The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, S

Wigan, S

Sadler Herbert, clerk, 3 Miry lane
Sale Rev. W. G., 7 St. Thomas street
Sanderson Richard, stoker, 11 Harrogate street
Sandiford Brothers, clothiers and drapers, 106 Wallgate
Sandiford William H., boat builder, 34 Corporation street
Santus William, agent for Prudential Assurance Co., 16 Lorne street
Sassi Alice, fancy repository, 38 Wallgate, and 24 Mesnes street
Saunders George, fishmonger and fruiterer, the Market and Chapel lane
Sauter Henry, engineer, 6 Swinley lane
Savings Bank, King street - William Ascroft Byrom, actuary
Sawbridge Henry, butcher, 7 Wiend, 1 Market street, and Market Hall
Saxon John, shopkeeper and baker, 185 Scholes
Sayer Richard, householder, 51 Poolstock lane
Scales and Salter, boot and shoemakers, 36 Market place - Bateman Elsworth, manager
Scarborough George Edward, colliery manager (Lamb & Moore), 97 Dicconson st.
Scarle Sarah, householder, 11 Darlington st.
Schofield Drederick William, auctioneer (Hill & Scholefield), 8 Scarisbrick street
Schofield George, boiler maker, 49 Great George street
Schofield John A., butcher, 116 Wallgate
Scholes George, Globe Inn, 22 Hallgate
Scott & Ellis, solicitors, King street
Scott Charles, boot and shoemaker, 48 Darlington street
Scott Edward, solicitor (Scott and Ellis), Astley Bank, Birkdale, Southport
Scott Henry, boot and shoemaker, 22 Millgate
Scott James, joiner, 32 Regent street
Scott John, railway contractor, 48 Upper Dicconson street
Scott John, mattress maker, 38 Queen st.
Scott Mrs. Mary, 19 Dicconson street
Scott Matthew, shopkeeper, 11 Brown st.
Scott Thomas, secretary to the Wigan Conservative and Constitutional Association, Commercial yard; house, 30 Regent st.
Scottish Equitable Life Insurance Co. - Thomas Milligan, 11 Upper Dicconson street; and J. S. Hopwood, 17 King st., agents
Scottish National Insurance Co., 35 King street, L. R. Rowbottom, agent
Scottish Provincial Insurance Co. - Gordon Boew, Parr's Bank, Standishgate; and James A. Bywater, 185 Manchester road, Ince, agents.
Scottish Union Insurance Co. - George J. Healy, 11 King street, and Wright Gee, King street, agents
Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Office, 12 & 13 Victoria buildings, King street - John H. Peck, agent
Seddon James, engine tenter, 60 York street
Seddon James, hay and straw dealer, 78 Greenough street
Seddon John, pawnbroker, and agent for the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., 100 Wallgate; residence the Firs, Aspull
Seddon M. & E., grocers, 96 Scholes
Seddon Richard, furniture broker, 159 Scholes
Seddon Robert, shopkeeper, 116 Chapel lane
Seddon Robert, shopkeeper, 247 Scholes
Sedgewick Thomas, tailors' cutter, 10 Oxford street
Segrave Michael, newsagent, 21a Wellington street
Selkirk John, clerk, 4 New lodge, Wigan lane
Settle John, householder, 21 Hilton street
Shacklady James, shopkeeper, 56 Boyswell lane
Sharp Mary Ellen, shopkeeper, 112 Scholefield lane
Sharpe J. M., surgeon, 116 Millgate
Sharples Hugh, beer retailer, 17 Cross st.
Sharples James, clockmaker, 91 Great George street
Sharples Joseph, reedmaker, 57 Corporation street
Sharples Richard, slasher, 49 Lorne street
Sharples William, shopkeeper, 29 Scholes
Sharples William, joiner, 26 Swinley lane
Sharples William, overlooker, 16 Poolstock lane
Sharrock Henry, inspector (railway), 11 York street
Sharrock Richard, confectioner, 68 Standishgate
Shaw Caroline, 3 New Market street
Shaw Edelsten, provision dealer, 81 Greenough street
Shaw Elizabeth, householder, 18 Oxford st.
Shaw George V., horse slaughterer, and white leather dresser, 92 Miry lane
Shaw James, iron turner, 20 Orchard street
Shaw Thomas, butcher, 18 Market Hall, and 55 York street
Shaw Thomas, warehouseman, 101 Wrightington street
Shaw William, cutlooker, 14 Richmond st.
