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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, L

Wigan, L

Laithwaite Thomas, broker and insurance agent, 8 Harrogate street
Lamb & Moore, coal proprietors, Newton & Meadows Collieries
Lamb & Sons, auctioneers, valuers, land, &c. agents, 16 King street
Lamb Jonathon, Esq., J.P., 84 Standishgate
Lamb William, coal proprietor (Lamb & Moore), Standishgate
Lancashire Insurance Company, 24 King street; E. L. Wright, agent
Lancashire Union Railway Company's office, Queen street; George Lee, engineer
Lancaster Elizabeth, beer retailer, 60 Chapel lane
Lancaster Henry, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 57 Lower Morris street
Langton John, shopkeeper, 77 Millgate
Latham Ann, bolt & screw maker, Scholes bridge, and shopkeeper, 22 Lime street
Latham E. & J., milliners, Poolstock lane
Latham Ellen, shopkeeper, Poolstock
Latham John, chemist and druggist, 42 Wallgate
Latham John, surgeon, 20 Millgate
Latham Phoebe, shopkeeper, 104 Standishgate
Latham William, beer retailer, 148 Scholes
Latham William, bolt and screw maker, 27 James street
Laurie Henry A., travelling draper, 43 Caroline street
Laven Anthony J., tea dealer, 24 Lyon street
Law James, blacksmith, 29 Queen street
Law Union Insurance Company, James Barton, Wigan lane, agent
Lawson Hannah, (Exors. of), smallware and marine store dealers, 100 Scholes
Lawson William, shopkeeper, 69 Great George street
Lawton Thomas, saddler, 18 Foy street
Laycock Mr. John, 9 Birkett bank
Layland John, shoemaker, 1 Douglas street
Lea James, grocer and wine merchant, 54 Market place
Lea James, plumber and glazier, 4 Clarence yard
Lea John, painter (John Lea & Son), 3 Darlington street
Lea John, cotton spinner (J. Lea & Sons), Chapel lane
Lea John & Son, painters, Rodney street
Lea John & Sons, cotton spinners, Rose bridge mill, Ince
Lea Robert, plasterer, 60 Hallgate
Lea William, cotton spinner (John Lea & Son), 14 Rodney street
Leach James, shoemaker, 49 Caroline street
Leach J. C. & F. & Co., drapers, mercers, and manufacturers of checks, ginghams, diapers, &c., Crawford House, 23 Standishgate
Leach J. G., draper, &c. (J. C. & F. Leach & Co.), 49 Millgate
Leach Robert, pawnbroker, 93 Wallgate
Leach Thomas, printer, 11 Harrogate street
Leadbetter Mrs. Mary, Shelmerdine street
Leader William, L.L.B., solicitor, Common Law commissioner, master extraordinary and commissioner of the Court of Chancery of Ireland, Secretary to the South-West Lancashire Conservative Registration Association, agent to the Queen's Building Society, Scottish Wodows' Fund Life and Yorkshire Fire and Life Offices, 23 King street; residence, Thornhill, Standish
Leatherbarrow John, shopkeeper, 126 Scholes
Leatherbarrow Thomas S., clogger, 171 Scholes
Lee Ann, commercial eating house, &c., 14 Scholes
Lee George, engineer, 2 Queen street
Lee John, wheelwright, Douglas street
Lee Martha, shopkeeper, 6 Chapel lane
Leech Miss Mary, confectioner and dealer in British wines, 58 Market place
Leech Thomas, spade finisher, 11 Harrogate street
Leech William, commission agent, agent for the Eagle Life and the Liverpool & London & Globe Fire & Life Offices, and for the Boiler Insurance & Steam Power Co., Limited, 20 King street; house, 55 Millgate
Leeds and Liverpool Canal Co., Wallgate; F. Ormandy, agent
Leeds and Liverpool Canal Carrying Co., Wallgate; James Holmes, agent
Leeds and Liverpool Canal Office, Henhurst bridge; James Nevill, collector
Lees Daniel, cut nail and clog iron manufacturer, ironmonger, &c., 63 Scholes
Lees James, shopkeeper, 67 Scholes
