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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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  Hon. and Rev. Canon Bridgeman, Rev. J. Cronshaw, Rev. P. Hains, Rev. E. A. Dury, Wigan ; Rev. H. St. George, Billinge ; Rev. Canon Fergie, Ince.
WIGAN - Parish Church of All Saints - R. A. ffarington and J. Browne.
St. George's Church - R. Lambert and J. F. Ashton.
St. Thomas's Church - J. H. Smith and R. Mason.
St. Catherine's Church - J. M. Ainscough and Jas. Hilton.
St. James's Church - R. O. Burland and J. Holmes
St. Michael and All Angels' Church - T. R. Ellis and R. C. Snape.
St. Andrews - W. T. Wanklyn and W. Bryham, jun.
Abram - H. Bouchier and R. Grundy.
Ashton (Downall Green) - Thomas Crompton and H. Cunliffe.
Ashton (St. Thomas's) - C. F. Clark and C. H. Astle.
Aspull (St. Elizabeth's) - James Pilkington and James Ambrose.
Billinge - Thomas Heald and R. Powell.
Blackrod - John Brogden and J. Gardner.
Dalton - John Prescott and R. Marsh.
Douglas (Christ Church) - J. Blinkhorn and T. Alty.
Golborne (St. Thomas's) - J. Garton and J. Fearns.
Haigh - J. W. Fair and William Clark.
Hindley (Parish Church) - G. Makinson and W. Bibby.
Hindley (St. Peter's) - E. Waddington and T. Howe.
Ince - William Bryham and William Walker.
Ince (St. Mary's) - Israel Knowles and Joseph Trickett.
Lowton (St. Luke's) - D. Seton and R. Peake.
Pemberton - J. Pickering and W. H. Harbottle.
Standish - H. Ackerley and W. H. Horrocks.
Upholland - T. Catterall and J. F. Morris.
Wrightington - Isaac Waring and Wm. Watson.
Honorary Overseers.
Abram - George Robinson, R. Horridge, and Wm. Pimblett, jun.
Ashton - William Valiant and C. F. Clark.
Aspull - James Atherton, Adam Heyes, and Jeremiah Collier.
Billinge-Chapel-End - James Hamilton and George Heyes.
Billinge-Higher-End - Elias Daniels and John Gee.
Blackrod - William Langton and John Unsworth.
Dalton - M. F. Marsh and W. O. Morris.
Haigh - Thos. Wylie, John Oakes, and John Wilkinson.
Hindley - William Lyon, Richard Baldwin, and Peter Moorfield.
Ince - William Crompton, T. D. Swift, and R. Johnson.
Orrell - William H. Harbottle and Thos. Alker.
Parbold - Jas. Ireland and John Blackburn.
Pemberton - Henry Widdows, John Foy, and Richard Clayton.
Shevington - J. D. Clough and Edward Ball.
Standish - William Chadwick and Henry Ball.
Upholland - John Makinson and W. O. Morris.
Wigan - W. B. Johnson, Geo. Duckworth, and S. Laycock.
Winstanley - John Turner and James Alker.
Worthington - William Rigby and Thos. Edmondson.
Wrightington - Robert Critchley and Jas. Wright.

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