The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, U-V-W-Y

Wigan, U-V-W-Y

Union Insurance Co., Church gates - W. S. France, agent
Union Workhouse, Frog lane
Unsworth James, shopkeeper, 27 Whelley
Unwin & Woodcock, surgeons, 65 Standishgate
Unwin John Brooke, surgeon (Unwin and Woodcock), 65 Standishgate
Urmston John, hosier & smallware dealer, Victoria buildings, King street; house, 43 Poolstock lane
Uttley Robert, labourer, 18 Gt. George st.
Uttley Thomas, hairdresser, 61 Wigan lane
Valiant William, engineer (Baker & Valiant), Claremont House, Ashton
Varty Frederick, traveller, 11 Church street
Venn William Thomas, colliery manager, Park House, The Mesnes
Vincent Ellen, shopkeeper, 147 Hardybutts
Vincent Robert, gardener, 32 Woodhouse lane
Vose Drusilla, milliner, 107 Market Hall
Vose James, Boars Head Inn, Thornhill
Waddington Edward, dealer in fancy goods, 92 Market Hall
Waddington Thomas George, manager, 65 Darlington Street east
Waddington William, oil refiner (J. & W. Waddington), Thornhill, Wigan lane
Waddington William, Black Horse Inn, 4 Market place
Waddington William, cotton spinner, 150 Wigan lane
Wade Frederick, cabinet maker, 22 Vaughan street
Wade Mary Alice, householder, 75 Great George street
Wain Samuel, joiner, 58 Lorne street
Wainwright Thomas, schoolmaster, Wesleyan School, 7 Dicconson street
Wake Edward, innkeeper, Royal Oak, 111 Standishgate
Waldron Robert, shopkeeper, 11 Wood st.
Walkden Thomas, fireman, 2 Turner street
Walker Alfred, grocer, 4 Standishgate place
Walker Alexander, travelling draper, 66 Miry lane
Walker Brothers, engineers, Pagefield, Woodhouse lane
Walker Edwin R., engineer (Walker Bros.), Lord street, Southport
Walker George B. (late J. Hart), currier and leather dealer, 23 Millgate
Walker James Howard, mining engineer (T. A. & J. H. Walker), Thornhill, Wigan lane
Walker John, hardware dealer, 33 Birkett bank
Walker T. A., mining engineer (T. A. & J. H. Walker), 253 Lord street, Southport
Walker T. A. & J. H., mining engineers, 26 King street
Walker Thomas William, butcher, 126 Chapel lane
Walker Thomas, butcher, 49 Caroline street
Wall Charles, agent for the Cunard, Inman, White Star, National and Anchor Lines of American Steamers, 27 Wallgate
Wall Henry, mining engineer (Kenney and Wall), 14 Park road, Southport
Wall John, solicitor, Clarence chambers, 56 Wallgate; residence, 14 Park road, Southport
Wall Thomas, printer, bookseller, publisher of the Wigan Observer, (on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays), and stamp distributor, 27 Wallgate; house, Tettenhall, Park road, Southport
Wallace & Co., boot and shoemaker, 19 Market place
Wallace James, colliery furnisher (James Wallace & Co.), Brookland Villas, Parbold
Wallace James & Co., colliery & mill furnishers, patentees and sole makers of Wallace's patent Climax Draw Bar Gear, 29 King street
Walls Henry & Son, land & mine surveyors, 8 King street; and Derby terrace, 88 Castle hill, Hindley
Walls John, ale and porter bottler, 249 Scholes
Walls Joseph, clogger, 76 Hallgate
Walls Thomas, miner, 110 Gt. George st.
Wallwork Thomas, general dealer, 39 Market Hall
Wallwork Thomas, grocer, 21 Poolstock lane
Wallwork William, hardware dealer, 46 Market Hall
Walmesley Hermon Esq., steward for the Westwood Estate, Gidlow lodge
Walmesley Humphrey James Esq., Westwood House
Walmesley Oswald, solicitor (Part, Woodcock & Co.), Shevington Hall
Walmesley Hugh, overlooker, 66 Chapel lane
Walmesley Margaret, boot & shoe maker, 36 Scholes
Walmesley Martha, shopkeeper, 2 Belvoir st.
