The Wigan Directory of 1881, Upholland

Upholland is a township, village and ecclesiastical district in the parish of Wigan and Hundred of West Derby, four miles west from Wigan. The church is dedicated to Thomas a-Becket, and dates from the 14th century. It was formerly attached to a priory of Benedictines. There are registers from A.D. 1600. The living is of the annual value of £299. The Rev. F. D. Cremer has been recently appointed to the living. There are chapels for Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists. The village is situated near the summit and centre of the ridge of which Billinge and Ashurst Beacons are the termini, and there is the same extensive view. Lord Skelmersdale is Lord of the Manor. Here is a grammar school dating from 1668.

   CRAWFORD VILLAGE and PIMBO LANE (with a railway station), ROBY MILL, HALL GREEN, TONTINE and HOLLAND MOOR hamlets, are in the township, which has the large area of 4,685 acres. The population in 1861, 3,463; in 1871, 4,158; and in 1881, 4,435.

   Post Office. - Thomas Hartley, receiver. Letters arrive (from Wigan) at 7.35 a.m. & 4.20 p.m., and are despatched at 5.45 p.m. Money Order Office and Savings' Bank.

   St. Thomas a-Becket's Church. - Rev. F. D. Cremer, vicar
   Meeting Room (Latter Day Saints), Upholland
   Wesleyan Chapel, Upholland
   Methodist Free Church, Tontine
   Primitive Methodist Chapels, Roby Mill and Crawford Village
   Roman Catholic Chapel, Upholland. - Rev. Moses Doon, priest

   Grammar School, Ox House. - W. Berridge, master
   National School, Upholland. - William Bamforth, master; Emma Pritchard, mistress
   National School, Roby Mill. - Frank Thomason, master
   National School, Dig Moor. - Wm. Mack, master
   National School, Crawford Village. - William Lee, master
   Holland Moor. - Joseph Basnett, master
   Roman Catholic School, Roby Mill (All Hallows). - Mary Duggan, mistress

   Local Board of Health Office, Upholland. - J. Basnett, clerk; J. Finch, surveyor, collector and inspector of nuisances; J. L. Molyneux, medical officer; Peace, Ackerley & Co., law clerks
   Police Station. - Wm. Cunnah, constable
   Registrar of Births & Deaths. - William Bamforth
   Railway Station (Lancashire and Yorkshire), Pimbo lane. - James Ryder, stationmaster
   Omnibuses to Orrell, several times daily


Atherton Mrs. Emma, Prospect House, Pimbo lane
Baxter Mr. John, School lane
Berridge Mr. William, Ox House
Birch Mrs. Ann, Upholland
Birrell Mr. Henry, Crawford House, Crawford Village
Bolderson George, Esq., Holland Grove
Catterall Mr. Thomas, Upholland
Cremer Rev. F. D., The Parsonage
Critchley Mr. William, Tower hill
Doon Michael, Esq., The Abbey
Fletcher Matthew, Esq., Beech House, Newgate
Halton Mr. John, Lawns
Hindley Mr. Thomas, Tower hill
Johnstone George Warrack, Esq., Upholland
Liptrot Mrs. E., Newgate terrace, Hall Green
Makinson Mr. John, Hall Green House
Mather Mr. John, Hall Green
Molyneux Harold, Esq., The Abbey
Molyneux John Lea, Esq., Upholland
Morris Mrs. Alice, Rock House, Upholland
Morris Jas. Fletcher, Esq., Sandbrook House
Morris Mr. William Owen, Knight House, Roby Mill
Naylor Joseph Welsby, Esq., Sea View House, Holland Moor
Peters Mr. Wm. Morris, Sandbrook Cottage
Sheard Mr. Joseph, Bank top
Stopford John, Esq., Bank Top House


