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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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     Nov. 11. - Conservative Meeting in the Drill Hall.
     Nov. 12. - Address by Mr. H. Hall, inspector of mines, on "The duration of our coal supply."
     Nov. 14. - Grand Liberal Bazaar in the Drill Hall, opened by Lord Sandhurst.
     Nov. 15. - The Liberal Bazaar, opened by Mr. Charles Weld-Blundell.
     Nov. 16. - Fire at Westwood Farm.
     Nov. 21. - Presentation to Local Officials in connection with the Agricultural Show in Wigan.
     Nov. 22. - Special Town Council Meeting : Mr. Alderman Ackerley, having declined to take office, Mr. Alderman James Smith is appointed Mayor, and consents to fill the chair.
     Nov. 25. - Annual Meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday Movement.
     Nov. 26. - Opening of the Wigan Branch of the Y.M.C.A. - Miners' Conference at Newport.
     Nov. 27. - Meeting of Wigan Factory Operatives to consider the question of organisation. - First Meeting of the Mining Royalties Commission.
     Nov. 29. - Death of James Rothwell, aged 18, from a gunpowder accident on the 5th November.
     Dec. 1. - Opening of the new Hope Chapel.
     Dec. 4. - Town Council Meeting : Announcement made of the decision of the Railway Company to carry forward the Wigan Junction Railway into the centre of the borough, and discussion as to the utilization of the old Hope Chapel site.
     Dec. 5. - Gift of £2,000 by Mr. James Henry Johnson, of the Abram Coal Company, for the providing of a Children's Wing for the Wigan Infirmary.
     Dec. 7. - Contracts applied for the the enlargement of the Wigan Station of the London and North-Western Railway.
     Dec. 8. - Death of Major W. C. Clifton Dicconson, of Wrightington Hall, aged 68 years.
     Dec. 9. - Ball and Presentation in connection with the Wigan Liberal Bazaar. - John Bradshaw, collier, killed during a wrestling bout at Park Lane ; verdict of "Accidental death" afterwards returned by the coroner's jury.
     Dec. 11. - Presentation to the Ex-Mayor and Mrs. Rogers by the Wigan Shop Assistants.
     Dec. 13. - Decision come to by the West Lancashire Coal Owners to give the men an additional ten per cent., unconditionally, from January 1st.
     Dec. 14. - Opening of a Liberal Club at Golborne : Presentation of an Address to Mr. W. Mitchell, J.P., the donor of the building.
     Dec. 16. - Home Rule Meeting in Wigan : Addresses by Mr. Nolan, M.P., and Mr. Conway, M.P. - Miners' pit set conference in Wigan : Demand made that the increase in wages shall also be given to daywagemen.
     Dec. 18. - Distribution of shooting prizes to the Wigan Volunteers.
     Dec. 20. - Annual Meeting of the County Agricultural Society at Warrington : Special vote of thanks passed to the Mayor of Wigan and the Local Committee for their exertions in connection with the show at Wigan.

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