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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, H

Wigan, H

Hague Mrs. Martha, 33 Harrogate street
Hague David, shoemaker and postman, 117 Standishgate
Hague James, fitter, 3 Swinley lane
Hague James, beer retailer, 37 Upper Morris street
Haigh Foundry Comapny, engineers, ironfounders, &c. Haigh foundry and Brock mill forge
Hains Rev. Philip, Thornhill, Standish
Hall Alice, shopkeeper, 131 Standishgate
Hall Catherine, shopkeeper, Bottling wood
Hall Charles, butcher, Market place; house, 7 Cooper's row
Hall George, mechanic, Whelley
Hall James, blacksmith, McEwen's yard, Millgate
Hall John, shopkeeper, 49 Wigan lane
Hall Thomas, beer retailer and shopkeeper, 44 Frog lane
Hall Thomas, butter and egg merchant and agent, 17 Darlington street
Hall William, butcher, 143 and 145 Scholes
Hallam Jonathon, Three Crowns Inn, 16 Standishgate
Halliwell Charles, eating house, 21 Scholes
Haliwell Ellen, shopkeeper, 28 Wigan lane
Haliwell Mrs. Elizabeth, Percival place, 105 Millgate
Haliwell Henry, beer retailer, 105 Chapel lane
Haliwell James, Uncle Tom's Cabin Inn, 14 Miry lane
Haliwell Joseph, G. B., tobacconist, &c. 56 Millgate
Haliwell Richard, stonemason, 8 Marsh lane
Haliwell Robert, registrar of births, deaths and marriages for Wigan district, and agent to the Atlas Assurance Co., 16 Rodney street; residence, Upper Dicconson street
Haliwell Roger, beer retailer, 170 Wallgate
Haliwell Roger, shopkeeper, 89 Scholes
Haliwell Roger, butcher, 23 Scholes
Haliwell William, Rope and Anchor Inn, 12 Scholes
Haliwell William, contractor, 7 Birkett bank
Halliwell William, beer retailer, 15 Harrogate street
Halloday John, beer retailer, 72 Standishgate
Hallsworth Henry, beer retailer, 26 Chapel lane
Halsall Elizabeth, householder, 32 Chapel lane
Halsall James, corn merchant, miller, and agent to the Imperial Fire and Life Office, 29 King Street; house, Henhurst bridge
Halsall William, Buckley House Inn, Gidlow lane
Hammill John, clothes dealer, 9 Wellington street
Hammond John, shopkeeper, 20 Chapel street
Hampson Robert, clogger, 125 Chapel lane
Hampson Thomas, school, 58 School street
Hannah David, agent, 36 King street, and 36 Dicconson street
Harcourt James, general ironmonger, whitesmith, bellhanger, tinsmith, &c. 72 Wallgate
Hardman William, joiner, 144 Chapel lane
Hardy Elizabeth, farmer, &c. Whelley
Hardy Richard, chemist, 25 Standishgate; house, 28 Dicconson street
Hargreaves John, watchmaker, 40 Standishgate
Harkin John F., shopkeeper, 58 Great George street
Harmer Matthew, clogger, 50 Great George street
Harrison and Hopwoods, cotton spinners, Britannia mills, Wallgate
Harrison and Swarbrick, pawnbrokers, 1 Church street
Harrison Edward, architect, 8 Great George street
Harrison James, painter, 9 Church street
Harrison John, colliery manager, 17 St. Thomas' street
Harrison John, house agent, 89 Standishgate
Harrison John, Unicorn Inn, 3 Standishgate
Harrison Joseph, shoemaker, 33 Miry lane
Harrison Richard, Navigation Inn, Britannia bridge
Harrison Thomas, shopkeeper, 87 Standishgate
Harrison Thomas, shoemaker, 25 Chapel lane
Hart James, smallware dealer, 33 Upper Morris street
Hart Jeffrey, brassfounder, &c. Millgate Brass Works; house, 70 Millgate
Hart John, currier and leather dealer, 23 Millgate
Hart John, Cross Keys Inn, Market place
Hart Robert, Rose Inn, 48 Standishgate
Hart Robert, beer retailer, 23 Darlington street
Hart Robert, currier, Fleece yard
Hart William, clogger, 46 Standishgate
Hart William, beer retailer, 27 Great George street
Hartly Robert, shopkeeper, 59 Caroline street
Hartman William, pork butcher, 112 Millgate
Harwood Michael, underlooker, 7 Gidlow lane
Harwood Robert, pawnbroker (Wilson and Harwood), Bankfield, Bolton
Haselden James, beer retailer, 50 Hallgate
Haselden John, tobacconist and picture framer, 35 Hallgate
Haselden John, shoemaker, Bishopgate
Haselden William, butcher, 136 Wallgate
