The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, R

Wigan, R

Ramsdale John, wheelwright, 23 Great George street
Ramsdale Thomas, joiner, 4 Poolstock lane
Ramsdale Thomas, cabinet maker, 14 Great George street
Ramsdale William, miner, 84 Poolstock lane
Randall Robert Woodhouse, clerk, 136 Great George street
Ranicar Elias, draper, &c. 54 Wallgate; house, 44 Dicconson street
Rankin William, confectioner, 41 Poolstock lane
Ratcliffe John, iron turner, 152 Poolstock lane
Ratcliffe John, miner, 86 Miry lane
Ratcliffe John, blacksmith, 3 Bridge end
Rawlinson Booth, bricksetter, 150 Great George street
Rawlinson George, hairdresser, 102a Chapel lane
Rawlinson Thomas, carter, 133 Wallgate
Rawson James, bookbinder, and machine ruler, 20 Rodney st.; house, 77 Greenough street
Rawson M. A., dress and mantle makers, 59 Greenough street
Rawson Peter F., watchmaker, 41 Upper Dicconson street
Reddy John, clogger, 74 School street
Redford George, overlooker, 97 Darlington Street east
Refuge Friendly Society, 79 Caroline street - William Rylance, agent
Reid Alice, fancy repository, Market Arcade
Reid William, Queen's Hotel, 162 Wallgate
Reid William, clerk, 99 Dicconson street
Reliance Mutual Life Insurance Co., 27 King st. - James Edward Barlow, agent
Remington C. A. & Co., sole manufacturers of the No. 1 C. sperm oil, so extensively used for general machinery purposes; also, colliery oils and greases, patent strapping composition, and patent powder and fluid disinfectants, free from smell; also, carbolics of every kind, City Oil and Grease Works, Hardman st., Deansgate, Manchester
Richards & Co., accountants, 56 Wallgate
Richards & Hall, accountants, 4 King street
Richards & Son, ironmongers, 133 Scholes
Richards Ellen, householder, 17 Charles st.
Richards Robert, Harp Inn, 135 Scholes
Richards Thomas Charles, pointsman, 138 Great George street
Richards Wm., Black Swan Inn, 112 Scholes
Richardson Ann, cow keeper, York street
Richardson John, rope maker, 20 Hallgate
Richmond John, bookkeeper, 1 Dicconson terrace, Upper Dicconson street
Riddlesworth Allen, pattern maker, 50 Wigan lane
Riddlesworth Mrs. Ann, 73 Caroline street
Riddlesworth Mrs. Annie, 25 Dicconson st.
Riddlesworth Daniel, bobbin turner, 1 Fowden street
Riddlesworth John & Son, bobbin and skewer manufacturers, Queen street Saw Mills
Riddlesworth William, bobbin &c. manufacturer, (J. Riddlesworth and Son), 15 St. Thomas street
Rider John, traveller, 33 Chapel lane
Rider Joseph, hatter, 13 King street, and 17 Market place
Ridge James, nuisance inspector, 8 Lorne street
Rigby Elizabeth, butcher, 25 Wellington street
Rigby James, clothier and draper, 27 Millgate
Rigby James & Sons, watchmakers and jewellers, 155 Scholes, and 57 Birkett Bank - See advertisement
Rigby Thomas, prudential agent, 97 Wrightington street
Rigby William, mining engineer, Leader's buildings, King st.; house, 12 Clifton st.
Rigby William, fishmonger, 261 Scholes, and Fish Market
Riley James, joiner and draper, 269 Scholes
Riley Roger, wheelwright, 91 Greenough street
Riley Thomas, wheelwright, Hen street, and shopkeeper, 20 Bolton street
Riley William, wheelwright and shopkeeper, 33 Whelley
Rimmer Mrs. Elizabeth, 127 Wigan lane
Rimmer Henry, auctioneer and valuer, accountant, &c., 188a Wallgate
Rimmer Nathan, inspector (railway), 15 Caroline street
Rimmer Ralph, farmer, Holme House farm
Rimmer Robert, moulder, 9 Church street
Rimmer Thomas, tanner and currier, 7 Millgate; Tannery, Queen st., Chester
Rimmer William, coachman, 122 Standishgate
Roaf Mrs. Elizabeth, 16 Upper Dicconson street
Roberts George Henry, estate and general agent, 31 King street
Roberts Henry, mining engineer, 17 King street; house, Bryn street, Ashton
Roberts John, joiner and builder, Scholes bridge
Roberts Joseph, eating house keeper, Cross Keys yard, Market place
Roberts Robert, draper, 66 Wigan lane
Roberts Thomas, Old Swan Inn, 41 Queen street
Robertson William, joiner and staircase builder, 69 Greenough street
Robinson Emma J., milliner, 26a Standishgate
Robinson Henry and Co., brewers, The Brewery, King street, and wine and spirit merchants, 5 Rodney street
