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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, C

Wigan, C

Cadman Margaret, flour dealer, 14 Wallgate
Cain James, draper, tailor, &c. 34 Market place
Calderbank John, bricklayer, 3 Ellen street
Calderbank Richard, bricklayer, 14 Shelmerdine street
Calderbank Richard, joiner, 17 Addison street
Calderbank Thomas, shopkeeper, 8 Whelley
Caldwell George, shopkeeper, 142 Wallgate
Caldwell James, shopkeeper, 38 Vauxhall road
Caldwell John, stock and share broker; agent for the Alliance and Scottish Provident Insurance Cos., 1 Rowbottom square; residence Beech house, Westhoughton
Campbell Susannah, shoemaker, 122 Millgate
Campbell Susannah, eating house keeper, 10 Hallgate
Carberry Patrick, shoemaker, 29 Scholes
Carey Mary, tailor, &c. 91 Millgate
Carey James, blacksmith and wheelwright, Darlington street
Carlisle Mrs. Sarah, 4 Ellen street
Carr & Dawber, woollen drapers & hatters, 23 Market place
Carnohan Alexander, butcher, 15 Bailey's court, Hallgate
Carr John, woollen draper, (Carr and Dawber) St. Helena terrace
Carr Thomas, boiler maker, 2 Marylebone place
Carroll Francis, tinplate worker, 76 Queen street
Carson Samuel, travelling draper, 23 Caroline street
Cartwright James, soda water manufacturer, Scholes bridge; house 38 Darlington street
Cartwright James, Millstone Inn, 67 Wigan lane
Cartwright John, shopkeeper, 63 Wigan lane
Cartwright Joseph, shopkeeper, 15 Hallgate
Cartwright Jonathon, Guardian's Arms, 122 Frog lane
Cartwright Miss Mary, boarding school, 40 Dicconson street
Catterall James, Queen's Arms Inn, 48 Queen street
Catterall John, George Inn, 1 Hardybutts
CAUNCE JAMES LINNEY, wholesale confectioner, 80 Scholes
Causey Thomas, wholesale confectioner, 142 Scholes
Chadwick Adam, shopkeeper, top of Scholes
Chadwick Edward, butcher, Whelley
Chadwick James, butcher, 8 Crofters' arms yard
Chadwick John, shoemaker, 5 Addison street
Chadwick Robert, butcher, 84 Queen street
Chalk William, manager for Thompson and Co., iron merchants, Millgate; house Clifton street
Chamberlain George B., teacher of music and dealer in pianofortes, 17 Church street
Chamberlain Richard, plumber and glazier, Bishopgate; house Ince
Chambers Thomas, master of English Presbyterian school, Harrogate street; house 21 Scarisbrick street
Charlson Thomas, corn dealer, Commercial road
Charnock John, tripe dresser, 81 Scholes
Chatterley Job, carter, 69 Hallgate
Chatterly Simpson, beer retailer, 89 Hallgate
Cheetham John, shopkeeper, Pool street, Poolstock
Cheetham Mrs. Elizabeth, 142 Wigan lane
Christian Knowledge Society's Depot, 23 Rodney street; R. Stout, agent
City of Glasgow Insurance Co., W. Peers, 91 Standishgate, agent
Clark John, grocer and tea dealer, 27a Market place
Clark John, travelling draper, 24 Dicconson street
Clarke James, beer retailer, 29 Wellington street
Clarke James, pattern maker, 3 Addison street
Clark John, shopkeeper, 119 Chapel lane
Clarke Mrs. Sarah, 24 Charles street
Clarke Mr. William, 26 Wigan lane
Clarke William, clogger, 3 Upper Morris street
Clayton Hugh, boat carpenter, 140 Chapel lane
Clayton William, joiner, coal and insurance agent, 9 Standishgate place
Clephan Thomas J. S., book keeper, 31 Chapel lane
Clough Charles, beer retailer, 42 Lyon street
Clough Edward, shopkeeper and parish sexton, 58 Hallgate
Clough Jervise, shopkeeper, 69 Millgate
Coates Mr. James, 18 Bishopgate
Coates John, moulder, 6 Marylebone place
Coates William, hairdresser and tobacconist, 44 Wallgate
Coates William, shopkeeper, 151 Scholes
Cocker Joseph, agent for the Prudential Assurance Co. 140 Hardybutts
Cocker Miss Sarah, teacher of music, 7 Church street