Haslam Mr. Thomas, Haslam's yard, Victoria street
Hastings John, travelling draper, 16 Dicconson street
Hatton Joseph H., bookkeeper, 28 Charles street
Hatton Robert, joiner, 18 Great George street
Hatton Thomas, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Hawett Thomas, junr., solicitor, and agent to the Scottish Provincial Assurance Co., 8 King street; residence, 99 Standishgate
Hawett Thomas and Son, surgeons, 99 Standishgate
Hay Robert, agent for the Provincial Insurance Co., Norwich and London Accident (and Casualty) Association, 114 Standishgate
Hay Mrs. and Miss Lewis, ladies' school, 114 Standishgate
Haydock Roger, underlooker, 7 York street
Hayes Henry, joiner, 67 Great George street
Hayes James, clogger, 68 Standishgate
Hayes John, blacking and coal dust manufacturer, Wallgate, and mordaunt manufacturer, Pottery
Hayes John, china dealer, 95 Wallgate
Hayes Thomas, fishmonger, 79 Standishgate
Heagerty Bridget, beer retailer, 23 Hallgate
Heal Rev. Abiathar, 13 Marsden place
Heald Thomas, solicitor, chief magistrate of borough, agent for the County Fire and Rock Life Offices, New square, 38 Standishgate; residence, Greenfield house, Billinge
Healy George James, accountant, estate, insurance, and general commission agent, 24 Rodney street; Bolton offices, 18 Acresfield
Heaphy Richard William, schoolmaster (St. Patrick's), 80 Hardybutts
Heath Thomas, inspector of nuisances, 13 Church street
Heaton Abraham, shopkeeper, Poolstock
Heaton George, architect, surveyor, and insurance agent, 20 King street; house, Clifton street
Heaton James, clogger, 89 Queen street
Heaton John, paviour, 21 York street
Heaton John, Old Dog Inn, Market place
Heaton Peter, boot and shoe maker, 2 Poolstock lane
Heaton Simon Peter, shopkeeper, 85 Wigan lane
Heaton William, clerk, Monument terrace
Heeney Grace, shopkeeper, 18 School lane
Helsby Michael, watchmaker and fancy repository, 38 Wallgate
Henderson David, travelling draper, Upper Dicconson street
Henderson John, travelling draper, 17 Scarisbrick street
Hepworth William, tailor and draper, 3 Hallgate; house, 16 Lower Morris street
Heron Arthur, Esq., 141 Standishgate
Hesketh James, beer retailer and shopkeeper, 124 Hardybutts
Hesketh John, wholesale flour dealer, 30 Poolstock lane
Hesketh John, Minorca Hotel, 29 Wallgate
Hesketh Robert, shopkeeper, 15 Clayton street
Heyes Enoch, grocer and provision dealer, 105 and 152 Wallgate
Heyes Henry, collier, 50 Upper Morris street
Heyes Henry, beer retailer, 34 Upper Morris street
Heyes James, shopkeeper, 185 Scholes
Heyes Martha, shopkeeper, 21 Hardybutts
Heyes Matthew, shopkeeper, 130 Scholes
Heywood John, grocer, 45 Wallgate
Hibbert Henry, mill manager, 2 Pottery
Hickson Arthur, porter, 112 Chapel lane
Higham Henry, brass moulder, 31 Miry lane
Higham James, beer retailer, plasterer, &c. 61 School street
Higham James, shopkeeper, 1 Coppull lane
Higham James King, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 52 Millgate
Higham John, Balcarres' Arms, 172 Scholes
Higham Robert, tailor, 8 Clayton street
Higham Rev. Thomas, M.A. (surrogate), the Vicarage, Birkett bank
Higham Thomas, furniture dealer, 47 Millgate
Highton L., whitesmith and bellhanger, 86 Standishgate
Higson Joseph, shopkeeper and furniture dealer, 59 Great George street
Higson Paul, householder, 106 Standishgate
Hill and Cordeaux, butchers, 29 Standishgate
Hill Henry, printer, 12 Marsden place
Hill Joseph, butcher (Hill and Cordeaux), 29 Standishgate
Hill Robert, shopkeeper, 71 Hallgate
Hill Mary, Robin Hood Inn, 73 Hallgate
Hilton E., milliner, top of Scholes
Hilton John, beer retailer and marine store dealer, 11 Wiend
Hilton James, tinplate worker, brass founder, Petroleum oil and China dealer, 68 Scholes
Hilton Joseph, relieving officer, 29 Darlington street
Hilton Mrs. Margaret, 40 Harrogate street
Hilton Peter, wheelwright, Warrington lane
Hilton Ralph, house and insurance agent, 3 Church street
Hilton Richard, shopkeeper, 119 Standishgate
