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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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     Jan. 21. - Public Meeting of Ince Ratepayers: Resolution passed opposing the Wigan Extension Bill. - Distribution of Prizes at St. Thomas's Clayton Street School.
     Jan. 22. - Work resumed at Park Lane Collieries, pending the report of the specialists. - Ploughing Match at Lowton. - Funeral of Mr. Heaton at the Wigan Cemetery.
     Jan. 23. - Volunteer Officers' Ball. - Resuscitation of the Caledonian Ball.
     Jan. 24. - First Meeting of the Lancashire County Council : Election of Aldermen. - Annual Meeting of the Lindsay Habitation of the Primrose League. - Ball given by the Mayor to the Wigan Shop Assistants.
     Jan. 25. - Trial and sentence of the three prisoners for the serious assault or Mr. Davies at Douglas.
     Jan. 26. - Fatal accident to Mrs. M. Brown, wife of the lessee of the Alexandra Music Hall.
     Jan. 30. - Sale of Work at Hope Street Schools. - Meeting of the General Purposes Committee to discuss the scheme for re-dividing the Wards in the Borough. - Conservative Ball.
     Jan. 31. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission. - Nominations for the vacancies in the Lancashire County Council caused by the election of County Aldermen.
     Feb. 1. - Maud Sharples, of Hindley, sent to gaol for six months for cruelty to a child. - Public Meeting of Wigan Ratepayers as to the Extension Bill.
     Feb. 4. - Completion of new extensions at the Wigan Waterworks.
     Feb. 5. - Scarisbrick Street Chapel Annual Tea Party.
     Feb. 6. - Town Council Meeting : Discussion as to the borrowing powers of the Borough under the new Bill.
     Feb. 7. - Makerfield Ploughing Match. - Public Meeting of Ince Ratepayers : Strong objection expressed to amalgamation with Wigan.
     Feb. 8. - Death of Mr. Thomas Bell, Seedsman and Florist, Market Street, aged 65.
     Feb. 10. - Addresses, by Mr. C. Bradlaugh, M.P., in the Drill Hall. - Slight shock of earthquake in Wigan.
     Feb. 11. - Sacred Concert in Wigan, by United Catholic Choirs. - Presentation to the Rev. Father Crilly, at Aspull.
     Feb. 12. - Presentation to Mr. J. Lymme and Mr. W. Patmore of Royal Humane Society's Medals, for a gallant attempt to save life at Hindley.
     Feb. 13. - Wigan Liberal Ball. - Presentation to Mr. H. Bouchier, Secretary to Cross, Tetley, and Co. - Meeting of Pemberton Ratepayers as to amalgamation.
     Feb. 19. - Public Meeting in Wigan of Cotton Operatives.
     Feb. 21. - Wigan Quarter Sessions; 9 prisoners. - Hearing of the Appeal against the Assessment of the Royal Court Theatre.
     Feb. 24. - By the overturning of a lamp, Mrs. Taylor and her child, of Lower Ince, were set on fire and received injuries which subsequently resulted in the death of both.

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