The Wigan Directory of 1881, Pemberton

Pemberton is a very extensive township west of and adjoining the borough of Wigan, from which it is separated by the River Douglas. It comprises the villages of Lamberhead Green, Newtown, Goose Green, Kitt Green, Worsley Mesnes, and Smithy Brook, the first of which is the most important, and is three miles from Wigan. The church of St. John is a plain brick edifice; the living is a vicarage, in the presentation of the rector of Wigan. The Rev. Harry Mitchell is the present vicar. There are many schools in the township, also chapels belonging to various denominations. The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway passes through the township, and has a station here. There are several collieries which are worked on an extensive scale; stone of superior quality is quarried here; at Newtown are cotton mills, oil, manure, and iron works. Though the township is very populous the supply of water is precarious, but one well at Lamberhead Green (Pingate) is noted for its excellent quality. Hawkley hall is an old timbered building, now used as a farmhouse. Pemberton is in the hundred of West Derby

   The acreage is 2894; the population in 1861 was 6,780; in 1871, 10,374; and in 1881, 13,763.

   Post Office, Lamberhead Green. - Mary Cooke, postmistress. Letters received through Wigan. Money Order, Savings' Bank, and Telegraph Office.

   Post Receiving House, 183 Ormskirk road. - John Sephton, postmaster. Letters delivered from Wigan. Money Order Office and Savings' Bank

   St. John's Church, Lamberhead Green. - Rev. Harry Mitchell, vicar
   Pemberton Colliery Iron Church. - Rev. Thomas Evans, Chaplain
   Baptist (Particular) Chapel, Newtown
   Calvinistic Congregational Chapel
   Methodist Free Church, Lock street
   Methodist Free Gospel Chapel, Lock street, Lamberhead Green
   Methodist (Independent) Chapel, Newtown
   Methodist (Primitive) Chapel, Chapel street, Lamberhead Green
   Methodist (Primitive) Chapel, Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
   Methodist Independent (Mount Zion), Lamberhead Green
   Wesleyan Chapel, Goose Green
   Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel, Lamberhead Green
   St Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Chapel. - Rev. Bernard Brady, priest

   Bridgewater School (St. John's), Newtown. - Clement Banks, master
   National School (St. John's), Lamberhead Green. - William Hardwick, master; Miss Mary Jane Rodgers, mistress; Miss Whittaker, infants' mistress
   National School, Kitt Green. - Mary Ashton, mistress
   National School, Goose Green. - Frank Armitage, master; Mary A. Johnson, mistress
   Marsh Green. - Henry Gillham, master
   Pemberton Colliery School. - Robert Dawson, master
   Roman Catholic Schools (St. Cuthbert's), Ormskirk road. - Elizabeth Beardwood, mistress
   Pemberton Church School (girls). - M. A. Twiss, mistress
   Brunswick Day School, Newtown. - Thomas Walsham, master
   Wesleyan School, Lamberhead Green. - John H. Martin, master
   Wesleyan School, Newtown. - Thomas Walshaw, master

   County Police Station. - James Ludlam, superintendent
   Local Board of Healh Office. - Paul Partington, clerk; R. F. Hankins, surveyor; J. Somers, inspector of nuisances; G. Heaton, engineer; M. W. Peace, law clerk; R. Hartley, medical officer
   Reading Room, Little lane, Smithy Brook. - James Bell, manager
   Omnibuses to Wigan, Orrell, and Upholland, several times daily
   Tram Cars to Wigan every twenty minutes
   Carriers to Wigan. - James Ashurst, Robert Aspey, and Frederick Molyneux, daily
   Railway Station, Pemberton. - Thomas Caddick, stationmaster


