The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, T

Wigan, T

Taberner Benjamin, grocer, provision dealer, baker & draper, 9 Greenough street
Taberner John, stationmaster (L. & N. W. Station), 63 Caroline street
Talbot Joseph, broker, 17 Hardybutts
Talbot Joseph, clogger, 50 Lime street
Tarbuck Alfred, bolt & nut maker, 84 Wigan lane
Tarbuck Charles, bolt, & nail maker, 14 Wigan lane
Tarbuck Joseph, jun., merchant and manufacturer of screw bolts and nuts, Wigan lane; and ironmonger, 4 Millgate; residence, Monument House, Wigan lane
Tarbuck Margaret, householder, 23 Charles street
Tarver John, collector for L. & N. W. Railway Co., 15 Leader street
Tatham George Garnett, M.D., 25 Upper Dicconson street
Tattersall Henry, draper, 93 Market Hall
Taylor A. & G., photographers, 25b King st.
Taylor & Sons, solicitors, 11 Standishgate
Taylor Alice, Mitre Inn, 76 Millgate
Taylor Ann, shopkeeper, 8 Warrington lane
Taylor Ann, shopkeeper, 36 Frog lane
Taylor Betty, shopkeeper, 34 Earl street
Taylor Cuthbert James, solicitor (Taylor and Sons), 14 Upper Dicconson street
Taylor Elizabeth, householder, 51 Great George street
Taylor Elizabeth, householder, 56 Pool st.
Taylor Ellen, shopkeeper, 53 Wigan lane
Taylor Frederick H., bookkeeper, 13 Marsden street
Taylor George, auctioneer & valuer, 2 Millgate; house, 5 Douglas street
Taylor George, Prince of Wales Inn, Greenough street
Taylor George, ironmongers' assistane, 17 Hilton street
Taylor James, Fox Tavern, 137 Chapel lane
Taylor James, china & earthenware dealer, 2 Millgate
Taylor James, bookkeeper, 39 Warrington lane
Taylor James, painter , decorator, plumber, gas fitter, &c., 18 Millgate
Taylor John, householder, 35 York street
Taylor John, house agent, 76 Caroline st.
Taylor John, grocer & baker, 117 Scholes
Taylor John, provision dealer, 47 Warrington lane, and 40 Market Hall
Taylor John, ironmonger, 21 Wallgate; house, 5 Worsley terrace, Standishgate
Taylor Joseph, tripe dresser & confectioner, 32 Hallgate
Taylor Joseph & Harriet, shopkeepers, 2 Pottery
Taylor Mary, school, 19 Clifton street
Taylor Mary, dressmaker, 25 Taylor street
Taylor Mary, shopkeeper, 12 Orchard street
Taylor Matthew, pointsman, 19 Great George street
Taylor Matthew, grocer, 70 Lorne street
Taylor Matthew B., grocer, 79 Greenough street; and 7 Market Hall
Taylor Peter, agent for the Prudential Assurance Co., 86 Darlington Street east
Taylor Richard, cotton spinner (Thomas Taylor & Brother), Woodfield House
Taylor Robert, beer retailer, 204 Scholes
Taylor Samuel, confectioner, 58 Market place
Taylor Sarah, householder, 126 Gt. George street
Taylor Stephen, hairdresser, 78 Wallgate
Taylor Thomas, brewers' traveller, 13 Darlington street
Taylor Thomas, grocer & beer retailer, 2 Lorne street
Taylor Thomas, grocer &c., 38 Chapel lane
Taylor Thomas & Brother, cotton spinners, Victoria Mills, Wallgate
Taylor Thomas Richard, solicitor (Taylor and Sons), Highfield, Pemberton
Taylor William, plasterer, 16 Leigh street
Taylor William, householder, 56 Lorne st.
Taylor William, joiner & builder (Halliwell and Taylor), Dorning street
Taylor William, painter &c., 2 Horsfield st.
Teare Jane, family grocer & provision dealer, 119 Wallgate
Telford & Swift, engineers, Henhurst bridge, Chapel lane
Telford George James, hardware dealer, 10 Mesnes street
Telford John, engineer (Telford & Swift), 4 Bradford place
Telford William, householder, 2a Duke st.
Templeton Robert, dentist, 20 Marsden st.
Theatre Royal, 37 King street
Thomas David, clerk, 16 Marsden street
Thomas Jonathon, boot and shoemaker, 23 Whelley
Thomas Joseph, furniture dealer, 50 Standishgate