Shearer James, manager (Coke Works, Wigan Coal & Iron Co.), 276 Whelley
Shepherd Charles Dunbar, surgeon, 23 Standishgate
Shepherd John, joiner, 28 York street
Shepherd William, shopkeeper, 104 Chapel lane
Shepherd William, shopkeeper, 261 Whelley
Sheridan James, stoker, 8 Brookhouse street
Sheridan John, policeman, 37 Millgate
Sheriff Henry, sizer, 11 Duke street
Sherrat Charles, miller, 19 Appleton street
Sherrington Henry, pigeon fancier, 101 Millgate; and Fish Market
Sherington Job, grocer, 48 Scholes
Sherington Jonathan, engine tenter, 17 Woodhouse lane
Sherington Ralph, broker, 5 Whelley
Sherry Richard, compositor, 1 Oxford street
Shorland Thomas, tailor, 48 Wigan lane
Short Fergus, tailor and draper, Caroline street
Shortt William, wholesale hat and cap manufacturer, 6 Market Hall; house, 3 Standishgate place
Siddell William, tailors' cutter, 37 Greenough street
Silcock John, miner, 70 Poolstock lane
Simington Thomas, provision dealer, 14 Mesnes street
Simm Edward H., clerk, colliery overlooker, 28 Woodhouse lane
Simm Gilbert Smith, goods agent, L. & Y. Station, Chapel lane; house, 31 Poolstock lane
Simm Henry, bookkeeper, 3 Clifton street
Simm James, clogger, 78 Woodhouse lane
Simm James, Corporation Inn, 19 Poolstock lane
Simm Thomas, overlooker, 15 Charles street
Simpkin John, relieving officer and collector, 12 Richmond street
Simner John, boiler maker, 54 York street
Simpson Mary, Crown and Anchor Inn, 58 Queen street
Simpson Thomas Partridge, milliner, costumier, and general mourning establishment, 14 Wallgate (opposite Coop & Co.'s); house, 48, Millgate - See advertisement inside front cover
Simpson William, boat builder, 4 York Street east
Siney Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 48 Lower Morris street
Singer (The) Manufacturing Co., Sewing Machine Manufacturers, 21 King st. - Joseph Clare, manager
Singleton Thomas, brewer, White Lion and Railway Inn, Whelley
Singleton William, labourer, 93 Gt. George st.
Sixsmith John, currier, 13 Regent street
Sixsmith Peter, manager, 26 Commercial yard
Slater John, goods guard, 238 Wallgate
Slavin John, beer retailer, 98 Hardybutts
Smalley Benjamin, agent to the Prudential Assurance Co., 32 Vaughan street
Smalley James, tailor and draper, 72 Scholes
Smallshaw Mary, Martland Bridge Inn, Martland bridge
Smart T. & Co., boot and shoemakers, 32 Standishgate
Smirk Sarah, dressmaker, 93 Hallgate
Smith Charles, blacksmith, Henhurst bridge
Smith David, Queen's Head Inn, Great George st.; and butcher, 62 Miry lane
Smith Edward, stone and monumental mason, Scholes bridge; house, 55 Darlington street - See advertisement
Smith Mr. Edward, 19 Darlington street
Smith Edward, policeman, 10 New Lodge, Wigan lane
Smith Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 167 Scholes
Smith George, beer retailer, 110 Woodhouse lane
Smith Henry, pork butcher, 94a Scholes
Smith James, clerk, 8 Turner street
Smith James, travelling draper, 80 School street
Smith James, compositer, 24 Regent street
Smith James, slate and coal merchant, 27 King st.; residence, Douglas Bank House
Smith John, grocers' assistant, 47 Corporation street
Smith John, secretary to Mechanics' Institution, King st.; house, 12 Cecil street
Smith John, seedsman and florist, 113 Standishgate, and 28 Market Hall
Smith John, sewing machine dealer, and washing machine maker, 16 King street
Smith John H., draper, 19 Caroline street
Smith Joseph, bookkeeper, 73 Greenough st.
Smith Joseph, supervisor, 10 Colin street
Smith Louis, agent for Prudential Assurance Co., 22a Whelley
Smith Mary, householder, 16 Regent street
Smith Thomas, account, and secretary to the West Lancashire Land and Building Co. Limited, 17 King street; house, Worsley Mesnes
Smith Thomas, shopkeeper, 37 Charles st.
Smith Thomas, joiner, 58 York street
Smith Thomas Alston, bookkeeper, 5 Leader street
Smith Walter, butcher, 26 & 73 Market Hall
Smith William, smallware dealer, 115 Wallgate; house, 44 Pool street
Smith William J., draper, 59 & 58 Scholes; house, 35 Upper Dicconson street
Smith W. H. & Son, booksellers and newsagents, Railway Stations
Snelson Samuel, draper, 41 Greenough st.