Lees William, solicitor, Marylebone place
Lefevre William, boot and shoe maker, 16 King street; residence, 2 Fair view, Pemberton
Leigh and Ellis, solicitors, and agents to the Liverpool & London and Globe Insurance Co., Commercial yard
Leigh Mr. Charles, 3 Bank terrace
Leigh Mrs. Ellen, 126 Standishgate
Leigh Mary, shopkeeper, 63 Great George street
Leigh Richard, solicitor, and clerk to the county justices (Leigh and Ellis), 126 Standishgate
Leigh S. & Son, forged iron manufacturers, Douglas forge
Leigh Robert, painter, 4 Farrimond's row
Leigh Thomas, beer retailer, 51 Lower Morris street
Lewis James, beer retailer, 29 Wiend
Leyland Catherine, pawnbroker, 16 Wigan lane
Leyland James, ironmonger, 4 Wigan lane
Leyland James, chain maker, Wallgate
Leyland Mary, White Horse Inn, 59 Standishgate
Leyland Michael Henry, printer, Shelmerdine street
LEYLAND MICHAEL SAMUEL, furnishing and general ironmonger, brazier, tinplate worker, gasfitter, wholesale dealer in sporting and blasting powder, safety fuse, and other colliery implements, nails, chains, ovens, grates, and ranges, &c., opposite the Royal Hotel, Market place; residence, Upper Dicconson street
Leyland William, shoemaker, 62 Millgate
Liberal Registration Association, Bretherton's row; Thomas Stuart, secretary
Life Association of Scotland Insurance Co., W. A. Byrom, 33 King street, agent
Lindsay Mrs. Alice, 61 Darlington street
Linn Samuel, boot and shoemaker, 114 Wallgate
Linney James, beer retailer, 156 Wallgate
Liptrot & Sons, Brimelow farm
Liptrot James, shopkeeper, 44 Upper Morris street
Liptrot Mary, dressmaker, 44 Upper Morris street
Liptrot Roger, coal agent, 15 Poolstock
Liptrot Samuel, police inspector, King street
Liptrot William, Bowling Green Inn, 106 Wigan Lane
Litherland Henry, druggist and grocer, 137 & 139 Scholes, & 134 Wallgate
Litherland William, shopkeeper, 46 Byrom street, Poolstock
Little Robert, photographer, 2 Clarence yard
Littler Jane, Corporation Inn, Poolstock lane
Littler William, mechanic, 35 Miry lane
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co., agents, W. Leech, 20 King street; T. Wall, 27 Wallgate; and Leigh & Ellis, Commercial yard
Livesey John, Crown and Sceptre Inn, 94 Scholes
Livesey Joseph, Ship Inn, 12 Millgate
Local Board of Health Offices, 67 Wallgate
Lockhart John, travelling draper, 6 Queen street
Loftus Anthony, beer retailer, Hardybutts
London & North-Western Railway Company's Goods Offices, Chapel lane; H. V. Dixon, goods agent; A. E. Ainscow, chief clerk
Lonsdale Mary, draper and milliner, 122 Scholes
Lowe Arthur, Golden Cross Inn, 120 Standishgate
Lowe Edward, family grocer, &c., 55 Standishgate
Lowe James, insurance agent, Caroline street
Lowe James, 19 Great George street
Lowe John, shopkeeper, 40 Scholes
Lowe John, fireman, top of Scholes
Lowe Joseph, beer retailer, 6 Hallgate
Lowe Matthew, beer retailer, 43 Bridge street
Lowe Peter, police sergeant, King street
Lowe Thomas, shoemaker and clogger, 104 Chapel lane
Lowe Thomas, dyer, 12 Queen street
Lowe Thomas, policeman, 28 Chapel lane
Lowe Thomas Ralph, agent for the Northern Insurance Company, 7 Marylebone place
Lucas Alexander, shopkeeper, Wellington street
Lucas John, pattern maker, 138 Wigan lane
Luke Hannah M., dressmaker, 57 Caroline street
Luke Hannah M., bookseller, 17 Scholes
Luke James, watchmaker, 19 Scholes
Lund John, clogger, 25 Scholes
Lyon Edward, baker, grocer, and provision dealer, 20 Millgate and Worsley Mesnes
Lyon Edward, commission agent, Henhurst bridge

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