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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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    1769 James Scott Thomas Walton and Thomas Norcross.
    1770 William Ollerhead Thomas Waltham and John Jackson.
    1771 Alexander Ratcliffe William Bolton and William Hilton.
    1772 James Scott John Bibby and Nicholas Lathom.
    1773 Robert Green John Bibby and James Mort.
    1774 William Ollerhead John Slater and John Vause.
    1775 James Scott James Penson and James Heyes.
    1776 Alexander Ratcliffe Robert Rowbotham and John Chadwick, sen.
    1777 Robert Green John Blinkhorn and Richard Fogg.
    1778 John Latham Thomas Higham and John Hogg.
    1779 Alexander Ratcliffe Samuel Hopwood and Peter Latham.
    1780 Robert Green Samuel Heywood and Thomas Barton, sen.
    1781 William Ollerhead Peter Green and Thomas Scott.
    1782 Robert Green Peter Green and John Taylor.
    1783 William Ollerhead * William Whitehouse and James Smith.
    1784 James Hodson Thomas Barton and Jos. Rowbotham.
    1785 Robert Rowbotham John Hodson and R. Pennington.
    1786 James Hodson William Ashcroft and William Banks.
    1787 Thomas Barton John Hopwood and James Penson.
    1788 John Vause William Clayton and Richard Bell.
    1789 James Hodson John Bent and John Fogg.
    1790 Thomas Barton Thomas Doncaster and Thomas Jackson.
    1791 Robert Morris Elias Chadwick and Edward Blinkhorn.
    1792 Robert Rowbotham William Eccles and Robert Ball.
    1793 Thomas Barton James Taylor and Samuel Bold.
    1794 Robert Rowbotham K. H. Leigh and Robert Bullock.
    1795 Thomas Doncaster John Steer and Thomas Parr.
    1796 Robert Morris Robert Bullock and John Chadwick.
    1797 Thomas Barton William Cooper and John Penson.
    1798 Thomas Doncaster James Unsworth and Robert Marsden.
    1799 Robert Morris James Birch and Robert Ball.
    1800 John Vause John Acton and Lawrence Marsden.
    1801 William Clayton H. Hargreaves and Thomas Newsham.
    1802 Thomas Woodcock Henry Lomax and George Sayer.
    1803 William Clayton Thomas Prescott and John Bullock.
    1804 Thomas Woodcock Alexander Haliburton and Jos. Bevan.
    1805 Robert Bolton Thomas Blinkhorn and Thomas Green.
    1806 Thomas Woodcock Jeffrey Longshaw and James Bolton.
    1807 William Eccles William Rogerson and William Hibbert.
    1808 Thomas Woodcock Thomas Moorfield and James Brown.
    1809 John Hopwood James Bullock and Nicholas Cowell
    1810 Alexander Haliburton John Aspull and John Rushton
    1811 Jos. Bevan Richard Fairbrother and Jos. Banks.
    1812 John Hopwood Thomas Moore and John Fisher.
    1813 J. H. Kearsley Ralph Lowe and John Chadwick.
    1814 Thomas Newsham John Rushton and Christopher Irving.
    1815 Robert Bolton William Lyon and Henry Bullock.
    1816 William Eccles Thomas Lowe and Peter Hopwood.
    1817 Thomas Woodcock Robert Morris and John Hopwood.
    1818 Joseph Bevan John Willgoose and John Banks.
    1819 J. H. Kearsley John Walls and Richard Ashton.
    1820 H. Bullock Thomas Roby and William Woods.
    1821 Henry Gaskell John Whittle and Luke Smalley.
    1822 H. Bullock John Atherton and Ralph Knight.
    1823 Thomas Darwell John Cartwright and Luke Ashton.
    1824 Alexander Haliburton James Knight and John Ranson.
    1825 J. H. Kearsley James Lowe and John Thacker.
    1826 Thomas Hardman William Lamb and John Bullock.
    1827 H. Bullock H. Robinson and James Banks.
    1828 Thomas Hardman Samuel Newsham and John Croudson.
    1829 Henry Bullock William Ashton and William Blackburn.
    1830 Thomas Darwell Christopher Morris and Luke Ashton.
    1831 John Lord Lawrence Marsden and Richard Tennant.
    1832 John Woodcock Thomas Latham and John Fogg Taylor.
    1833 James Eckersley Thomas Walls and James Green.
    1834 John Lord + Thomas Cartwright and William Caldwell.
* Mr. Ollerhead died during his Mayoralty, and Mr. Jas. Heyes was elected for a short time - + Elected in Oct., 1834, and held office until Jan. 1, 1836, when the Municipal Act came into operation.

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