Walmesley Moses, travelling draper, 37 Caroline street
Walpole Henry, grocer, 104a Chapel lane
Walsh Ann, beer retailer, 129 Chapel lane
Walsh James, beer retailer, 51 Lower Morris street
Walsh James, Oddfellows' Arms, 107 Scholes
Walsh John, provision dealer, 130 Wigan lane
Walsh Nathaniel, cooper, 11 Millgate
Walsh Samuel, butcher, 67 & 71 Market Hall
Walsh Thomas, shopkeeper, 6 Lime street
Walsh William, butcher, 99 Scholes
Warbrick John, plasterer, painter & glazier, 23 Upper Morris street
Ward George, roller turner, 43 Woodhouse lane
Ward George, policeman, 147 Woodhouse lane
Ward James, rope maker, 5 Regent street
Ward Joseph, grocer, 66 Greenough street; house, 75 Dicconson street
Ward Peter, agent for the Wigan Life Assurance and Family Burial Society; the Manchester and District Loan Office, and the London and Lancashire Fire and Life Assurance Co., 33 King street; house, 54 Warrington lane
Ward Thomas, grocer & beer retailer, 51 Bolton street
Wardle Richard, manager, Sovereign Mill House, Warrington lane
Wardrop Miss Christina, 99 Wrightington street
Wareing Ann, shopkeeper, 69 Wigan lane
Warrington Alice, shopkeeper, 4 Scholefield lane
Waterworth Thomas, farmer, Gidlow Farm
Watkins Charles, pointsman, 12 Acton's walk
Watkinson Alice, shopkeeper, 112 Chapel lane
Watkinson Robert, coachman, Wigan lane
Whatmough Ann, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 70 Caroline street
Whatmough William, cashier, 45 Poolstock
Weedall Peter, cotton broker, 23 Upper Dicconson street
Welch Joseph, butcher, 109 Standishgate
Wellwood Robert, insurance agent, 20 Corporation street
Wenzell Everard, pork butcher, 20 Darlington street
West James, assistant draper, 34 Charles st.
West Lancashire Land and Building Co. Limited, 17 King street - Thomas Smith, secretary
West Lancashire Wagon Co. Limited, 20 King street - S. A. Oliver, secretary
West of England Insurance Co., 4 King street - Robert Stuart, agent
West William, draper, 15, and 95 and 96 Market Hall
Westby John, oyster dealer, Fish Market; house, 71 Standishgate
Westhead Jonathan, shopkeeper, 13 Church street
Westhead William, carpenter, 187 Dorning st.
Weston R., cooper, 22 Queen street
Wetherby Joseph, joiner, 28 Regent street
Whalley currier, 3 Fowden street
Whalley Mary, householder, 6 Horsfield st.
White Edward William, tailor and draper, 44 Wigan lane
White George, hardware dealer, 55 Miry lane
White James, surgeon, 22 King street
White John, cotton waste dealer and flock manufacturer, Brrok House, Darlington Street east
White John, jun., waste dealer, 13 Cecil st.
White William Henry, compositor, 100 Darlington Street east
Whitehill Alexander, moulder, 10 Lorne st.
