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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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     Aug. 3. - Death at Southport of Mr. Johnson Grounds, jeweller, Standishgate, Wigan, aged 60.
     Aug. 7. - Town Council Meeting : Explanations given as to the Wigan Improvement Bill.
     Aug. 8. - Trial and sentence at Liverpool Assizes of Charles Hall for fraud : the two other prisoners acquitted. - Public Meeting of Daywagemen in Wigan with respect to wages.
     Aug. 15. - Experiments with tonite at Melling.
     Aug. 18. - Presentation of a Testimonial from the Humane Society to Henry Atherton, for the brave rescue of a child from a disused pit at Orrell.
     Aug. 23. - Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company.
     Aug. 24. - Experiments with roburite and blown-out shots at Gathurst.
     Aug. 26. - Close of the Strike of Hinge-makers at Ashton.
     Aug. 28. - Wigan Borough Licensing Sessions.
     Aug. 31. - Richard Middlehurst, engine-fitter, of Wigan, drowned whilst bathing at Barrow-in-Furness.
     Sept. 4. - Town Council Meeting : Discussion as to the proposed increase of salaries to officials : the Gas Engineer advanced £100.
     Sept. 5. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Ratepayers' Association. - Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
     Sept. 6. - Annual Meeting in Manchester of the National Association of Colliery Managers.
     Sept. 12. - Hindley Horse and Cattle Fair. - Transfer of the sum of £5,000, bequeathed by the late Mr. John Rylands to the Wigan Infirmary. - Treat, by the Mayor, to the street news-boys.
     Sept. 15. - The Rev. Joseph Darlington preached his first sermon in St. John's Chapel, Wigan, after his admission to the Priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church.
     Sept. 18. - Formation of a Co-operative Society at Platt Bridge.
     Sept. 20. - Revision of the Borough Voting Lists.
     Sept. 21. - Great Demonstration of Lancashire Miners at Bolton.
     Sept. 26. - Public Meeting to promote the formation of a Young Men's Christian Association in Wigan. - Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions.
     Sept. 28. - Lecture by Mr. A. J. Snell on "Electrical transmission of power as applied to mining operations." - Two men killed by a fall of roof at Prospect Pit, Standish.
     Sept. 29. - Death of Sergeant T. R. Lowe, of the Wigan Volunteer Force, aged 22 years.
     Sept. 30. - Collapse of the Liverpool Cotton Corner. - Strike of Daywagemen at some of the collieries in the Wigan district, but the dispute only lasted a few days, terms being arranged.
     Oct. 2. - Town Council Meeting : Resolution adopted asking the retiring Mayor to accept office for a second year, but this Mr. Rogers subsequently declined to do ; special committee appointed to select a Mayor.

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