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Wigan Year Book of 1889

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Corporation of Wigan

W I L L I A M    R O G E R S,    M A Y O R.
    William Bryham*     Samual Alker*
    R.A. ffarington     Henry Park
    W. Crompton     James Smith*
    Walter Mayhew     R.F. Hopwood*
    M.W. Peace     H. Ackerley*
*Presiding Aldermen.
SCHOLES WARD (No. 1). - John Gee, Robert Richards, C.M. Percy, D.Dix, William Berry, James Hilton.
ST. GEORGE'S WARD (No. 2). - William Halliwell, James Jackson, Robt. Layland, J. Harrison, John Johnson, William Chalk.
QUEEN STREET WARD (No. 3). - Joseph Wilson, C. B. Holmes, Charles Oldfield, ffarington Eckersley, Geo. Duckworth, W. J. Lamb.
SWINLEY WARD (No. 4). - Matthew Benson, R. E. Kellett, R. Halliwell, Wm. Millington, Richard Blaylock, Robert Johnson.
ALL SAINTS' WARD (No. 5). - Richard Johnson, William Roger, James Edwardson, Thomas Stuart, Jon. Phillips, Levi Booth.
NOTE. - The two first-named Councillors in each Ward have three years to serve ; the third and fourth two years; and the fifth and sixth one year.
The Meetings of the Council will be held on the first Wednesday in each month, except November, at 2.30 p.m., and November 9th, at 12.0 noon.
The Mayor and ex-Mayor are Members of all Committees.
   Watch Committee. - Mr. R. A. ffarington, chairman ; Mr. J. Hilton, vice-chairman ; and Messrs. Alker, Berry, Dix, Duckworth, Gee, Kellett, R. Halliwell, Hopwood, Layland, and Park. To meet on the second Thursday in each month, at 3 p.m., at the Council Chamber.
   Gas Committee - Mr. James Smith, chairman ; Mr. Henry Ackerley, vice-chairman ; and Messrs. Benson, Booth, Chalk, Crompton, Edwardson, Gee, R.Halliwell, W. Halliwell, Hilton, Holmes, Hopwood, J. Johnson, Oldfield, Peace, and Richards. To meet on the first Tuesday in the month, at 3.30 p.m., and on the third Wednesday in each month, at 2.30 p.m. at the Council Chamber.
   Finance Committee - Mr. W. J. Lamb, chairman ; Mr. W. Chalk, vice-chairman ; and Messrs. Ackerley, Benson, Harrison, Dix, Duckworth, ffarington, Gee, W. Halliwell, Harrison, Richard Johnson, Kellett, Layland, Peace, Phillips, Roger, and J. Smith. To meet on the second Wednesday in each month, at 3 p.m., and fourth Thursday, at 2.30 p.m., at the Council Chamber.
   Property, Markets, and Mesnes Park Committee - Mr. J. Smith, chairman ; Mr. J. Edwardson, vice-chairman ; and Messrs. Alker, Blaylock, Booth, Dix, Duckworth, R. Halliwell, Hopwood, Kellett, W. Millington, Park, Peace, Percy, Phillips, Richards, and Wilson. To meet on the third Wednesday in each month, at 3.30 p.m., at the Council Chamber.
   Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act Committee - Mr. M. Benson, chairman ; Mr J. Harrison, vice-chairman ; and Messrs. Berry, Dix, Jackson, Robt. Johnson, Richard Johnson, and Oldfield. Meet when required.

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