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Thomas Woodcock VC, photos

Wigan's Forgotten Hero

Broenbeek, Ney Copse and New Wood
Photograph taken May 1917 of Broenbeek, Ney Copse in center, Ney Wood on right center.

Commonwealth grave cemetery
Lc/Corp Woodcock's final resting place. Commonwealth grave cemetery, Douchy-Les-Ayette, France.

Village of Ayette
It was here, in front of the Village of Ayette that I believe Thomas Woodcock was KIA. March 26th 1918.

The exact spot where Pte Woodcock rescued Pte Hilley
The exact spot where Pte Woodcock rescued Pte Hilley and carried him to Craonne farm (seen in the distance) under heavy fire.

North-East corner of Ney Copse
North-East corner of Ney Copse where 2 platoon-3 Company fought off a heavy attack on the morning of the 16th Sept 1917.

The Broenbeek, Belgium
The Broenbeek, Belgium. The exact stretch where 2 platoon-3 Company crossed under fire on the morning of Sept 16th 1917.

Warley Barracks
Warley Barracks. Woodcock's basic training took place here. May 1915 to Dec 1915.

15 Belvoir Street
15 Belvoir Street. Woodcock was born in this house, March 19th 1888. The house is still there.

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