Abbott John, beer retailer, Alma height
Adams John, shopkeeper, Upholland
Alker Nicholas, blacksmith, Holland Moor
Atherton James, farmer & nail manufacturer, Blackledge
Ball Peter, mason & shopkeeper, Pimbo lane
Bamforth William, registrar of births and deaths, Upholland
Banks Thomas, shopkeeper, Grimshaw lane
Barton John, blacksmith, Grimshaw lane
Barton Ann, Eagle and Child Inn, Upholland
Barton Thomas, beer retailer, Grimshaw lane
Baxter James, grocer and draper, Upholland
Baxter John, butcher and farmer, Upholland
Baxter Richard, shopkeeper, Pimbo lane
Baxter Richard, clogger, Upholland
Berry John, shopkeeper and farmer, Holland Moor
Bimson Thos., grocer and draper, Upholland
Birchall J. & Co., millers, Dean Brook Mills
Birchall James, beer retailer, Grimshaw lane
Blackburn John, Millstone Inn, Roby Mill
Blinkhorn John, Britannia Inn, Hall Green
Bradley William, Stanley Arms, Hall Green
Brierley Aaron, shopkeeper, Grimshaw lane
Brown Mary, shopkeeper, Hall Green
Chadwick Peter, coach builder, Tower Hill - See advertisement
Clayton Edward, wheelwright, Hall Green
Cliff John, beer retailer, Holland Moor
Croft James, shopkeeper, Roby Mill
Culshaw Ellen, Hare & Hounds Inn, Holland Moor
Culshaw William, Old Dog Inn, Upholland
Derbyshire Thomas, shopkeeper, Upholland
Dickinson Robert, shopkeeper, Upholland
Fairhurst Richard, wheelwright, Grimshaw lane
Forshaw Joseph, grocer, Roby Mill
Forshaw Philip, shopkeeper, Dig Moor
Gaskell Esther, clogger, Upholland
Gaskell Henry, shopkeeper, Dig Moor
Gaskell Hugh, tailor and shopkeeper, Tontine
Gaskell Thomas, Railway Hotel, Pimbo lane
Greaves Thomas, shopkeeper, Holland moor
Grimshaw Robert, Railway Inn, Pimbo lane
Grounds Margaret, shopkeeper, Upholland
Grundy Thos., White Lion Inn, Holland Moor
Hart James, White Lion Inn, Upholland
Hartley James, postmaster, Upholland
Haworth William, builder and contractor, College lodge
Hitchen Sarah Ann, butcher, Upholland
Holcroft Catherine, beer retailer, Upholland
Holcroft Margaret, gardener, Upholland
Holland John, joiner and builder, Upholland
Hollinshead James, shopkeeper, Tontine
Horrocks William, beer retailer, Tontine
Jenkinson Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Grimshaw lane
Jolley Mary, shopkeeper, Upholland
Johnstone George Warrack, surgeon, L.R.C.P.E. L.F.P.S. Glasgow, and L.M., England and Glasgow, Upholland
Kane Timothy, shopkeeper, Upholland
Kay John, clogger, Upholland
Kendrick Joshua, brick maker, Hall Green
Laithwaite John, quarrymaster and fire brick and sanitary pipe maker, Lawns Works
Latham Hugh, innkeeper & grocer, Fox Inn, Roby Mill
Latham Thomas, timber merchant, Upholland
Lea James, plumber and painter, Upholland
Lea Jane, shopkeeper, Holland Moor
Lea John, painter, plumber, &c., Upholland
Livesey James, shopkeeper, Upholland
Longbottom Alfred, bolt maker, Upholland
Lyon Thomas, shopkeeper, Grimshaw lane
Lythgoe James, shopkeeper, Pimbo lane
Makinson & Wilcock, auctioneers, valuers, arbitrators, &c., Hall Green; and Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway approach, Wigan
Makinson John, auctioneer (Makinson & Woodcock), and secretary and agent to the Appley Bridge Chemical & Manure Co., Limited, Hall Green House; and Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway approach, Wigan
Markland William, shopkeeper, Holland Moor
Marsh John, beer retailer, Holland Moor
Marsh Mark Frederick, grocer and farmer, Roby Mill
Marsh Mary, beer retailer, Hall Green
Marsh Robert T., stationer and tobacconist, Upholland
Marsh William, quarry master
Mather William, beer retailer, Dig Moor
Melling Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Upholland
Mills James, Legs of Man Inn, Upholland
Molyneux Harold, surgeon, M.R.C.S., England, L.R.C.P.E., The Abbey
Molyneux John Lea, surgeon, M.R.C.P., Eng., M.R.C.S.L. and L.S.A., L.M., Upholland
Morris James Fletcher, civil engineer, Sandbrook House
Morris John, grocer and draper, Upholland
Morris William O., quarrymaster, Roby Mill
Moss James, shopkeeper, Dig Moor
Moss Sarah, Queen's Arms, Sandbrook
Neil Thomas, shopkeeper, Dig Moor
Ollerton Thomas, wheelwright, Holland Moor
Peet John, hardware dealer, Upholland
Pennington Richard, Owl Inn, Upholland
Power Margaret, shopkeeper, Sandbrook
Radcliffe John, stone quarry owner, stone mason and contractor, Tower Hill Quarry
Rigby John, shopkeeper and coal dealer, Crawford village
Rigby William, clogger, Holland Moor
Rimmer William, auctioneer & valuer, estate and insurance agent, Upholland
Roberts Robert, shoe maker, Grimshaw lane
Rowbottom George, plumber and painter, Hall Green
Rowbottom James, painter, Hall Green
Rowbottom Robert, painter. plumber, &c., Higher lane
Ryder James station master, Pimbo lane
Rylance Thomas, general dealer, Upholland
Sharratt Edward, shopkeeper & beer retailer, Hall Green
Sharratt Thos., Bowling Green Inn, Dig Moor
Shaw Margaret, beer retailer, Pimbo lane
Sixsmith John, horse breaker, School lane
Smallshaw Robert, tailor, Hall Green
Smith Robert, Star Inn, Roby Mill
Smith Thomas, Fox Inn, Roby Mill
Spencer Thomas, shopkeeper, Grimshaw lane
Statter George, miller, Roby Mill
Stephens Mary Ann, grocer and innkeeper, Crawford Arms Inn, Crawford village
Sumner Jane, shopkeeper, Holland Moor
Swales Elijah, grocer, draper, and miller, Upholland
Swift John, shoe maker, Upholland
Wade Henry, shopkeeper, Sandbrook
Walker William, grocer & draper, Upholland
Waterworth Geo., joiner & builder, Upholland
Webster Elizabeth, Bull's Head Inn, Upholland
Whittle Robert, shopkeeper, Grimshaw lane
Wilkinson John, shopkeeper, Tontine
Wilson Henry, bolt maker, Tontine
Wilson Jerome, shopkeeper, Tontine