Hilton Richard, clogger, 4 School lane
Hilton Richard, joiner, 56 Caroline street
Hilton Mr. Robert, 20 Dicconson street
Hilton Robert, Brown Cow Inn, and joiner and builder, 67 Queen street
Hilton Thomas, cotton spinner, 19 King street; mill, Newtown, Pemberton
Hindley Friendly and Co-operative Society, limited, grocers, 117 Wallgate
Hirst Henry, iron dresser, 81 Queen street
Hodd Rev. Albert Harry, Acton's terrace
Hodgeon Thomas, chandler, 73 Lime street
Hodgkinson Ellen, confectioner, 88 Wallgate
Hodgkiss Richard, butcher, 50 Scholes
Hodkinson George, boat builder, Wigan Boat Yard, 250 Wallgate
Hodkinson James, draper, 35, Market place, and 90 & 92 Scholes
Hodkinson Richard, furniture dealer, 99 and 101 Millgate
Hodson J., slate merchant, Wallgate; S. Liptrot, agent
Hodson Richard, tailor, 114 Great George street
Hogg Isaac, tin plate worker, 9 New square
Holcroft George, butcher, 77 Wigan lane
Holcroft Henry, butcher, 22 Market place, house, Fleece yard
Holcroft Thomas, Griffin Inn, 78 Standishgate
Holcroft Thomas, Coach and Horses Inn, 1 Hallgate
Holcroft Thomas, tailor and draper, 144 Hallgate
Holden Matthew, sinker and contractor, Pagefield
Holding James, travelling draper, 36 Charles street
Holding William, cabinet maker and furniture dealer, 15 Millgate
Holker Thomas, pattern maker, 9 Shelmerdine street
Holland Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Charles street
Holland James, bricklayer, 84 Wigan lane
Holland James, shopkeeper, 90 Frog lane
Holland Mary, confectioner, 6 Darlington street
Holme Richard, shopkeeper, 18 Ironmonger lane
Holmes Charles Butler, joiner and builder, Caroline street
Holmes G. S., accountant, Bretherton's row, Wallgate
Holmes James, traffic manager for Leeds and Liverpool Canal Carrying Co., 190 Wallgate
Holt James, bolt and screw maker, Millgate
Holt Joshua, ironmonger, &c., 27 Market place
Holt W., inspector of weights and measures and market inspector, Douglas Bank cottage, Millgate
Homoeopathic Dispensary, King street
Hoolton Richard, Brickmaker's Arms Inn, Frog lane
Hooper Thomas, shopkeeper, 84 Queen street
Hope John Edward, tobacco manufacturer, 17 Scholes
Hopwood W. and R. F., iron and steel merchants, &c., Commercial yard
Hornby James, Windmill Inn, 138 Scholes
Horridge John, shopkeeper, 225 Scholes
Horrocks Mrs. Margaret, 160 Wallgate
Horrocks Matthew, clothes dealer, 165 Scholes
Horrocks Richard, baker and shopkeeper, Vauxhall road
Horrocks Richard, beer retailer, Vauxhall road
Horrocks Robert, tailor, Warrington lane
Houghton James, shopkeeper, 72 Hallgate
Houghton Thomas, watchmaker, 13 King street
Howard Edward, boot and shoe maker, 94 Wallgate
Howard John, beer retailer, 101 School lane
Howard Joseph, White Swan Inn, Warrington road
Howard Richard, tailor, 3 Foy street
Howard Robert, beer retailer, 98 Hardybutts
Howarth Mrs. Anne, 1 Caroline street
Howarth John, coal dealer, 32 Duke street
Howarth Mary, shopkeeper, 73 Wigan lane
Howarth William, cooper, 10½ Lyon street
Howe John, grocer, &c., 15 Standishgate; house, 26 Church street
Howe Richard, Rose Inn, 48 Standishgate
Howe Samuel, tailor, 59 Hardybutts
Hubbert Zechariah, draper, hosier, &c., 48 Market place; house, Lansdowne terrace
Hudson Rev. Matthew, Thornhill, Standish
Hughes Thomas, moulder, 135 Great George street
Hughes William, wine dealer, 6 Wiend
Hunt Ellen, staymaker, 71 Standishgate
Hunt Margaret, shopkeeper, 105 Standishgate
Hunt Thomas, bookkeeper, Poolstock lane
Hunter J. L., civil engineer, the Grove, Standish
Hunter John, shopkeeper, 116 Scholes
Hunter Margaret, shopkeeper, 16 Lime street
Hurst Ellen, shopkeeper, 7 Adelaide street
Hurst James, grocer, &c., 70 Wallgate, and confectioner, 10 Standishgate
Hurst Mary, confectioner, 10 Standishgate
Hurst Robert, shopkeeper, &c., 57 Hardybutts
Hutchinson James, agent for J. Meglaughlin and Son, butter and egg merchants, Barnes' court, Queen street

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