Whitelegge & Co., tea dealers, & dealers in Chinese and Japanese curiosities, 54 Market place
Whitelegge Samuel, tea dealer (Whitelegge and Co.), 54 Market place
Whitfield Ellen, householder, 5 Green street
Whitfield James, ironmonger, King street; and spade, &c., maker, Clarington Brook Forge; house, 30 Dicconson street
Whittle James, overlooker, 7 Miry lane
Whittle John, shopkeeper, 42 Swan street
Whittle John, inspector (railway), 18 Acton's walk
Whittle Margaret, shopkeeper, 35 Hallgate
Whittle Peter, overlooker, 2 Miry lane
Whittle William, cooper, 19 Leader street
Wickham Rev. William Arthur, 170 Woodhouse lane
Wigan and Whiston Coal Co. Limited, coal proprietors, Platt Lane Colliery, Whelley - Thomas Pennington, secretary; James Atherton, manager
Wigan Brick & Tile Co. Limited, Woodhouse lane
Wigan Coal and Iron Co. Limited, coal proprietors and iron manufacturers, 31a King street, Wigan; works & chief offices, Kirkless Hall, Ince
Wigan Conservative and Constitutional Association, Commercial yard, Market place - Thomas Scott, secretary
Wigan Conservative Working Men's Club, Commercial yard and Upper Morris street - William Wise, secretary
Wigan Co-operative Society, grocers, 114 Millgate - James Bateson, manager
Wigan Forge Co., spade, &c., makers, School common
Wigan Gas Co.; works, Chapel lane - John Barton, managing clerk, W. Wigan, collector
Wigan Goods and Parcels Delivery Co. Limited, 10 Millgate - Oliver Gee, secretary; W. B. Johnson, solicitor
Wigan, Ince, Hindley, Pemberton & Orrell Permanent Benefit Building Society, 1 Church street - Thomas Swarbrick, secretary
Wigan Life Assurance and Family Burial Society, 33 King street - Peter Ward, agent
Wigan Loan and Discount Co. Limited, Quadrant, King street - Charles Graham, managing director
Wigan Newspaper and Printing Co. Limited, publishers of the Wigan Examiner (on Friday and Saturday), Market place - William Roger, manager
Wigan Observer Office, 27 Wallgate - T. Wall publisher
Wigan Permanent Benefit Building Society, 26 King street - John J. D. Glencross, secretary; W. Ascroft Byrom, solicitor
Wigan Provident Benefit Building Society, 23 King street - John Yates Mawson, secretary
Wigan Restaurant Co. Limited, Victoria buildings, King street
Wigan Rolling Mills Co., iron manufacturers, Pagefield, Woodhouse lane
Wigan Spinning Co. Limited, cotton spinners, Pennyhurst Mill, Wallgate - James Greenwood, manager
Wigan Victoria Friendly Society, 118 Great George street - Henry Meadow, agent
Wigan William, collector for Wigan Gas Co., 3 St. Thomas street
Wilcock John, clogger, 25 Scholes
Wilcock Richard, boat builder, Seven Stars bridge, Wallgate
Wilcockson Gerald, draughtsman, 58 Worsley Mesnes
Wild Isabella, shopkeeper, 56 Queen street
Wild John William, lime merchant and lath render, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway; house, 6 Acton's walk, Chapel lane
Wilding George, tobacconist, 14a King st., and 5 Standishgate; house, 76 Dicconson street
Wilding Robert, draper, 77 & 109 & 110 Market Hall
Wilding Robert, joiner, 19 Marsden street
Wilding Walter, fitter, 75 Greenough st.
Wilding William, painter, 7 Mount street
Wilford Elizabeth, tailoress, 10 Hope street
Wilkie James, dealer in second-hand clothes, 165 Scholes
Wilkinson Elizabeth D., marine store dealer, 87 Millgate
Wilkinson Evan, Navigation Inn, 19 Warrington road, Ince
Wilkinson Henry, Trencherfield Inn, 127 Wallgate
Wilkinson James, blacksmith, 124 Great George street
Wilkinson Richard, blacksmith, Millgate; house, 5 Barlow's yard, School street
Wilkinson Robert, shopkeeper, 115 Standishgate