Thomas Joseph, shopkeeper, 58 Caroline street
Thomas Mary, shopkeeper, 57 Wigan lane
Thomas Owen, beer retailer, 29 Wiend
Thomas William, fent dealer, 21 Wellington street
Thomas William, beer retailer, 42 Lyon st.
Thompson & Co., iron and steel merchants, metal and mineral agents, rails of every description, with fittings complete for collieries, &c., blasting powder and fuse agents, 14 Millgate
Thompson Francis, greengrocer, 3 Scholes
Thompson Robert, consulting engineer, 10 King street; house, Mere Oaks, Standish
Thompson Thomas, ironmonger, hardware and furniture dealer, 46a Hardybutts, and 17 Elbow lane
Thompson William, Market Inspector, 21 Marsden street
Thompson William George, Brickmakers' Arms, 3 Woodhouse lane
Thompson William H., provision dealer, 44 Market Hall; house, 266 Wallgate
Thorley Lot James, fishmonger, 168 Wallgate
Thorley Mary A., shopkeeper, 2 Bottling Wood
Thorpe Martha, householder, 7 Hilton street
Tickle & Berry, refreshment rooms, Mesnes Coffee House, 49 Market street
Tickle Brothers & Addison, iron and brass founders, Vulcan Foundry, Clayton street - See advertisement
Tickle Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Wigan lane
Tickle Hugh, draper, 34 Hallgate; and 4 and 5 Market Hall
Tickle John, ironfounder (Tickle Brothers and Addison), 208 Wallgate
Tickle Mary, householder, 38 Vaughan street
Tickle Peter, ironfounder (Tickle Brothers and Addison), Packet House Inn, 85 Wallgate
Tickle Samuel, ironfounder (Tickle Brothers and Addison), 22 Clayton street
Tickle William, beer retailer, 29 Wellington street
Tinsley Charles, tobaconist, 19 Powell st.
Tinsley Isaac, furniture broker and hardware dealer, 67 Millgate, 24 Greenough street, and 76 Market Hall
Tinsley John, miner, 98 Miry lane
Tinsley Mrs. Margaret, 6 New lodge, Wigan lane
Tinsley Ralph, painter, 8 Clifton street
Tohill Margaret, shopkeeper, 39 Hallgate
Tomlinson Rev. J., 67 Hardybutts
Tomlinson Richard, shopkeeper, 210 Scholes
Tonge James, tobacconist and newsagent, 19 Greenough street
Tonge John, warper, 70 Warrington lane
Tongue W. J. G., inspector (railway), 2 Douglas street
Topping E. & Son, cloggers, 9½ Market place
Topping James, pattern maker, 18 Oxford street
Topping Jane, householder, 108 Great George street
Topping Thomas, house agent, 142 Wigan lane
Topping Thomas, White Bill Inn, Bridge end
Topping Thomas, carter, 12 Gt. George st.
Topping Thomas, 7 Colin street
Topping William, agent for London and Manchester Industrial Life Assurance Society, 56 Upper Morris street
Town Clerk's Office, King street
Town Crier - John Worswick, 42 Chapel lane
Town Hall, King street
Townsend Alexander, joiner, 93 Darlington Street east
Townsend Mrs. Alice, 8 Scarisbrick street
Troney Edward, eating house keeper, 18 Chapel street
Turner James, shopkeeper, 51 Birkett bank
Turner Joseph, overlooker, 11 Charles st.
Turner Richard, clothier, Market Arcade
Turner Richard, shopkeeper, 33 Caroline street
Turner Thomas, brewer, 35 Chapel lane
Turner Thomas, beer retailer (Miners' Tent Inn), Whelley
Turner Vincent, billiard marker, 2 Brookhouse street
Turton Thomas, pick, hame & chain maker, 96 Clayton street
Tuttle James, grocer, 50a School street
Twigg William, miner, 62 Lorne street
Tyrer Alice Jane, Shovel and Broom Inn, 20 Scholes
Tyrer James, bookseller, stationer, printer, &c., 11 Wallgate
Tyrer John, surveyor (Bryn Colliery), 18 Lorne street
Tyrer Jonathon, Von Blucher Inn, Whelley
Tyrer Thomas, Grey Horse Inn, 86 Whelley
Tyrer Thomas, Three Crowns Hotel, 16 Standishgate
Tyson Robert, confectioner, 10 Market Hall

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