Alker Mr. Edward, Egerton House, 203 Ormskirk road
Ashton Mrs. Elizabeth, Hodson terrace, 195 Ormskirk road
Aspinall Mr. Jas., Milton Lodge, Spring Bank
Baker Mr. William, Goose Green
Brady Rev. Bernard, 357 Ormskirk road
Brown Mr. William, Shelley House, Goose Green
Bull Rev. C. H., St. James' Vicarage, Worsley Mesnes
Bywater Mr. James A., Manor House, Worsley Mesnes
Coupe Mr. George, Worsley Mesnes
Coupe Mr. Richard, Lime vale, Smithy Brook
Daglish Mrs. Ann, Orrell Lodge, Pemberton
Davey Mr. Thomas, 313 Ormskirk road
Evans Rev. Thomas, Highfield
Fairbrother Mr. William, 215 Ormskirk road
Fisher Thos., Esq., Stone House, Smithy Brook
Green Mrs. Elizabeth, 43 Ormskirk road
Hartley Robert, Esq., Ashleigh, Lamberhead Green
Holt Rev. Robert Gornall, Brackley street, Goose Green
Houghton George, 205 Ormskirk road
Jackson Mr. John, 147 Warrington road
Leech Mr. William, Ellesmere House
Lyon Mr. Edward, Pemberton Cottage, Lamberhead Green
Mitchell Rev. Harry, The Vicarage, Ormskirk rd
Ormandy Mr. William, 144 Ormskirk road
Parry Mr. John F., Springbank
Peters Mrs. Elizabeth, 199 Ormskirk road
Pollard Mr. Henry, 331 Ormskirk road
Stephens Miss A., Bridge Cottage, Smithy Brook
Swift Mr. Allen, Ormskirk road
Taylor Thomas R., Esq., Highfield House
Tickle Mr. James, 29 Ormskirk road
Topping Mr. Henry, Bating House
Vose Mr. James, 294 Ormskirk road
Waddington Mr. Robert, 91 Flitwick terrace, Newtown
Waddington Mr. Robert, Gladstone House, Worsley Mesnes
Walker Rev. William, M.A., Laburnum villa, Newtown
Wilson Rev. Joseph, 292 Ormskirk road
Wilson Mr. Joseph, Little lane


Marked thus * are in Orrell, but in the Pemberton Postal Delivery.

