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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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Public Officers of the County
Oliver Heywood, Esq., High Sheriff.
Right Hon. the Earl of Sefton, K. G., Croxteth, Liverpool, Lord Lieutenant.
Right Hon. Lord Wimmarleigh, Wimmarleigh, Garstang, Constable of Lancaster Castle.
Right Hon. Lord John Manners, Chancellor of the Duchy.
J. G. D. Engleheart, Waterloo Bridge, London, W.C., Clerk of the Council and Registrar of the Duchy.
Walter Greg, Manchester, Under Sheriff.
Wilson, Deacon, Wright, and Wilsons, Preston, Acting Under Sheriffs and Clerks to the Lieutenancy.
Alex. Pearce, Preston, District Registrar of the Chancery of Lancashire.
Thos. M. Shuttleworth, Preston, Seal Keeper and Clerk of Assize and Associate.
Frederic Campbell Hulton, Preston, Clerk of the Peace.
Thos. Wilson, Walton-le-Dale, Deputy Clerk of the Peace.
Henry Alison, Preston, County Treasurer.
Lieut.-Col. Moorsom, Preston, Chief Constable.
Captain C. V. Ibbetson, Preston, Assistant Chief Constable.
H. W. Johnston, Preston, County Auditor.
D. M. Cassidy, M.D., Lancaster, Superintendent of the County Lunatic Asylum.
Peter Dutton, Lancaster, Clerk and Steward of the County Lunatic Asylum.
Henry Rooke Ley, Prestwich, Superintendent of the County Lunatic Asylum at Prestwich.
Thos. Lawes Rogers, Rainhill, Superintendent of the County Lunatic Asylum at Rainhill.
John A. Wallis, M.D., Whittingham, Preston, Superintendent of the County Lunatic Asylum at Whittingham.
W. R. Shenton, Lancaster, Keeper of Her Majesty's Prison at Lancaster.
John Haverfield, Preston, Keeper of Her Majesty's Prison at Preston.
Major Preston, Manchester, Keeper of Ker Majesty's Prison at Strangeways.
Major Knott, Kirkdale, Keeper of Her Majesty's Prison, Kirkdale.
W. C. Concannon, Keeper of Her Majesty's Prison at Walton.
  H. J. Robinson, Blackburn. S. Brighouse, Ormskirk.  
  F. Price, Manchester. J. B. Gilbertson, Preston.  
  J. Molesworth, Rochdale. L. Holden, Lancaster.  
J. B. Edge, St. James's Square, Manchester.
John Poole, Coroner for the Liberty and Manor of Furness, Ulverston.
Wm. Ashcroft, Coroner for the Manor of Walton-le-Dale.
F. Smith, Coroner for the Manor of Prescot.
J. R. Buckton, Coroner for the Manor of Hale.
James Campbell Brown, D.Sc., Royal Infirmary, Liverpool.
P. Hartley, Ulverston, for the Lonsdale Hundred, North.
E. G. Paley, Lancaster, for the Lonsdale Hundred, South.
W. Radford, 1, Princess Street, Manchester, for the Amounderness, Blackburn, Leyland, and Salford Hundreds ; also for County Bridges.
G. Holme, Seels Buildings, Westminster Chambers, 1, Crosshall Street, Liverpool, for West Derby Hundred.

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