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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, R

Wigan, R

Railway Passengers' Assurance Co.; agent R. Platt, 2 Standishgate
Ramsdale Thomas, cabinet maker, 14 Great George street
Ranicar Elias, draper, milliner, tailor, &c. 56 and 58 Scholes; residence 31 Dicconson street
Ranicars Mrs. Ann, 15 Dicconson street
Ranson Mrs. Elizabeth, 46 Dicconson street
Rawes John, land agent, and agent to the Royal and the Royal Exchange Insurance Offices, 1 Rowbottom square; residence Lime vale, Smithy brook
Rawson James, bookbinder, 20 Rodney street
Rawson Peter F., watchmaker, (Royle & Rawson) Upper Dicconson street
Read Mrs. Margaret, 10 Dicconson street
Reed Ann, shopkeeper, 52 Frog lane
Rees Charles Goldney, book keeper, 25 Caroline street
Rees Thomas, shoemaker, 20 Wiend
Reynolds G. F., botanist, 21 Wiend
Rhodes James, pit sinker, 4 Pitt street
Richards Robert, Harp Inn, 135 Scholes
Richards William, Fleece Inn, 65 Scholes
Richardson Ann, cow keeper, York street
Richardson Hugh, marble mason, &c. 5 Darlington street
Richardson Thomas, painter, 4 Shelmerdine street
Riddlesworth John and Son, bobbin and skewer manufacturers, Queen street saw mills
Riddlesworth William, bobbin &c. manufacturer, (J. Riddlesworth and Son) Queen street
Riding William, iron founder, &c. Britannia bridge
Ridley Rev. Joseph, Dicconson street
Rigby Miss Ellen, 98 Standishgate
Rigby James, clothier and draper, 27 Millgate
Rigby Richard, shoemaker and clogger, 79 Wigan lane
Rigby Thomas, butcher, 25 Wellington street
Rigby William, book keeper, 91 Hallgate
Rigg Charles Frederick, surgeon, Rodney street
Rigg William, Esq., Crawford villa, 9 Poolstock lane
Riley James, wheelwright, Baron street, Scholes
Riley John, shopkeeper, Driving lane
Rimmer Henry, cashier, 190 Wallgate
Rimmer Mary, earthenware, &c., dealer, 92 Chapel lane
Rimmer Ralph, coal proprietor, Holme house Colliery
Roaf Rev. William, 94 Standishgate
Roberts John, joiner and builder, Scholes bridge
Robertson John, shoemaker, 10 Douglas street
Robinson Henry and Co. brewers, The Brewery, King street, and wine and spirit merchants, 5 Rodney street
Robinson James, Red Lion Inn, 14 Wiend
Robinson John, beer retailer, 65 Wigan lane
Robson John, travelling draper, 168 Wallgate
Robson William Cron, travelling draper, 39 Caroline street
Roby James, tea dealer, 4 Rodney street
Roby James, shopkeeper, 126 Wigan lane
Roby William, shopkeeper, 83 Wigan lane
Rock (Life) Insurance Co. 1 New square; T. Heald, agent
Rogers Alfred, excise officer, Darlington street
Rogers John, brickmaker and beer retailer, Frog lane
Rogers Roger T., shopkeeper, 57 Millgate
Roocroft William M., surgeon, 25 King street
Roper Joseph, coal proprietor, 65 Darlington street
Roper Richard, beer retailer, 41 Hallgate
Roscoe Charles, smallware dealer, 2 Coppull lane
Roscow Joseph, shopkeeper, 104 Millgate
Rothwell John, grocer, tea, coffee and wine merchant, 25 Walgate
Rothwell Margaret Y., Spotted Cow Inn, 90 Scholefield lane
Roughan Martin, beer retailer, 18 Adelaide street
Rowbottom Lever Robert, solicitor, Bretherton's row; residence 128 Standishgate
Rowe James, shopkeeper, 65 Great George street
Rowe John, shopkeeper, 85 Queen street
Rowland Edward, chairmaker, 38 Queen street
Rowland E. H., schoolmaster, (St. James's) Lindsay terrace, Poolstock
Royal Exchange Insurance Co., 1 Rowbottom square; J. G. Rawes, agent
Royal Farmers' Insurance Co., G. Heaton, 20 King street, agent
Royal Insurance Co., agents J. G. Rawes, 1 Rowbottom square, Edward Scott, Standishgate place, & E. H. Barnish, 15 Market place
Royle and Rawson, watch and clock manufacturers, jewellers, &c. 76 Wallgate
Royle James, shoemaker and clogger, 71 Scholes, and 2 Whelley
Royle John, blacksmith, 114 Millgate
Royle Samuel, watchmaker, (Royle and Rawson) 76 Wallgate
Royle Samuel, fishmonger, 41 Wallgate
Rudd James, Raven Inn, 29 Birkett bank
Rudd Robert, iron planer, 136 Chapel lane
Ruddick Christopher, travelling draper, 17 Queen street
Ruddick George, travelling draper, 22 Caroline street
Ruddick James, travelling draper, 28 Caroline street
Ruddick Thomas, travelling draper, 30 Caroline street
Rushton John, china dealer, Lower Morris street
Rushton Joseph, assistant grocer, 12 Chapel lane
Rutherford John, travelling draper, 14 Dicconson street
Rylance James, book keeper, 111 Great George street
Rylance Mr. John, 31 Darlington street
Rylance William, shopkeeper, 56 Chapel lane
Rylands and Sons, cotton spinners, Mesnes, and coal proprietots, Gidlow and Swinley collieries
Ryley Thomas Cropper, Esq., Sicklefield house

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