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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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Churches, Chapels, and Ministers.
  Parish Church - The Hon. and Rev. Canon Bridgman, Rector and Rural Dean ; the Revs. H. F. Lloyd, A. C. Brown, and E. H. H. Brodhurst, Curates.
  SS. Michael and All Angels' - Rev. R. G. Matthew, Vicar ; Rev. J. S. Barnes, Curate.
  St. Andrew's - Rev. W. A. Wickham.
  St. George's - Rev. P. Hains, Vicar ; Rev. J. C. Walker, Curate.
  St. Catherine's - Rev. E. A. Dury, Vicar ; Rev. S. Devinney, Curate.
  St. Thomas's - Rev. J. Cronshaw, Vicar ; Rev. R. Tebbs, Curate.
  St. James's, Poolstock - Rev. H. C. Bull, Vicar ; Rev. H. J. Wadeson, Curate.
CHURCHES IN THE OUT-TOWNSHIPS. - Abram - Rev. H. Linton, Vicar.   Ashton (St. Thomas's) - Rev. H. Siddall, Vicar.   Billinge - Rev. H. St. George, Vicar.   Blackrod - Rev. R. C. W. Croft, Vicar.   Dalton - Rev. J. Crofts, Vicar.   Downall Green (Holy Trinity) - Rev. W. J. Melville, Rector of Ashton.   Haigh and Aspull (St. David's) - Rev. C. H. James, Vicar ; Rev. F. Atkinson, Curate.   Springs Mission Church - Rev. F. Atkinson.   Pennington Green - Rev. F. Grundy.   Hindley Parish Church - Rev. C. F. Holt, Vicar ; Rev. J. Alker, Curate.   Ince - Rev. Canon Fergie, Vicar ; Revs. Rupert Large, W. Winn, and N. Birkett, Curates.   Ince St. Mary's - Rev. J. Taylor, Vicar.   Parbold - Rev. H. P. O. Smith, Vicar.   Pemberton - Rev. E. F. Forrest, M. A., Vicar ; Revs. J. Wilson (Chaplain to the Workhouse), W. Walker, J. Wood, J. H. Newbury, and J. Llewellyn, Curates.   Shevington - Rev. A. Richardson, Vicar.   Standish - Rev. C. W. N. Hutton, Rector ; Rev. J. F. Harris, Curate.   Upholland - Rev. G. F. Wills, Vicar ; Revs. C. G. Wilkinson and E. R. Tarbuck, Curates.   Wrightington - Rev. J. T. Wilson, Vicar.
  St. Johns - Rev. J. Gradwell, Rev. J. McLeod, and Rev. J. Young.
  St. Joseph's - Rev. H. Kavanagh, Rev. J. Crilly, and Rev. A. Ambrose.
  St. Mary's - Rev. John Melling and Rev. J. McFarlane.
  St. Patrick's - Rev. D. Sommer, Rev. P. Fitzgerald, and Rev. P. Burke.
CHAPELS IN THE OUT-TOWNSHIPS. - Ashton - Revs. G. O'Reilly and Hulme.   Aspull - Rev. J. Crilly.   Billinge - Rev. A. Powell.   Hindley - Rev. Dr. Saunders.   Ince - Rev. Fr. Hanly.   Orrell - Rev. M. Doon.   Pemberton - Rev. F. Blake.   Standish - Rev. R. Barry.   Wrightington - Rev. T. Margison.
  St. Pauls Chapel, Standishgate - Rev. T. Wilkinson.
  Hope Chapel, Hope Street - Rev. Joseph Jones, M. A.
CHAPELS IN THE OUT-TOWNSHIPS. - Ashton - Rev. H. Wilson.   Orrell - Rev. J. Whitton.   St. Paul's, Hindley - Rev. S. G. Preston.   Bridge Croft, Hindley - Rev. J. W. Greenhalgh.
  Wesleyan Chapel, Standishgate - Revs. Caleb Foster (Superintendant), J. Watkinson, and J. W. Smith.
   Chapels at Lamberhead Green, Goose Green, Upholland, Bispham, Aspull, Hindley, Blackrod, Standish, Newtown, Crooke, Ince, Platt Bridge, and New Springs. - Mission Room, Corporation-street.
King Street. - Rev. W. J. Heritage.
Chapels at Horwich, Lamberhead Green, Goose Green, and Tontine.

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