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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, I-J

Wigan, I-J

Imperial Fire and Life Office, 29a King street; James Halsall, agent
Ince Hall Coal & Cannel Company, 20 King street; Wm. Leech, agent
Ince William, clogger, 111 Scholes
Ingram Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Shelmerdine street
Ingram Richard, cashier, 8 Shelmerdine street
Irvine Charles, boot and shoe maker, 33 Standishgate
Irving Mr. James, 4 Queen street
Jackson Brothers, tallow chandlers, Scholes
Jackson Elizabeth, Dog & Partridge Inn, 30 Wallgate
JACKSON GEORGE, wholesale and retail grocer, brush merchant, &c. 82 Scholes
Jackson George, butcher, 77 Wigan lane
Jackson James, printer, stationer, &c., 7½ Millgate
Jackson John, surgeon, 164 Wallgate
JACKSON JOHN, linen draper, &c., 38 Market place
Jackson Peter, tallow chandler (Jackson brothers), Scholes
Jackson Robert, tallow chandler (Jackson brothers), Scholes
Jackson Roger, tailor and draper, 21 Hallgate
Jackson Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 8 Millgate
Jackson William, tallow chandler (Jackson brothers), Scholes
Jacques Amos, tailor and draper, 25 Market place; house, Bellingham terrace
Jameson and McCormick, contractors, Bretherton's row
Jameson James, Grapes Inn, 156 Wallgate
Jardine William, saddler, 39 Standishgate
Jarvis Sarah, beer retailer, Pottery
Jenkins William, fishmonger, confectioner, &c., 62 and 64 Standishgate
Johnson Charles, watchmaker, 22 Wallgate
Johnson John, bricklayer, 27 Wood street
Johnson John, (Exors. of,) saddler, 34 Wallgate; house, 23 Charles street
Johnson John, Bull's Head Inn, 10 Market place
JOHNSON R. T., land and building surveyor, 26 Wallgate; residence, Hole i'th' wall
Johnson Sherred, calenderer, 46 Chapel lane
Johnson Thomas, chemist, 80 Wallgate
Johnson Thomas, shopkeeper, Whelley
Johnson William, cotton spinner, Wood street and Bradford place mills
Johnson William, Hole i'th' Wall Inn, Market place
Johnson William Burgess, civil engineer, 8 Poolstock lane
Johnston John, travelling draper, 21 Caroline street
Johnston William, tailor, 82 Standishgate
Johnstone Mrs. Mary, 112 Standishgate
Joice Michael, shopkeeper, 17 Wellington street
Jolley Henry, mill manager, 15 St. Thomas street
Jolley J. and W. coal proprietors, Barley brook colliery
Jolley James, registrar of marriages, 15 Rodney street
Jolley John, hairdresser, 30 Standishgate
Jolley John, painter, 22 Shelmerdine street
Jolley Robert, tailor, 9 Queen's head yard
Jolley Thomas, tin plate worker and toy dealer, 9 Hallgate
Jolley William, baker and shopkeeper, 25 Victoria street
Jolley William, painter, 10 Shelmerdine street
Jones Daniel, ironmonger, 21 Darlington street
Jones John, gasfitter, Warrington lane
Jones John, tailor, 58 Millgate
Jones John, boot and shoe maker and clogger, 19 Market place; house, 1 Clifton street
Jones Joseph, shopkeeper, 83 Great George street
Jones Joseph (late Walker), boot and shoe maker, 41 Market place
Jones William, tripe dresser, 5 Bishopgate

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