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Childhood Memories

A book by Fred Foster.

Fred's recollections from 1931 to 1950. I've split the book into sections, some are large. Select a section below to read some interesting tales.

Section 1
   Early years (part 1)

Section 2
   Early years (part 2)

Section 3
   Scotman's Flash
   Curious Canines

Section 4
   Mitchell Street Chapel
   Childhood Fears and Nightmares

Section 5
   Schooldays at Highfield

Section 6
   Pictures on a Saturday Afternoon
   The Matches Incident
   Jump's Cottage
   Grandad's Pen
   The Second World War

Section 7
   Comic Paper Recollections
   Grandma Bradshaw's Shop in Hallgate
   The Bone Cutter Incident
   Visits to Yorkshire

Section 8
   Grandma Bradshaw's House
   Grandma Foster's House

Section 9
   Grammar School Days
   The British Restaurant
   Speight, Bully of the Fourth
   Teachers and their Idiosyncrasies

Section 10
   Wigan Fair
   Fruit and Vegetable Hawking
   The Pony Rose

Section 11
   Teenage Memories

Section 12
   Holidays in Blackpool
   Butlins at Pwllheli