Ackers John, farmer, near Tan Pits
Adamson Joseph, clerk, 189 Ormskirk road
*Ainscough James, shopkeeper, Lamberhead Green
Ainsworth Atherton, currier, 193 Ormskirk road
Ainsworth William, farmer, Kitt Green
Ainsworth Mary Jane, shopkeeper, Worsley Mesnes
Alker Mrs. Alice, farmer, Tunstall House
Alker Edward, bookkeeper, Egerton House, 203 Ormskirk road
Alker Frederick, Stephen's Farm
Alker James, farmer, Sled brook
Alker Thomas, innkeeper, Machine Inn, 628 Ormskirk road
*Almond Thos., painter & plumber, Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Anders James, farmer, Marsh Green
Anders John, farmer, Marsh Green
Anderson George, 284 Ormskirk road
Anderton John, general dealer, 602 Ormskirk rd.
Anderton Mr. Roger, 212 Ormskirk road
Appleton Elizabeth, tailoress, 186 Ormskirk rd.
Appleton Thos., file cutter, 59 Warrington rd.
Appleton Jno., shopkeeper, 52 Warrington rd.
Arrowsmith Josiah, clerk, 222 Ormskirk road
Arrowsmith William, moulder, 225 Ormskirk rd.
Ascroft Mrs. Esther, 174 Ormskirk road
Ascroft William, stone merchant and quarry master, Pemberton Stone Quarries - See advertisement
Ashurst George, underlooker, Highfield
Ashurst James, shopkeeper, Fleet street
Ashurst John, colliery underlooker, Billinge rd.
*Ashurst Robt., hairdresser, Lamberhead Green
*Ashurst Thomas, butcher, Lamberhead Green
*Ashurst Thos., shopkeeper, Lamberhead Green
Ashurst William, draper, 531 Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Aspinall James, beer retailer, 291 Warrington road, Goose Green
Aspinwell Richd., mill manager, 142 Ormskirk rd.
Atherton Aspin, shopkeeper, 525 Ormskirk rd.
Atherton James, auctioneer, 527 Ormskirk rd.
Atherton James, shopkeeper, 42 Fleet street
Atherton John, beer retailer, 18 Fleet street, Lamberhead Green
Atherton John, beer retailer, 37 Chapel st., Lamberhead Green
Atkinson Robt., insurance agent, 175 Ormskirk road
Bannister John, butcher, 87 Ormskirk road
Barlow John, shopkeeper, 72 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Barton Robert, secretary (Wigan Spinning Co.), 213 Ormskirk road
*Barlow Thomas Hartland, milliner, 612 Ormskirk road
Barton David, grocer and provision dealer, 119 Worsley Mesnes, and farmer, Fairbrother Farm
Barton James, shopkeeper, 19 Beutinck street, Goose Green
Barton James, shopkeeper, 272 Warrington road, Goose Green
Barton John, joiner, 282 Ormskirk road
Barton Jane, shopkeeper, Goose Green
Barton Thos., tailor & draper, 552 Ormskirk rd.
Barton William, miner, 258 Ormskirk road
Batchelor Edwin, traveller, 204 Ormskirk road
Baxter Jas., farmer, Warrington rd., Goose Grn.
Baynes Jeffrey, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages & insurance agent, Ormskirk rd,
Bentham Wm., shopkeeper, 133 Ormskirk rd.
Bentham Wm., shopkeeper, 12 Warrington rd.
Berry John, shopkeeper, Smithy Brook
Bibby Peter, botanist, 568 Ormskirk road
Blundell Jonathon & Son, coal proprietors. - William John Greener, manager
Booth Richard, shopkeeper, 18 Stanley street, Newtown
Bottomley John, clerk, 178 Ormskirk road
Bradburn Peter, farmer, Elm Farm, Smithy Brook
Brancker W. H. & Co., coal proprietors, Orrell Colliery. - W. H. Harbottle, manager
Britton Robert, shopkeeper, 55 Brackley st., Goose Green
Broderick Elizabeth, confectioner, 90 Ormskirk road
Brookes Edward, shopkeeper, 53 Spring bank
Brookes John, shopkeeper, 20 Duke street, Goose Green
Brown Charles, traveller, 206 Ormskirk road
Brown Thomas, shopkeeper, Tunstall lane
Brown Thomas, colliery underlooker, Norley Cottages
Brown Wm., cotton spinner, Worsley Mesnes, and Poolstock; and farmer, Goose Green
Burland Richard & Sons, manufacturing chemists, Soho street, Newtown - Richard Gaskell, manager
Burns Thomas, shoe maker and clogger, Newtown
Burton Thomas, clogger, Goose Green
Bywater William, builder (W. & A. Bywater), 317 Ormskirk road
Bywater William & Alfred, joiners & builders, Ormskirk road
Calderbank Jas., shoe maker, 559 Ormskirk rd.
Calderbank John, shopkeeper, 15 Bentinck, Goose Green
Campbell Margaret, shopkeeper, 91 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Carr John S., manager, 138 Ormskirk road
Castelli John, furniture dealer, 161 Ormskirk road
Catterall Edward, beer retailer, Fleet street, Lamberhead Green
Catterall Elizabeth, newsagent, 113 Ormskirk road