Wilkinson Thomas, ropemaker & furniture dealer, 172 Wallgate
Wilkinson Thomas, beer retailer, 47 Birkett bank
Wilkinson Thomas, beer retailer, 156a Wallgate
Wilkinson Thomas, moulder, 114 Great George street
Wilkinson William, engineer (W. Wilkinson & Co. Limited), 125 Wigan lane
Wilkinson William & Co. Limited, engineers and ironfounders, Swinley lane
Willan Sarah, baker, 39 Wallgate
Willans John, shopkeeper, 28 Wigan lane
Willgoose Mrs. Margaret, 68 Dicconson street
Willgoose Maria, householder, 25 Charles street
Willgoose Wm. Henry, clerk, 32 Charles street
Williams Edward, provision merchant, 6 Hallgate
Williams Edward, minder, 65 Corporation street
Williams John, coach builder, 129 Wallgate
Williams Miles, paint, colour, and varnish manufacturer, Britannia Varnish Works, Scholes Bridge - See advertisement
Williams Samuel, manager for E. Williams, 6 Hallgate; house, Greenhill Cottage, Wigan lane
Williams Thomas, provision dealer, 35 Market Hall
Williams W. R., house surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Wigan lane
Willis Joshua, clogger, 141 Scholes
Wilson & Harwood, pawnbrokers, clothiers, jewellers and general salesmen, 28 Market place - See advertisement
Wilson Charles, pattern maker, 29 Poolstock lane
Wilson James, solicitor, 23 King street; house, Bellingham terrace, 145 Wigan lane
Wilson James Edward, grocer, 13 Greenough street
Wilson John, grocer, 51 Standishgate
Wilson John, beer retailer, 170 Wallgate
Wilson Joseph, builder and timber merchant, 20 Caroline street; house, The Poplars, 135 Wigan lane
Wilson Joseph, postmaster, General Post Office, Rowbottom's yard, Wallgate
Wilson Richard, bricklayer, 39 Poolstock lane
Wilson Thomas, beer retailer, 65 Wigan lane
Wilson Thomas, pawnbroker, (Wilson & Harwood), 20 Swinley lane
Wilson William, travelling draper, 22 Caroline st.
Wiltshire Frank, solicitors' clerk and testimonial illuminator, 57 Greenough street
Winnard Elizabeth, greengrocer, 147 Scholes
Winnard Mary, Gibraltar Inn, 223 Scholes
Winnard Wm., builder and contractor, 186 Wallgate
Winrow Thomas, greengrocer, 49 Market Hall, and 23 Hodson street
Winstanley Agnes, shopkeeper, 37 Great George street
Winstanley James, bookkeeper, 132 Wigan lane
Winstanley James, foreman, 15 Church st.
Winstanley John, furniture broker, Market street
Winstanley John, brassfounder, &c. Caledonian Foundry, Queen street; house, 53a Mesnes street
Winstanley Joseph, Rope and Anchor Inn, 12 Scholes
Winstanley Lawrence, butcher, 73 Warrington lane, and 68 Market Hall
Winstanley Lawrence, Queen's Arms, 46 Queen street
Winstanley M & K., milliners, 6 Mesnes street
Winstanley Thomas, 152 Great George st.
Winstanley William, watch and clock maker, 46 Standishgate; house, 30 Charles street
Winstanley William, shopkeeper, 89 Greenough street
Winstanley William, whitesmith, Crofter's Arms yard, Hallgate
Winstanley William, clogger and shoemaker, 146 Wallgate
Winter George, mariner, 121 Great George street Wise William, secretary (Conservative Club), 38 Frog lane
Wolfendale Thomas, boot and shoemaker, and clogger, 45 Scholes
Wolfendale William, sadler, collar, and harness maker, 79 Warrington lane
Wolstencroft James, new and second-hand clothes dealer, 63 Scholes
Wolstenholme Charles, painter, &c. 60 Queen street
Wood Andrew, shopkeeper, 12 Egerton st.
Wood Charles, chemist, 15 Market place; residence, Monument House, Wigan lane
Wood Frederick, solicitor, 11 Victoria Buildings, King st.; residence, Springfield, Wigan lane
Wood George Turner, travelling draper, 15 Dicconson street
Wood James, grocer, 44 York street
Wood James, ironmoulder, 14 Oxford st.
