The Wigan Directory of 1881, Public Buildings & Institutions

Public Buildings & Institutions

Places of Worship and their Ministers.


 All Saints' (Parish Church), Market place; The Hon. and Rev G. T. O. Bridgeman, M.A., rector and rural dean; Revs. C. J. Buckmaster and C. J. Parsons, curates
 St. Andrew's, Woodhouse lane; Rev. W. A. Wickham
 St. Catherine's, Birkett Bank; Rev. E. A. Dury, vicar; Revs. J. Fairhurst and J. Price, curates.
 St. George's, Church street; Rev. Philip Frost John Bird Hains, vicar
 St. James's, Poolstock; Rev. H. C. Bull, M.A., vicar; Rev. J. Fallons, curate
 St. Michael's and All Angels', Duke street; Rev. R. G. Matthews and Rev. C. D. Pater, curates
 St. Thomas's, Caroline street; Rev. James Cronshaw, vicar; Rev. W. G. Sale, curate



 King Street ; Rev. Henry Hall
 Scarisbrick street ; Rev. Matthew Hudson


 Hope street ; Rev. Peter William Darnton
 Standishgate (St. Paul's) ; Rev. Hugh Campbell
 Warrington lane ; supplies


 Free Church (Methodist), King street
 Standishgate (Western)
 Scholes (Independent)
 School Common & Whelley (Primitive)
 Presbyterian (English), Chapel lane
 Presbyterian (Welsh), Greenough street; Rev. John Owen
 Rodney street (Christian Brethren)
 New Jerusalem Church, Warrington lane


 Hardybutts (St. Patricks) ; Rev. Joseph Fagan and Rev. John Tomlinson, priests
 Standishgate (St. John's) ; Revs. Joseph Gradwell, J. Mc.Leod, and J. Everard, priests
 Standishgate (St. Mary's) ; Rev. John Dorran and Rev. W. O'Donnell, priests
 Caroline street (St. Joseph's) ; Revs. Henry Lamon, F. Monaghan and M. Grennan, priests


 Hon. and Rev. Canon Bridgeman; Rev. J. Cronshaw; Rev. P. Hains and Rev. E. A. Dury, Wigan; Rev. H. St. George, Billinge; Rev. F. D. Cremer, Upholland; Rev. T. F. Fergie, Ince; Rev. W. B. Bryan, Haigh

Union Workhouse, Frog Lane.

 Governor - John Lowe
 Matron - Alice Lowe
 Chaplain - Rev. Joseph Wilson
 Surgeon - G. Tatham
 Schoolmaster - Jonathan Caddy
 Schoolmistress - M. B. Laing


 (The Guardians meet every alternate Friday morning, at half-past ten o'clock)
 Clerk, Henry Ackerley, Esq.


 No. 1 District - Wigan : Joseph Hilton, Wigan
 No. 2 District - Ashton, Pemberton, Billinge-Chapel-End, Billinge-Higher-End, Orrell, Winstanley, and Upholland : Richard Wright, Orrell
 No. 3 District - Abram, Hindley, Ince, and Aspull : James Simm, Ince
 No. 4 District - Haigh, Blackrod, Shevington, Worthington, Standish, Wrightington, Parbold, and Dalton : John Simpson, Wigan


 John Bolton, for the township of Wigan : office, 25A, King street
 Henry Dee, Shevington, for the townships of Parbold, Shevington, Standish, Worthington, and Wrightington
 Thomas Livesley, Ashton, for the township of Ashton
 Henry Darlington, Billinge, for the townships of Billinge-Chapel-End, Billinge-Higher-End, Aspull, and Winstanley
 Louis Athron, Aspull, for the townships of Aspull, Haigh, and Blackrod
 W. Webster, Rosehill, Pemberton, for the township of Pemberton
 Richard Knowles, Ince, for the townships of Abram and Ince
 James Hart, Hindley, for the township of Hindley
 Henry Gorse, Orrell, for the township of Orrell
 William Bamforth, Upholland, for the township of Dalton
 William Lord, Gathurst, for the township of Upholland

Registrars of Births and Deaths and Vaccination Prosecution Officers.

