   preservatives. If gives my mouth a fresh awaking
   feeling and I feel like I have not had bad breath
   since I have started using it. Its a terrific
   product and would highly recommend it to anyone.
   Thanks for making a healthy tooth polish combination
   mouth wash!"

   Sue Donahoe

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