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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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        The Foreign and Colonial Parcel Post is in operation to Barbadoes, Belgium, British Guiana, Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Constantinople, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Gibraltar, Grenada, Holland, Hong Kong, India (including Aden and Burmah), Jamaica, Labuan, Leeward Islands, Malta, Norway, St. Helena, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Straits Settlements, Switzerland, Tobago, and Trinidad.
        1.-Trade Patterns and Samples of Merchandise may be sent between places in the United Kingdom, at the following rates of postage:-
  For a packet weighing not more than 4oz.................................. 1d.  
  For a packet weighing more than 4oz. but not more than 6oz................... 1½d.  
  For a packet weighing more than 6oz. but not more than 8oz................... 2d.  
        2.-No packet must exceed 8oz. in weight. The limits of dimensions are 12in. by 8in. by 4in. If either of these conditions be infringed, the packet will not be forwarded, but will be returned to the sender.
        3.-If a packet be posted wholly unpaid, it will on delivery be chargeable with double postage : a packet posted insufficiently paid will be chargeable with double the deficient postage.
        4.-The Postmaster General wishes it to be clearly understood that the Post is expressly intended for the benefit of, and is absolutely restricted to, bonâ fide trade Patterns and Samples of Merchandise. No article sent for sale, or in execution of an order (however small the quantity), or sent from one private individual to another, will under any circumstances be admissible; and if any such packet be posted prepaid at the pattern-rate only, it will be charged with double the deficient postage, at the letter-rate, together with a fine of 6d.
        5.-Patterns and Samples must be sent in wrappers (marked "Pattern Post" or "Sample Post") entirely open at both ends, and must be so packed that they may, to the satisfaction of the Postmaster General or his Officers, be easily withdrawn for examination; but Samples of seeds, flour, drugs, and such-like articles, which cannot be sent in open wrappers may be enclosed in boxes (but in such a way as to admit of easy examination) or in bags of linen, or other like material, tied at the neck. Closed bags, even if transparent, will not be allowed. In all cases where the requirements in regard to the mode of enclosure are not complied with the packet will be returned to the sender.
        6.-It is obligatory that the name, address, and trade of the sender be in all cases printed on the outside of the wrapper, above the address. If this rule be not complied with, the packet will be liable to the penalty referred to in Clause 4.
        7.-The number, price, and private business marks may (as well as the address) be in writing, but no other writing will be allowed. In case of the infringement of this rule, the packet will be surcharged at the letter-rate.
        8.-No glass bottle, or glass in any form, may be sent; no explosive, liquid, semi-liquid, or greasy matter, nor powders of any kind which may stain or do other damage; nor any living creature.
        9.-Patterns of scissors, knives, razors, and other sharp articles, must be so packed and guarded as to completely prevent injury to the other contents of the Mail Bags, or to the Officers employed, but the packets must at the same time admit of easy examination. When these requirements are not complied with, the packet will be stopped.
        10.-When necessary for securing the due transmission, or delivery, of letters, Patterns and Samples may be kept back for the succeeding despatch or delivery.

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