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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, A

Wigan, A

Abbott Jane, dressmaker, 47 Wigan lane
Abbott Richard, whitesmith, 118 Great George street
Abbott Stephen, taper, 66 Clayton street
Abbott William, shoemaker, 54 Hardybutts
Ablett Charles, joiner, builder and timber dealer, Water heys
Abram James, beer retailer, 184 Scholes
Accident Insurance Co. 52 Caroline street ; John Woodhall, agent
Ackerley and Son, solicitors; agents for the Norwich Union and Phoenix Insurance Offices; Henry Ackerley clerk to the Wigan Union, superintendant registrar, deputy coroner for the Borough of Wigan, and commissioner for affidavits in Common Law Courts, 25 King street.
Acton Elizabeth, cooper, 11 Millgate
Acton John, whitesmith, &c. 3 Lea's court
Acton Mrs. Fanny, 15 Addison street
Addison Henry, mechanic, 68 Clyaton street
Addison William, iron founder, &c; (Tickle, Brothers and Addison), Miry lane
Afflick Andrew, bookbinder, 4 Great George street
Ainscough Hugh, beer retailer, 115 Standishgate
Ainscow Mrs. Ruth, 71 Great George street
Ainscow John, overlooker, 140 Frog lane
Ainscow Alfred E., chief clerk London and North Western Goods Office, Chapel lane; residence Lord street, Hindley
Ainsworth William Atherton, currier, 59 Wallgate
Ainsworth Miss Mary, 128 Wigan lane
Airey George, chemist, 24 Wallgate, residence Poolstock
Airey Thomas, brewer and lime merchant, Henhurst bridge
ALFRED JOSEPH, hairdresser, perfumer, &c. 3 and 5 Wiend, residence Hallgate house, Orrell
Alexander James, travelling draper, 1 Queen street
Alker Arthur, painter, 65 Pool street
Alker Ann, shopkeeper, 18a Duke street
Alker Samuel, cab proprieor, &c. Railway hotel, Dorning street, and Boar's Head vault, 63 Wallgate
Alker Joseph, mechanic, 60 Caroline street
Alker Margaret, shopkeeper, 16 Harrowgate street
Alker Margaret, dressmaker, 46 Upper Morris street
Alker Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 51 Queen street
Alker Thomas, fitter, 20 Shelmerdine street
All Saints' Home, Bishopgate, sisters of mercy
Allan Crawford, travelling draper, 9 St. Thomas street
Allerton Ellen, milliner, 36 Pool street, Poolstock
Alliance Insurance Office, 1 Rowbottom square; J. Caldwell, agent
Allsopp and Sons, brewers, (Burton and Trent) 33 King street; W. Byrom, agent
Almond Thomas, traveller, 20 King street
Almond Thomas, painter, 6 Great George street
Almond William, shopkeeper, Whelley
Atham William, grocer and agent for Milner's safes, 45, Standishgate
Ambrose Ellen, miller, Sutton mill, Bottlingwood
Anderson George, travelling draper, 58 Wallgate
Anderson Jame, travelling draper, 5 Great George street
Anderson Samuel, travelling draper, 38 Dicconson street
Anderson William, shopkeeper, 149 Scholes
Anderton Charles, smallware dealer, 166 Scholes
Anderton James, clerk of St. Thomas's Church, 53 Caroline street
Anderton John, commercial traveller, Colinfield
Anderton Joseph, shopkeeper, 129 Scholes
Antrobus Robert, assistant pawnbroker, 30 Harrogate street
Appleton James, fireman, 5 Swinley lane
Arkwright James, clogger and shoemaker, 80 Hallgate
Arkwright Peter, clogger, 117 Wallgate
Arkwright Robert, cutlooker, Frog lane
Armstrong Adam, beer retailer and confectioner, 178 Wallgate
Arrowsmith Peter, coachman, 3 Lower Freckleton
Ashley James, blacksmith, Wallgate smithies, Clarence yard
Ashton John, saddler, 18 Millgate
Ashton Ellen, shopkeeper, Mary-le-bone
Ashton, J. T. and Co. corn and flour dealers, 14 King street
Ashton Robert, solicitor, perpetual commissioner, and commissioner in Chancery and Common Law Courts, solicitor to the governors of Wigan Grammar School, and agent to the Royal Insurance Co. 17 King street; residence Southport
Ashton Thomas, corn and flour dealer, Bretherton's row; residence Gathurst
Ashton Thomas, shopkeeper, 25 Darlington street
Ashton Thomas, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 47 Caroline street
Ashurst Peter, shopkeeper, Poolstock
Aspinall Richard, wholesale clogger, boot and shoe factor, grocer, &c. 122 and 124 Wallgate
Aspinall Mr. William, Poolstock lane
Atherton Henry, shopkeeper, 66 Queen street
Atherton James, clogger, 53 Queen street; house 12 Miry lane
Atherton James, beer retailer, 29 Warrington lane
Atherton John, plumber, glazier and gasfitter, 33 Hallgate
Atherton Richard, clogger, 110 Wallgate
Atherton Richard, chimney sweeper, 3 Elbow lane
Atherton Thomas, brickmaker, Frog lane
Atkinson James, shoemaker, 13 Bridge street
Atkinson James, butcher, 116 Wallgate
Atkinson Robert, fireman, Frog lane
Atkinson Robert, manager, 27 Darlington street
Atkinson William, pawnbroker, 8 Chapel lane
Atlas Insurance Office, Rodney street; John and Robert Halliwell, agents
Ault Robert Arthur, plumber, 11 Foy street
Austin John, tin plate worker, 103 Scholes

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