 Superintendent Registrar - H. Ackerley : office, King street, Wigan
 Deputy-Superintendent Registrar - Charles Durrant
 Wigan - Robert Halliwell, for the township of Wigan
 Ashton - George J. Byrom, for the township of Ashton
 Pemberton - Jeffrey Baynes, for the townships of Pemberton, Orrell, & Winstanley
 Aspull - William Clark, for the townships of Aspull, Blackrod, and Haigh
 Hindley - John Grime, for the townships of Abram, Hindley, and Ince (Vaccination Officer, Jabez Tearle)
 Standish - Robert Gillibrand, for the townships of Parbold, Shevington, Standish, Worthington, and Wrightington
 Upholland - William Bamforth, for the townships of Billinge-Chapel-End, Billinge-Higher-End, Dalton, & Upholland

Registrars of Marriages.

 Wigan - Robert Halliwell & James Jolley, Rodney street
 Ashton - George J. Byrom
 Pemberton - Jeffrey Baynes
 Hindley - John Grime
 Standish - R. Gillibrand
 Upholland - W. Bamforth

Borough Officers.

 Recorder - J. T. Fitzadam
 Returning Officer - The Mayor
 Clerk to the Justices - Thomas R. Ellis
 Clerk of the Peace - Thomas Heald
 Coroner - L. R. Rowbottom
 Town Clerk and Clerk to the Local Board - Maskell W. Peace
 Borough Engineer - William Bolton
 Auditor - John Caldwell
 Borough Treasurer - William Holt
 Chief Constable - Capt. T. R. Kennion
 Gas Engineer - J. G. Hawkins
 Officer of Health - W. C. Barnish
 Public Analyst - Ralph Betley
 Surgeon to the Police Force - J. B. Unwin
 Librarian - H. T. Folkard
 Manager of the Waterworks - T. L. Hughes
 Canal Boat Inspector - T. L. Highes
 Collector to the Local Board of Health - John Yates
 Park Superintendent - J. Pettitt
 Engineer of Sewerage Works - B. S. Brundell
 Inspector of Weights and Measures and Market Superintendent - Wm. Grime
 Inspector of Nuisances & Hackney Carriages - James Ridge
 Inspectors of Fish and Flesh - James Chadwick and Henry Holcroft
 Water Inspector - Henry Foster
 Burleymen - Edward Ormsher and Elijah Prescott

County Magistrates.

 Lord Gerard
 F. S. Gerard, Esq.
 Thomas Taylor, Esq.
 H. Woods, Esq.
 Meyrick Bankes, Esq.
 H. L. Gaskell, Esq.
 W. H. Brancker, Esq.
 N. Eckersley, Esq.
 G. W. Gunning, Esq.
 Thomas Marshall, Esq.
 Rev. J. J. Dixon
 Rev H. St. George
 J. Gidlow, Esq.
 James Taylor, Esq.
 H. Woodcock, Esq.
 J. Lancaster, Esq.
 T. Knowles, Esq., M.P.
 R. Pennington, jun., Esq.
 John Pearson Esq.
 Roger Leigh, Esq.
 John Mercer, Esq.
 A. C. Smethurst, Esq.
 John Gerrard, Esq.
 H. S. Woodcock, Esq.
 Alfred Hewlett, Esq.
 Horace Mayhew, Esq.
 Richard Taylor, Esq.
 W. J. Lamb, Esq.
 John Leyland, Esq.
 Benjamin Davies, Esq.
 H. J. Walmesley, Esq.
 Clerk to the Magistrates - E. H. Woodcock, Esq.
 The Magistrates meet every Monday and Friday, at the Sessions Court, Rodney st.

Borough Magistrates.

 W. J. Lamb, Esq., Mayor
 Samuel M'Clure, Esq.
 Thomas Byrom, Esq.
 Joseph Ingram, Esq.
 Joseph Meek, Esq.
 Thomas Marshall, Esq.
 H. Woods, Esq.
 Richard Taylor, Esq.
 Thomas Wall, Esq.
 W. Bryham, Esq.
 G. Gilroy, Esq.
 William Lea, Esq.
 William Melling, Esq.
 Joseph Wilson, Esq.
 W. Roocroft, Esq.
 James Johnson, Esq.
 Ralph Hilton, Esq.
 R. F. Hopwood, Esq.
 R. A. ffarington, Esq.
 W. J. Lamb, Esq.
 James Burrows, Esq.
 Robt. Thompson, Esq.
 Wm. Crompton, Esq.
 John Knowles, Esq.
 John Neville, Esq.
 Jno. Pendlebury, Esq.
 E. H. Monks, Esq.
 Henry Park, Esq.
 James Smith, Esq.
 W. S. France, Esq.
 Jas. Edwardson, Esq.
 Richard Lea, Esq.
 Wm Smethurst, Esq.
 Clerk to the Magistrates - Thomas R. Ellis, Esq.
 Petty Sessions held in the Borough Courts, King street, every Monday and Thursday, at 10a.m.