Solomon H., picture frame maker, 35 Birkett bank
Southworth Jabez, hardware dealer, 36 Market place
Spain George, agent for Prudential Assurance Co., 98 Darlington Street east
Sparke Cornelius, draper, Market Arcade; house, Ebenezer bank, Newton, Pemberton
Sparks Amelia, shopkeeper, 46 Great George street
Speakman Ellen, householder, 24 Wigan lane
Speakman James, overlooker, 40 Pool st.
Speakman Sarah Ann, shopkeeper, 36 Miry lane
Speed William, shopkeeper, 14 Chapel street
Spelt George S., joiner and builder, 25 Freckleton street
Spence Miss. Isabella, 7 Douglas road
Spencer Frederick, butcher, 68 Poolstock lane
Spencer James, cowkeeper, 73 Corporation street
Spencer John, bookkeeper, 39 Caroline st.
Stainbank Mary Ann, householder, 75 Corporation street
Stamp Office, 27 Wallgate - Thomas Wall, distributor
Standard Life Insurance Co. - M. W. Peace, Leader's Buildings, 31a King st.; Holmes & Johnson, 1 & 2 Victoria Buildings, King street, agents
Standish Henry, house agent, &c., 107 Darlington Street east
Star Life Insurance Co., 17 & 19 Wallgate - W. O. Meek, agent
Starr James, printer, bookseller, &c., 43 Wallgate; house, 91 Wrightington street
Staveley John, pattern maker, 44 Woodhouse lane
Steam Boiler Insurance Co., 20 King street - W. Leach, agent
Steele Henry C., provision merchant, 10 and 12 Wiend
Stephen Frederick, butcher, 66 Market Hall
Stephens J. & G., ginger beer manufacturers, Maxwell's yard, Millgate
Stephens James, grocer and bread maker, 150 Scholes
Stewart John, spade finisher, 146 Hardybutts
Stewart Mary, householder, 63 Greenough street
Stockley James, clerk, 11 Poolstock lane
Stoker Dinah, grocer, 202 Wallgate
Stones Catherine, grocer, 39 Scholes
Stopford James, shopkeeper, 231 Scholes; and beer retailer, Rose and Crown, 161 Scholes
Stopforth Margaret, householder, 87 Woodhouse lane
Stopforth William, butcher, 31 Wigan lane, and 20 Market Hall
Stott Thomas, labourer, 89 Poolstock lane
Stout William, tailor, 10 Miry lane
Strickland Margaret, shopkeeper, 125 Great George street
Strickland Mr. William, 95 Dicconson street
Strowger and Son, printers and stationers, Clarence yard, Wallgate
Strowger Charles, printer (Strowger & Son), 17 Darlington street
Stuart John B., surgeon, 84 Standishgate
Stuart John George, traveller, Douglas House, Bottling Wood
Stuart Thomas, pawnbroker, 86 Scholes; and clothier, 12 Hallgate; house, Gidlow lane
Stuart Robert, solicitor and agent to the West of England Insurance Co., 4 King street; house, 18 Swinley terrace
Sudworth Henry, shopkeeper, 55 Birkett bank
Sumner Edward, joiner, 35 Regent street
Sumner James, schoolmaster (St. George's), Wigan lane
Sumner John, china & earthenware dealer, 28 Scholefield lane
Sun Insurance Co., 20 Standishgate - Mayhew & Son, agents
Sutherland George, lithographer, 146 Frog lane
Sutherland William, shoemaker, Woolpack yard, Millgate
Sutherland William, foreman joiner, 101 Poolstock lane
Swallow William, rent and debt collector, 105 Millgate
Swann William, joiner, 22 Swinley lane
Swarbrick Thomas, accountant, estate and insurance agent, 1 Church street
Swarbrick Thomas, pawnbroker & clothier, 71a Standishgate - See advertisement
Swarbrick William, fitter, 122 Whelley
Sweetman John M., chemist and druggist, 57 Standishgate
Swift Hugh, engineer (Telford & Swift), 73 Caroline street
Swift John, painter & paperhanger, plumber & gas fitter, Seven Stars bridge, Wallgate, and Ormskirk Road, Lamberhead Green - See advertisement
Swift John, foreman tailor, 91 Poolstock lane
Swift Joseph, brewer, 10 Poolstock lane
Swift Sarah (Exors. of), brewers, Worsley Mesnes
Swift William, brewer, Worsley Mesnes Brewery
Swift William, Victoria Vaults, Wallgate

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