Alker James, Rothwell Farm
Alker William, New folds
Alker William, Dig Moor
Atherton James, Millets, Pimbo lane
Atherton James, Blackledge House
Atherton James, Carr lane
Baldwin Mark, Winstanley Wood
Ball Mary, Holland Moor
Barlow John, Ayrfield, Roby Mill
Barton David, Bayleaf Farm
Battersby John, Higher Pimbo
Bentham Abel, Sephton's Hall
Berry John, Holland Moor
Berry Peter, Dig Moor
Betley Samuel, Alma Hill
Boardman James, Pimbo lane
Bond John, Laffer lane
Bond Richard, Dean Wood
Bradley Robert, Birch Green
Cliff Elizabeth, Byers Farm
Cliff James, Laffer lane
Cliff William, Carr lane
Cliff William, Newgate
Clough Mary, Tontine
Dean John, Pimbo lane
Dean Joseph, Roby Mill
Dean Thomas, Pimbo lane
Dickinson James, Bell Coney, Pimbo lane
Ellison Nancy, Barton House
Fairclough James, Dig Moor
Fairhurst Robert, Pimbo lane
Fishwick James, Well Cross, Pimbo lane
Forster J. & W., Dig Moor
Glover John, Pimbo lane
Glover Thomas, Holland Moor
Grundy Thomas, Holland Moor
Halewood George, Pimbo lane
Halewood James, Pimbo lane
Hodge Ralph, Holland Lees
Hurst Joseph, Dig Moor
Jenkinson Elizabeth, Tawd Farm
Knowles James, Bunker's hill
Latham John, Holland Moor
Latham Peter, Holland Moor
Lyon John, Hall Green
Makinson Elizabeth, Bridge Hall
Makinson John, Hall Green House
Marsh Thos., Worthington House, Pimbo lane
Martland William, Holland Moor
Mercer James, Pimbo lane
Morris William O., Knight's House
Pomfret William, Dean Wood
Pye William, Hall Green
Sharp Henry, Walthew Green
Smith Thomas, near Appley Bridge
Smith Thomas, Dig Moor
Stopforth Joseph, Lee's Farm
Swift William, Grimshaw Delph
Tasker Matthias, Laffer lane
Taylor Thomas, Pimbo lane
Taylor Thomas, Holland Moor
Thompson James, Dig Moor Hall
Thompson John, Dig Moor
Valentine Henry, Newgate
Walker Thomas, Checker lane
Warburton John, Fir Tree House
Waterworth Edward, Rough Park, Roby Mill
Waterworth John, Hall Green
Whalley Joseph, Dig Moor
Whittle Robert, Roby Mill
Wright John, Walthew Green

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