County Court, King street.

 Judge - W. Wynne Ffoulkes, Esq.
 Registrar - Edward H. Woodcock, Esq.
 High Bailiff - Walter Wood

Gas Works, Chapel Lane.

 Engineer and Manager - John G. Hawkins
 Managing Clerk - John Barton
 Collector - William Wigan

Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and Dispensary, Wigan Lane.

 House Surgeon (Senr) - W. R. Williams
 House Surgeon (Junr) - J. Little
 Matron - E. Rimmer

Mechanics' Institute and Public Hall, King Street.

 Secretary and Librarian - John Smith

Borough Police Court and Offices, King Street. - Police Force, 53.

 Chief Constable - Captain T. R. Kennion
 Inspectors - John Bond and John Moan
 Chief Clerk - Inspector James Wilson
 Detective Sergeant - William Gorman
 Sergeants - John Lawson, William Leyland, Patrick McMahon, William Peers, Patrick Naughton, and Donald McIntosh

Fire Engine Station, Police Office.

 Superintendent - Captain T. R. Kennion
 Inspector - John Bond
 Sergeant - Patrick McMahon
 Engineers - Thomas Lowe and John T. Knott

Inland Revenue Assessed Tax and Income Tax.
Open from 9 to 11 a.m.

 Supervisor - John Smith
 First Division Officer and Inspector of Corn Returns - W. Francis
 Second Officer - J. Flanagan
 Third Officer - W. F. Hasler
 First Ride Officer - John Sibson

Wigan Cemetery, Warrington Road.

 Superintendent Registrar - Frederick Thos. Brandreth
 Clerk to the Board - T. R. Ellis

The Volunteers.

 HEAD-QUARTERS - COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. Total Enrolled Strength, 500.

 A COMPANY - 113 strong - Commissioned Officers : Captain ffarington, and Lieuts. Walker and H. T. Folkard. Non-Commissioned Officers : Colour-Sergt. Markland, Sergeants Richardson, Halliwell, Langshaw, and Lowe
 B COMPANY - 117 strong - Commissioned Officers : Captain H. Darlington and Lieutenant Aubrey. Non-Commissioned Officers : Colour-Sergeant Weatherby, Sergeants Baines, Mason, Darbyshire, and Bispham
 C COMPANY - 109 strong - Commissioned Officers : Captain Hilton and Lieutenant Ellis. Non-Commissioned Officers : Colour-Sergeant Halliwell, Sergeants Wilson, Heyes, Webster, and J. Wilson
 D COMPANY - 78 strong - Commissioned Officers : Captain Jackson and Lieutenant Hilton. Non-Commissioned Officers : Colour-Sergeant Roper, Sergts. Horrocks and Finch
 E COMPANY - 83 strong - Commissioned Officers : Captain J. S. Darlington, Lieutenants Taylor and Rawson. Non-Commissioned Officers : Colour-Sergeant Mather, Sergeants Taylor and Marsden
 Band Master - S. Nifosi
 Band Sergeant - H. Owen
 Quarter-Master Sergeant - M. Grierson
 Sergeants Instructors - Thomas Charnock and W. Carter
 Captain and Adjutant - F. R. Sandys, 4th K. O. Regiment
 Hon. Colonel - J. H. Chambers
 Lieutenant-Colonels - Lord Lindsay and Wilbraham
 Majors - Jon. Waddington and L. R. Rowbottom
 Surgeons - E. Roe and Wm. Hoyle
 Acting Surgeons - E. M. Garstang and J. Brooke Unwin
 Acting Chaplains - Rev. W. H. Taylor and Hon. and Rev. G. T. O. Bridgeman M.A.
 Uniform - Green (scarlet facings). Headquarters of Battalion, 9, Corporation Street, Manchester.

122 of all ranks.