Robinson James, draper, 3 Market Hall
Robinson John, Nag's Head Inn, 74 Great George street
Robinson William, manager, 16 Fowden st.
Robinson William, miner, 52 Miry lane
Robson John, solicitor's clerk, 17 Oxford street
Robson John, householder, 22 Clifton st.
Robson Robert, travelling draper, 26 Caroline street
Roby James, contractor, Douglas bank; house, 5 Turner street
Rock Life Insurance Co., 3 Market street - T. Heald, agent
Rodan William, travelling draper, 35 Caroline street
Roger Edward, manager, 10 Douglas street
Roger William, manager for the Wigan Newspaper Printing and Publishing Co. Limited, 39 Market place; house, 16 Swinley lane
Rogers Catherine, brickmaker, Woodhouse lane
Rogers William, mining engineer, (Perrins, Rogers & Dixon), 48 Talbot street, Southport
Rogerson James, travelling draper, 10 Upper Dicconson street
Rogerson John, travelling draper, 5 Upper Dicconson street
Roocroft & Hodgeon, milliners, 17 Wallgate
Roocroft Wm. M., surgeon, 25 King street
Rorke Charles, M.D., surgeon, 38 Dicconson street
Roper Joseph, grocer, 122 Great George st.
Roscoe James, hairdresser, 61 York street
Roscoe John, gauger, 15 Acton's walk
Roscoe John, shopkeeper, 170 Scholes
Roscoe Joseph, joiner, 6 Poolstock lane
Roscoe Sarah, shopkeeper, 44 Millgate
Roscoe Thomas, shopkeeper and baker, 227 Scholes
Rose Bridge & Douglas Bank Colliery Co. Limited, Ince - Wm. Bryham, managing director
Rose Thomas, gardener, 102 Wigan lane
Rossiter The Misses, Ladies' School, 59 Mesnes street
Rotherham Richard, roller coverer, 7 York street
Rothwell Esther, dressmaker, 66 Caroline street
Rothwell John, grocer, 25 Wallgate
Roue Frank, chemists' assistant, 268 Wallgate
Roughan Matthew, shopkeeper, 82 Great George street
Rowbottom Mrs., Thornhill, Wigan lane
Rowbottom Lever Robert, solicitor, commissioner in Chancery, and Common Law and perpetual commissioner, clerk to the Wigan School Board, coroner for the borough of Wigan, and agent for the Scottish National Insurance Co., 35 King st.; residence, Gathurst Mount, near Wigan
Rowe Isaac, shopkeeper, 83 Lime street
Rowe James, confectioner, 81 Caroline st.
Rowe William, aerated water manufacturer, 47 Hodson street
Rowe William, carder, 100 Great George street
Rowland Samuel, ironmonger, 7 Market place; house, Spring Bank, Wrightington
Royal Exchange (Fire and Life) Insurance Co. - George Heaton, 14 Victoria Buildings, King street; and Robert Ashton, The Quadrant, King street, agents
Royal Insurance Co., 12 & 13 Victoria Buildings, King st. - J. H. Peck, agent
Royal Liver Friendly Society, 64 Darlington Street east - John J. Murphy, district agent
Royle John, saddler and harness, and hame and chain maker, Seven Stars bridge, Wallgate
Royle Samuel, (late Royle and Rawson), watch and clockmaker, jewellers, &c., 56, Standishgate
Royle Thomas, clogger, 56 Wallgate
Rudd & Sons, wringing machine makers, Corporation street
Rudd Richard, shopkeeper, 100 Warrington lane
Rudd Robert, iron planer (Rudd & Sons), 81 Corporation street
Rudd Thomas, iron planer (Rudd & Sons), 79 Corporation street
Ruddick Chas., travelling draper, 5 Acton's terrace, Upper Dicconson street
Ruddick Christopher, travelling draper, 17 Queen street
Ruddick Thomas, travelling draper, 30 Caroline street
Rushton George, grocer (O. & G. Rushton), Commercial yard
Rushton Oates, grocer (O. & G. Rushton), 27 Upper Dicconson street
Rushton Oates and George, family grocers and tea dealers, 42 Market place, and 1 Commercial yard
Russell Mrs. Catherine, 17 Powell street
Rutter David, shopkeeper, 386 Wallgate
Rutter James, boiler cleaner, 5 Oxford st.
Rylance James, book keeper, 111 Great George street
Ryder Anna, householder, 13 Turner street
Ryder Nathan, shopkeeper, 99 Wigan lane
Ryder Peter, drapers' assistant, 3 Oxford street
Ryder Thomas O., draper, 40 Standishgate
Rylance Mrs. Sarah, 31 Darlington street
Rylance William, insurance agent, 79 Caroline street
Rylands & Sons Limited, cotton spinners, Mesnes, and coal proprietors, Gidlow & Swinley collieries
Rylands William, farmer, Gidlow House

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