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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Ashton-in-Makerfield

ASHTON-IN-MAKERFIELD, or Ashton-le-Willows, is a township comprising the village of Ashton, and the hamlets of Seneley Green, Downhall Green, Ashton Heath, Sims Lane, Park Lane, Lodge Lane, Edge Green, and Brockstedge. There are two parishes in the township, one of which is a rectory and the other a vicarage. The latter is in the gift of the incumbent of the former, of which the advowson belongs to Sir Robert Tolver Gerard, Bart., who is lord of the manor, and owner of most of the land in the parish. Ashton is a name common to several places in the Southern Division of the county, as, Ashton-under-Lyne, Ashton-on-Mersey, and Ashton-on-Ribble, and they all belonged, at one time, to the family of the Asshetons, who held domains extending over a large part of the country between the Ribble and Mersey, and to whom the Byrons of Rochdale, and other notable families, were vassals. The seat of the present lords of the manor is at Garswood, but they were formerly known as the Gerards of Bryn. Ashton is on the old high-road from Warrington to Wigan and the north, and is five miles from the latter and nine from the former town. The line of an old Roman road is nearly co-incident with the present road, and is yet traceable near Park Lane. Ashton has long been celebrated for the manufacture of wrought hinges, locks, door handles, Lancashire tools, &c., &c. There are also several collieries in the township, and a Grammar School at Seneley Green, with an endowment of £43. The population in 1851 was 5,679, and in 1861 5,566.

Ackerley Henry, Esq., Whiteledge green house
Adamson James, blacksmith
Adamson Joseph, farmer and shopkeeper
Adamson Thomas, shopkeeper
Ambrose Brothers, farmers, Edge green
Archer - Roman Catholic schoolmaster
Ashton Jas., cotton spinner & grocer
Ashton Joseph, butcher
Barton John, beer retailer
Baynes William, general dealer
Bennett Joseph, shopkeeper
Bennett Rebecca, milliner
Billing Samuel R., tailor
Birchall Mrs., farmer, Sims lane end
Boardman M. & A., shopkeepers
Boardman William, carrier
Bouchier Sergeant-Major Henry C.
Bullivant Rev. James Henry
Burgess Mrs., clog and shoe maker
Byrom Charles, tea dealer
Cartwright Wright, wholesale flour dealer, &c.
Chadwick Eliza, milliner
Clarke Christopher, surveyor to Sir Robert Gerard, Bart.
Clarke James, white and lock smith
Clarke Thomas, shopkeeper
Clayton Jonathon, farmer
Cocker William, Gerard's Arms Inn
Cook Mary, beer retailer
Cooke - farmer, Lily lane
Cross, Tetley, & Co., coal proprietors, Riding lane, Mains, and Bamfurlong collieries
Cunliffe Henry, blacksmith
Cunliffe George, blacksmith
Cunliffe M. J., milliner & draper
Daplyn James, Angel Inn and posting house
Dobbs Edward, stationer, &c.
Dooley James, shopkeeper
Edwards Henry, farmer, Garswood
Entwistle & Whittle, coal proprietors, Bryn Moss colliery
Fairhurst Mrs., farmer
Falkner John, farmer
Gardner Wm., police sergeant
Gerard Sir Robert Tolver, Bart. J.P., Garswood hall
Glover Thomas, farmer, Long lane
Green John, clogger
Greenall Peter, beer retailer
Gregson J., shopkeeper
Hart Adam, hinge manufacturer, Newton heath
Hill John & Son, lock and hinge manufacturers, Ashton heath
Hilton Mr. Thomas, Smithy brow
Hodgkinson & Bros., file cutters
Hatton Joseph, shopkeeper
Hodgkinson John, shopkeeper
Houlton Christopher, shoemaker
Hurst William, farmer
Ince James, shoemaker
Jameson John, farmer
Jameson Thomas, file manufacturer, Ashton heath
Jameson Zachariah, beer retailer and house agent
Jenkins Peter, farmer, Edge green
Kenney Rev. Frederic, M.A.
Lake Henry, hairdresser
Latham Charles, grocer
Livesley James, farmer, Hey bridge
Livesley Mark, clog and shoe maker
Lloyd Ebenezer, tailor and draper
Lowe Francis, clog and shoe maker
Lowe John, beer retailer
Lyon James, farmer and shopkeeper, Ram's Head Inn, Stubshaw cross
Lyon Harriet, shopkeeper
Marsh Robert, shopkeeper
Mather Abel, watchmaker
Mather George, farmer, Eddlestone lane
Mather John, farmer
Mather Thomas, surgeon
Mattinson Miss C., boarding school
Melling Thomas, grocer, assistant overseer, and registrar of births, deaths and marriages
Melling William, auctioneer, appraiser, house and land agent, King's Arms Inn
Middlehurst John, saddler
Miller Lauchlan, farmer
Morris James, farm bailiff to Sir R. T. Gerard, Bart.
Morris James, beer retailer
Moubert Adolphus, agent to Sir R. T. Gerard, Bart.
Naylor Abraham & Sons, machine makers
Naylor John, machine maker
Naylor Peter, clogger & shoe maker
Naylor Thomas, farmer & carrier
Newsham Rev. Henry
Oakes John, picture frame maker
Ogden Mrs., farmer
Painter Wm., Robin Hood Inn
Pennington Jas. F., surgeon
Pennington John, confectioner
Pennington Thomas, draper
Pierpoint W., painter, plumber, &c.
Pilling Josiah, shopkeeper, Ashton heath
Pilling Wm., farmer & hinge maker
Pimblett Henry, wheelwright
Pomfret James, farmer
Potter John, baker
Prescott Mary, shopkeeper
Prescott Wm., hairdresser
Prescott James, beer retailer
Rampling James, linendraper
Reeves Samuel, farmer
Richardson Wm., grocer
Rigby Charles, shopkeeper
Rigby Henry, farmer and grocer
Rigby James, watchmaker
Rigby Thos., farmer, Ashton heath
Roberts Hugh, shoemaker
Roberts James, tallow chandler, draper, and postmaster
Roberts Margaret, chemist
Roberts Thomas, grocer
Rosbottom William, joiner
Rose Mrs., farmer
Seddon James, beer retailer
Seddon William, shopkeeper
Simpkin Jonathon, Golden Lion Inn
Sloper Jacob, shopkeeper
Snape Elizabeth, tailor and draper
Stock Aaron, Esq., Town Green
Stockley William, shoemaker
Sumner John, lock & hinge maker
Swift Alfred, watchmaker
Swift John, shopkeeper
Swift William, grocer
Swift William, tin plate worker and hardware dealer
Taylor Charles, Fleece Inn
Thornley Daniel, Britannia Inn
Tunstall Ralph, tea dealer
Turner Wm., commercial traveller
Tyrer Charles, beer retailer, Ashton heath
Unsworth Ann, shopkeeper
Unsworth Peter, Bay Horse Inn
Unsworth Robert, shopkeeper
Unsworth Thos., Red Lion Inn
Unsworth Wm., grocer and beer retailer
Valiant William, lock, &c., manufacturer (J. Whitley and Co.)
Vernon Mary, earthenware dealer
Vernon Thos., Red Lion Inn
Vernon Zachariah, hinge maker
Whitley John & Co., lock, hinge, &c., manufacturers
Wilcock W., draper
Wilkinson John, national schoolmaster
Winstanley George, tailor
Winstanley John, shoe, &c., dealer
Winstanley Thomas, shoemaker
Wood Henry, farmer and income tax collector
Wood Peter, farmer, Redgate
Woods William, butcher
Wright John, beer retailer
Yates William, farmer and miller, Ashton heath

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