 I COMPANY - Captain - J. A. Read. Assistant Surgeon - J. G. Brayton. Colour Sergeant - Charles Walls. Sergeants - Peter Turton and E. Lang.
 J COMPANY - Captain - J. S. Cottrill. Colour Sergeant - John Dakin. Sergeants - C. D. Mortimer, T. Mackie, G. B. Jones, and J. Meehan. Sergeant Instructor - W. Warner.
 This corps forms two companies of the 14th L.R.V., whose head-quarters are at Bolton.

Miscellaneous Offices, &c.

 Borough Hospital, Darlington street East; Michael Moore, Manager
 Coroner's Office, 35, King street
 General Post Office, Bretherton's row, Wallgate; Joseph Wilson, Postmaster
 Leeds and Liverpool Canal Office, Henhurst bridge
 Liberal Club, King street; J. Winstanley, Secretary
 Mining Association of Great Britain, Leader's buildings, 31a King st; Maskell William Peace, law-clerk and secretary
 Public Hall, King street
 South Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Association, 31a, King street; M. W. Peace, law clerk
 Stamp Office, 27, Wallgate; T. Wall, distributor
 Theatre Royal, King street
 Town Clerk's Office, 31a, King street; M. W. Peace, clerk
 Weights and Measures Office, Market Hall; W. Grime, inspector
 Working Men's Conservative Clubs, Commercial Yard and Upper Morris street; William Wise, secretary
 Wigan School Board, 35, King street; L. R. Rowbottom, clerk


   On the Lancashire and Yorkshire Line.
 Station (passenger), Wallgate; James Grundy, station-master; Roger Green, clerk-in-charge
 Station (goods), Chapel lane; G. S. Simm, agent; J. Nall & Co., carting agents
   On the London and North Western Line.
 Station (passenger), Wallgate; J. Taberner, station master; Edward Newton, clerk-in-charge
 Station (goods), Chapel lane; Joseph Atkinson, agent; Thomas Lowe, chief clerk


 To all Parts : The Leeds and Liverpool Canal Carrying Co.; James Holmes, agent, Canal Wharf, Wallgate
 To Manchester and Leigh : Edward Green, from Canal Wharf, Wallgate; Edward R. Crippin, agent


 Wigan to Standish, from the Market Hotel - Monday to Friday, 9 15 a.m., 12 5, 3 30, 5 30, and 7 30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12 5 and 5 30 p.m. Saturday, 12 5, 3 0, 5 0, 6 30, 7 30 and 8 30 p.m. Sunday, 12 0 noon, 7 45 p.m.

 Standish to Wigan, from the Wheat Sheaf Inn - Monday and Friday, 8 30 and 10 30 a.m., 1 45, 4 45 and 6 45 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8 30 a.m., 1 45 p.m. Saturday, 8 30 a.m., 1 45, 4 0, 5 0, 6 30, and 7 30 p.m. Sunday, 9 50 a.m., 5 50 p.m. - Almond and Company, Proprietors, Standish

 Wigan to Platt Bridge - Monday and Friday, 8 30 and 11 0 a.m., 1 0, 4 30, and 6 30 p.m. Saturday, 1 0, 3 0, 4 30, 6 0, 7 30, and 9 30 p.m. - Proe and Co., Proprietors

 Platt Bridge to Wigan - Monday & Friday, 9 15 and 11 45 a.m., 2 0, 5 15, and 7 15 p.m. Saturday, 2 0, 3 45, 5 15, 6 45, 8 15, and 10 15 p.m. - Proe and Co., Proprietors

 Wigan to Aspull, from the L. & N. W. Railway Station - Monday at 11 0 a.m., 3 0 and 7 30 p.m. Friday at 11 0 a.m., 4 0 and 7 30 p.m. Saturday at 2 0, 4 0, and 7 30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3 0 and 7 30 p.m. - Wigan and Aspull Omnibus Company Limited, Proprietors

 Aspull to Wigan - Monday and Friday, from Lane Ends at 9 0 a.m., 1 0 and 5 30 p.m. Saturdays from Lane Ends at 12 0 a.m., and 5 30 p.m. Saturdays from Finger Post at 3 0 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from Lane Ends at 1 0 p.m., and 5 30 p.m.

 Wigan to Ashton, from the Old Market Place - Monday, 11 30 a.m., and 4 30 p.m. Friday, 12 0 noon, 4 30 p.m. Saturday, 3 30, 6 0, and 9 0 p.m. Sunday, 8 20 p.m.

