General Knowledge

A quiz about Wigan! How much do you know or remember about Wigan? See how many of these you can answer. Answers below.

1. What was a 'Tommy Tin' ?

2. In which year did Maypole Colliery, Abram close?

3. What does 'Wiend' mean?

4. In which year was the towns 'Central Station' demolished?

5. The Beatles performed in Wigan, Oct 1963 - where?

6. Haigh Hall was sold in 1947 to Wigan Council for how much?

7. Wigan Town Hall on Library Street opened in 1990 and given the Royal seal of approval in 1991, by whom?

8. Which Wigan MP's statue is in Mesnes Park?

9. Uncle Joes Mintballs factory is in which street?

10. In which year did George Orwell research in Wigan?

11. In which town is George Formby buried?

12. Name the cafe in the former 'Old' Arcade?

13. Name Wigans first railway station?

14. Which famous Wigan entertainer was known as the Wigan Nightingale?

1. A tin in which a miner carried his food

2. 1959

3. Alley

4. 1973

5. ABC Cinema

6. £18,000

7. Diana, Princess of Wales

8. Sir Francis Sharp Powell

9. Dorning Street

10. 1936

11. Warrington

12. Gorner's

13. North Western, opened in 1832.

14. George Formby, Senior.

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