Collier Edwin, china, glass, &c., dealer, 21 Wallgate
Collier Elijah and Son, tailors and drapers, 27 Standishgate
Collier Richard, collier, 138 Chapel lane
Connolly William, provision merchant, 2 Pitt street
Connor James, shopkeeper, 27 Wellington street
Conway Michael, beer retailer, 13 Wellington street
Consolidated Life Office, Cross keys yard; R. Wright, agent
Conservative Registration Association, (South West Lancashire) 23 King street, W. Leader, LL B., agent
Conway Michael, tailor and draper, 25 Millgate
Cook Agnes, confectioner, 156 Scholes
Cook James Rylance, painter, 73 Wallgate
Cook James, tobacconist and smallware dealer, 31 Hallgate
Cooke Joseph H., veterinary surgeon, 8 Standishgate place
Cooke William, shopkeeper, 58 Caroline street
Cookson William, pawnbroker, 78 Scholes, and dyer, Harrogate street
Coop T., wholesale clothier, 1 and 3 Wallgate
Cooper John, innkeeper and photographer, Royal Oak, 111 Standishgate
Cooper Robert, clogger, 153 Scholes
Cooper Thomas, hairdresser, 180 Scholes
Cooper Thomas, hatter and cap manufacturer, 36 Millgate
Copland George, travelling draper, 26 Dicconson street
Copland Ivie, travelling draper, Dicconson house, 39 Dicconson street
Copland James, travelling draper, 53 Standishgate
Corbett Thomas, shoemaker, 115 Wallgate
Cordeaux John, butcher, (Hill and Cordeaux) 29 Standishgate
Corf John, silk and woollen dyer, 45 Millgate
Coroner's Office, 31 King street; Ralph Darlington, coroner
Corless James, pigeon fancier, 1 School street
Cottrell David, cab driver, 7 Queen street
Cottrell Maria, fraper and milliner, 7 Queen street
County Fire Insurance Office, 1 New square; T. Heald, agent
Coupe Edward, ironfounder, 37 Dicconson street
County Court, King street
Cowan Esther, straw bonnet maker, 3 Cooper's row
Cowap Thomas, Saracen's Head Inn, 81 Wigan lane
Cowburn Albert, clerk, 19 Scarisbrick street
Cowell Elizabeth, butcher, 24 Market place
Cowen John, beer retailer, near Seven Stars, Wallgate
Cowper Joseph, confectioner, 24 Scholes
Cox George, Victoria Hotel, 66 Wallgate
Craig Joseph, traveller, Pagefield
Craig Thomas, plumber, 6 Shelmerdine street
Crank Joseph, shoemaker, 3 Scholes
Crank Thomas, shoemaker, 6 Scholes
Crews Nicholas, gardener, 2 Lower Freckleton
Critchley Henry, police sergeant, King street
Critchley James, beer retailer, Patrick's row
Crompton and Shawcross, coal proprietors, Birkett bank and Firtree house collieries
Crompton, - overlooker, 82 Wigan lane
Crompton Rev. James, Caroline street
Crompton Joseph, engine driver, 128 Great George street
Crompton Luke, beer retailer and shopkeeper, 129 Chapel lane
Crompton Mrs. Margaret, 1 Shelmerdine street
Crompton Mary, shopkeeper, 128 Scholes
Cronshaw Rev. James, surrogate, 13 St. Thomas's street
Crook Alice, shopkeeper, 89 Wigan lane
Crook James, beer retailer, 29 Millgate
Crook Thomas, fish curer, Darlington street
Crook Thomas, tallow chandler, 19 Hallgate; residence Thornhill, Standish
Cross Joseph R., Cotton spinner, Gidlow lane
Cross Tetley and Co. limited, coal proprietors, (Riding lane, Mains and Bamfurlong collieries), 49 Wallgate
CROSSLEY and BROWN, tailors and drapers, 31 Market place
Croston Edward P., blacksmith, 120 Scholefield lane
Croudson Miss Martha, 21 Dicconson street
Culshaw Thomas, brewer, 18 Harrogate street
Culshaw Thomas, fireman, 33 Queen street
Culshaw William, Mitre Inn, 78 Millgate
Cumberbatch Daniel, shopkeeper, 11 Warrington lane
Cumberland John S., commercial traveller, 28 Charles street
Cunliffe Jane E., milliner, 40 Millgate
Curran Richard, butcher, 105 Scholes

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