 Ashton to Wigan - Monday, 9 0 a.m., 1 0 p.m. Friday, 8 0 a.m., 1 0 p.m. Saturday, 2 30 and 7 15 p.m. Sunday (from Four-footed Cross) 5 0 p.m. - James Rimmer, proprietor

 Wigan to Ince and Hindley - Monday, 8 30 and 11 0 a.m., 1 0, 4 30, and 6 30 p.m. Friday, 8 30 and 11 0 a.m., 1 0, 4 30, and 6 30 p.m. Saturday, 1 0, 3 0, 4 30, 6 0, 7 30, and 9 30 p.m.

 Hindley to Ince and Wigan - Monday, 9 15 and 11 45 a.m., 2 0, 5 15, and 7 15 p.m. Friday, 9 15 and 11 45 a.m., 2 0, 5 15, and 7 15 p.m. Saturday, 2 0, 3 45, 5 15, 6 45, 8 15, and 10 15 p.m. - Proe and Co., Proprietors


 The first Car will leave the Black Bull, Pemberton, at 9 a.m. for Church Service at Wigan; and a regular twenty minutes' service of Cars will commence running at 1 p.m., the last Car at night leaving Market Place, Wigan, at 10 p.m.

 A Workman's Car will leave the Black Bull, Pemberton, at 5 15 and 5 30 a.m., Fare One Penny; and from 8 a.m., a regular service of Cars will leave each terminus every twenty minutes, the last Car at night leaving Wigan at 10 15. Saturdays, 11 p.m.


 To Ashton : Duxbury, 'Ship,' daily, except Wednesday; and Cunliffe (to Platt Bridge also) daily
 To Aspull and Haigh : Gregory, 'Cross Keys,' Monday, Friday, and Saturday
 Billinge and Winstanley: Beesley, 'Commercial,' Monday and Friday
 Blackrod: Collier, 'Cross Keys,' Monday and Friday: Hope, 'Ship,' Friday
 Chorley and Blackburn: Westhead, 'Commercial,' Monday and Friday
 Golborne and Lowton: Barton, 'Ship,' Monday and Friday
 Goose Green: Fairhurst, 'Dog and Partridge,' Monday and Friday
 Hindley: J. Partington, Makinson's, Standishgate, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; and Taylor, Market place, daily; and Proe and Cp., Market place, daily
 Pemberton, Orrell, and Upholland: Molyneux, Market place; Ashurst, 'Commercial,' and Aspey, daily
 Rivington: Berry, 'Ship,' Friday
 Standish: Rawcliffe (to Shevington also), 'Cross Keys,' Monday, Friday, and Saturday; Almond and Co., 'Market Hotel,' several times daily
 Wigan Goods and Parcels Delivery Co. Limited, 10, Millgate; Oliver Gee, secretary

Post Office

Closing Box
Suburban Offices 5 45 a.m.
Liverpool 8 40 a.m.
Manchester, Yorkshire, and East Coast 10 15 a.m.
Liverpool and Ormskirk 11 15 a.m.
Bolton 11 15 a.m.
Chorley, Preston, Lancaster, and the North 11 45 a.m.
London, part South, Crewe, Birkenhead and Warrington 11 50 a.m.
St. Helens 12 10 p.m.
Southport 12 30 p.m.
Manchester 1 25 p.m.
Liverpool and Ormskirk 1 25 p.m.
Bolton 3 40 p.m.
Southport 4 25 p.m.
London 4 50 p.m.
Preston 5 25 p.m.
London, Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Ormskirk, Southport, and the South *10 0 p.m.
Chorley, Preston, Lancaster, and all parts North *10 0 p.m.

*These Mails only are despatched on Sundays.

Despatches to Pemberton, Orrell, Upholland, Standish, Hindley, Billinge, Whelley, Haigh, Aspull, Hindley Common, Downall Green, Ince, Lower Ince, Goose Green, Wrightington, Shevington, Abram, and Crooke at 6 a.m. Box closed at 5 45 a.m. A second despatch to Orrell, Upholland, Pemberton, and Highfield at 1 25 p.m.; Ince, Hindley, Crooke, Whelley, and New Springs at 3 10 p.m.; Standish and Worthington at 4 25 p.m.; and Parbold at 3 45 p.m.

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