Wood James, clerk, Monument terrace, Wigan lane
Wood James T., travelling draper, 103 Standishgate
Wood John, brakesman, 6 Lorne street
Wood John, engineer, &c. (John Wood & Co.), 4 Worlsey terrace, Standishgate
Wood John, clogger, 130 Chapel lane
Wood James, grocer, 44 York street
Wood John & Co., engineers and ironfounders, Water Heyes Foundry, Water Heyes
Wood John Eckersley, traveller, 1 Church grove
Wood John Turner, travelling draper, 17 Wigan lane
Wood Joesph, shopkeeper, 136 Frog lane
Wood Mrs. Mary, 14 Freckleton street
Wood Mary, householder, 106 Chapel lane
Wood Richard, beer retailer, 20 Vauxhall road
Wood Walter, high bailiff of the Wigan County Court, Thornhill, Wigan lane
Wood William, tobacconist, 128 Scholes
Wood William, schoolmaster, 98 Wigan lane
Woodcock & Knorzer, pork butchers, 9 Market Hall
Woodcock Benjamin, watchmaker, 27 Charles street
Woodcock Edward Holme, solicitor (Part, Woodcock, and Co.), and registrar of county court, clerk to the county magistrates, and commissioner for taking affidavits, King street; residence, Worthington Lodge, Standish
Woodcock Herbert S., J.P., The Elms
Woodcock Robert F., surgeon (Unwin & Woodcock), 12 Upper Dicconson street
Woodger James, draper, 55 Standishgate
Woodmass John, pawnbroker, 11 Wellington street
Woods Alexander, pattern maker, 20 Kirkless street
Woods Charles, clerk, 2 Cecil street
Woods John, grocer, 49 Queen street
Woods John, pawnbroker, 60 Scholes; house, 18 Lower Morris street
Woods Thomas, beer retailer, 47 Caroline street
Woods Mr. Thomas, 10 Scarisbrick street
Woods William, shopkeeper, 37 York st.
Woods William, Pagefield Inn, 168 Gidlow lane
Woods William, shopkeeper, 107 Chapel lane
Woods William, veterinary surgeon, 26 Standishgate
Woods William & Son, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Trencherfield Mills, Wallgate; warehouse, 9 George street, Manchester
Woosey James, shopkeeper and baker, 43 Scholes
Woosnam John, shopkeeper, 84 Scholes
Worden Margaret, milliner, 5 Gt. George st.
Worsley Robert, painter, plasterer & house agent, Worsley's terrace, Standishgate
Worswick & Millington, Silver Grid Dining Rooms, King's chambers, 29 King street
Worswick John, Bill poster, furniture remover, storer, dealer, and general commission agent, 50 & 54 Chapel lane
Worthington Charles, shopkeeper, 39 Queen street
Worthington Christopher, grocer, 91 Corporation street
Worthington Edward, maker-up, 31 Birkett bank
Worthington George, shopkeeper, 37 Queen street
Worthington John, cashier, 17 St. James' terrace, Poolstock
Worthington Thomas, Painters' Arms Inn, 54 Princess street
Worthington Thomas, grocer, 34 Pool st.
Worthington William, vetinary surgeon, 11 Queen street
Wray Robert, householder, 1 Leader street
Wright Henry E., joiner and builder, 34 King street; house, 5 Swinley road
Wright Elizabeth Ann, householder, 122 Wigan lane
Wright Henry Lowndes, solicitor, (Appleton & Wright), Park view
Wright Hugh, policeman, 100 Whelley
Wright Isaac, provision dealer, 27 Market Hall; residence, 18 Marsden street
Wright Joseph, travelling draper, 36 Dicconson street
Wright Mrs. Margaret, 5 St. Thomas street
Wright Walph, coal agent, 58 Poolstock lane
Wright William, painter and plumber, 158 Wallgate
Wright William, piano tuner, 61 Greenough street
Wych James, Eckersley's Arms, 77 Poolstock lane
Wylde W. M., cashier (Parr's bank), 33 Upper Dicconson street
Yates Frederick, miner, 42 Poolstock lane
Yates James, blacksmith, 120 Whelley
Yates Thomas, foreman, 34 Woodhouse lane
Yates William, grocer and draper, 3 Miry lane
Yorkshire Fire & Life Office, 11 Wiend; Henry Park, agent
Young Jane, householder, 39 Miry lane
Young Richard, clerk, 43 Corporation street
Young Robert William, grocer, 53 Greenough street
Zanardo Antonio, carver and gilder, 117 Standishgate

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