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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Upholland

UPHOLLAND is a township, and Ecclesiastical district in the Parish of Wigan and Hundred of West Derby, for miles W. from Wigan. The church is dedicated to Thomas a-Becket,, and dates from the 14th century. It was formerly attached to a priory of Benedictines. There are registers from A.D. 1600. There are chapels for Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists. The village is situated near the summit and centre of the ridge of which Billinge and Ashurst Beacons are the termini, and there is the same extensive view. Lord Skelmersdale is Lord of the Manor; but Roger Leigh, and Meyrick Bankes, Esqrs., are also landowners in the township. There is a grammar school dating from 1668. CRAWFORD VILLAGE and PIMBO LANE (with a railway station), ROBY MILL, HALL GREEN, TONTINE and HOLLAND MOOR hamlets, are in the township, which has the large area of 4,452 acres, and a population in 1861 of 3,463.

Abbott John, beer retailer
Alker George, farmer
Alker Mr. Nicholas
Alker William, farmer
Ashurst William, beer retailer, Tontine
Atherton Mrs.
Atherton James, farmer and nail manufacturer, Blackledge
Ball Edward, farmer
Ball Henry, farmer
Ball James, beer retailer, Holland moor
Bamforth William, second master of Grammar school, and agent to the Yowkshire Fire and Life Insurance Co.
Barton Mrs., beer retailer
Barton Peter, Eagle and Child Inn
Barry Rev. William, B.A.
Battersby John, farmer
Baxter John, clogger, draper and grocer
Baxter Richard, clogger
Beaman Edward Henry, surgeon
Berridge Mr. William, master of Grammar school
Berry Mrs., Boarding and Day school
Betley Samuel, farmer
Birch Ann, draper and grocer
Birchall John, butcher and assistant overseer
Bisset Rev. Charles, B.D. (surrogate), Holland house
Bolderson George, Esq., Holland grove
Boothman John, quarry master
Brayshay Wm., fellmonger, Digmoor
Clayton Edward, Britannia Inn, and wheelwright
Cliff William, farmer
Conroy John, beer retailer
Coupe Mr. Richard, Sandbrook Cottage
Culshaw William, Hare and Hounds
Dean Josiah, farmer
Dickinson James, farmer
Dickinson John, shoemaker
Dickinson Robert, shopkeeper
Ditchfield Margaret, farmer
Ellison Edward, farmer
Fairhurst Lydia, farmer
Farrimond H. & G., tanners, Tontine
Farrington William, miller
Files Edward, famer
Fletcher Matthew, Esq., Newgate
Foster William, tailor
Gaskell Hugh, shopkeeper
Gaskell James, Esq., Ox house
Gaskell Joseph, shoemaker
Golden Mary, farmer
Greaves James, White Lion, Holland moor
Grounds Thomas, shopkeeper and stonemason
Halewood John, farmer
Halliwell Thomas, shopkeeper
Halton Mr. John
Hart James, farmer
Hart Methuselah, Legs of Man
Hartley Thomas, tailor and postmaster
Heaton William, joiner and builder
Hindley John, Old Dog Inn
Hindley Thomas, coach builder
Hitchen Sarah, butcher
Holcroft Margaret, gardener
Holland Thomas, stonemason
Hollinshead James, shopkeeper and beer retailer
Houghton William, stonemason
Hurst James, insurance agent
Hurst Mary, farmer
Jones John, nail maker
Kay John, clogger
Kellett Mr. William, Sandbrook cottage
Laithwaite John, quarry master
Latham John, farmer
Lawrenson Benjamin, famer
Lea James, plumber, grocer, &c.
Lea John, painter, plumber, &c.
Makinson George, farmer
Makinson John, stone quarry owner
Markland Thomas, Owl Inn
Markland William, shopkeeper
Marsh John, beer retailer
Marsh Thomas, farmer
Mercer James, farmer
Molyneux John Lea, surgeon
Molyneux Mrs. Mary, The Abbey
Morris Mrs., Hallgreen house
Morris James, quarry master
Moss Thomas, Queen's Arms, Clap lane
Naylor Mr. Joseph, Newgate
Nicholson Ann, mistress of Methodist and Free Church School
Ollerton Thomas, wheelwright
Peet John, Hardware dealer
Power Anthony, shopkeeper, Sandbrook
Rigby Thomas, White Lion Inn, & registrar of births & deaths
Ronald -, miller
Rowbottom Robert, painter
Scrivener George, shopkeeper
Sharp Thomas, farmer
Sixsmith John, horse breaker
Sixsmith Louisa, National School mistress
Smallshaw Robert, tailor
Smallshaw William, tailor
Smith James, shoemaker
Smith William, tailor
Speakman Hugh, farmer
Statters James, miller
Stock Ellen Ann, draper and grocer
Swift Henry, shoemaker
Swift John, shoemaker
Talbot John, shoemaker
Tasker Matthias, farmer
Taylor H., farmer, Pimbo lane
Thompson James, farmer
Thornley Daniel, policeman
Waterworth Catherine, farmer
Waterworth John, shopkeeper
Webster William, Bull's Head
Widdows James, tallow chandler, Bank top house
Wilson Henry, shopkeeper, Tontine

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