Chadwick Thomas, Bowling Green Inn, 134 Ormskirk road
Chambers John, grocer, 309 Ormskirk road
Chambers Miles, clerk of works, Victoria st., Newtown
Charnock Ann, shopkeeper, 45 Spring bank, Newtown
Clarkson James, clerk, 198 Ormskirk road
Clarkson Thomas, butcher, 32 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Clarkson Thomas, Prince of Wales Hotel, 81 Upper Victoria street
Clayton Henry, grocer, Billinge road
Clayton Richard, grocer, 93 Ormskirk road
Clements Alfred, cashier, 202 Ormskirk road
Clough Ann, shopkeeper, 545 Ormskirk road
Clough George & Sons, cloggers, Chapel street, Lamberhead Green
Clough John E., boot and shoe maker, and wholesale clogger, Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Coleclough John, lamp and oil dealer, 71 Ormskirk road, Newtown
Conroy John, Black Bull Inn, Ormskirk road
*Cook Mary, stationer, Post Office, Lamberhead Green
Cooper G., engine tenter, 54 Worsley Mesnes
Coupe R. J. & E., engineers, Worsley Mesnes
Coupe Richard, beer retailer, 54 and 56 Ormskirk road
Coupe Richard, farmer, Smithy Brook
Crosby Thos., pawnbroker, 109 Ormskirk rd.
*Cunliffe Richard, shopkeeper, Lamberhead Green
Dainty John, coal dealer, 245 Ormskirk road
Danson Thos., brass finisher, 180 Ormskirk rd.
Darbyshire John, Red Lion Inn, 553 Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green, and 1 Fleet st.
Darbyshire John, bookkeeper, 277 Ormskirk rd.
Davies Richard, grocer, Kitt Green
Dawber Elizabeth, milliner and draper, 537 Ormskirk road
Dawber Thomas, beer retailer, Marsh Green
Dawson John, farmer, Walthew House
Dawson Robt., shopkeeper, 24 Ormskirk road
*Dean John, shoe maker, Lamberhead Green
Dean Thomas, shopkeeper, Kitt Green
Dean William, New Inn, 25 Brackley street, Goose Green
Derbyshire William, beer retailer, Kitt Green
Derbyshire William & Henry, joiners & builders, Victoria street, Newtown
*Dickinson John, tailor, Lamberhead Green
Disley James, manufacturer of boiler composition, &c., 171 Ormskirk road; works, The Pottery, Wigan
Dugdale Jane, newsagent, 477 Ormskirk road
Dunn Denis, shopkeeper, 21 Billinge road
Dunn Patrick, shopkeeper, 359 Ormskirk road
Eastham Luke, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 75 Warrington road
Eckersley Thomas, draper, Goose Green
Fairclough Thos., Duke of York Inn, Marsh Green
Fairhurst John, beer retailer, 50 Fleet street
Fairhurst William, carrier, Goose Green
Fairhurst William, butcher, 17 Billinge road
Farrimond George, cashier, 181 Ormskirk road
*Farrimond J., shopkeeper, Lamberhead Green
Farrimond Joseph, shopkeeper, 97 Ormskirk rd.
Farrimond Thomas, beer retailer, 2 and 4 Warrington road
Farrimond Thomas, shopkeeper, Marsh Green
Farrimond Mrs., farmer, Clap Gate
Faulkner Alfred, farmer, Norley Hall
*Fearnley James, shopkeeper, Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Ferguson William, grocer, 6 Warrington road
Fisher Thomas, surgeon, Stone House, Smithy Brook
Fletcher William James, draper, 103 & 521 Ormskirk road
Flynn Michael J., tailor, 156 Ormskirk road
Fogg & Ashcroft, wheelwrights and smiths, Billinge road
Fogg J., Hare & Hounds Inn, 93 Billinge rd.
*Fothergill Robert, shopkeeper, Lamberhead Green
Fouracre Samuel, farmer, Rylance Mill
Foy Ann & Charlotte, shopkeepers, Fleet st., Lamberhead Green
Foy John, shopkeeper, Lamberhead Green
France & Smith, joiners and builders, Albert street, Newtown
France John, shopkeeper, Scot's lane, Marsh Green
France William, builder (France & Smith), 192 Ormskirk road
Galloway James, farmer, Kitt Green
Garside Samson, colliery manager, 296 Ormskirk road
Gaskell Edwd., confectioner, 651 Ormskirk rd.
Gaskell James, grocer and beer retailer, Kitt Green
Gaskell Joseph, grocer and beer retailer, Kitt Green
Gaskell Peter, grocer and baker, 28 Chapel street, Lamberhead Green
Gaskell Richd., manager (R. Burland & Sons), 322 Ormskirk road
Gaskell T., farmer, Scot's lane, Marsh Green
*Gaskell Wm., contractor, Lamberhead Green
Gaskell William, farmer, Marsh Green
Gee John, clothes dealer, 224 Ormskirk road; shop, Market Hall, Wigan
Gee Thomas, coal agent, 542 Ormskirk road
Gerrard John, beer retailer, 97 Brackley street
Gerrard John, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Clapgate lane
Glover & Baxter, farmers, Goose Green
Glover George, Ben Johnson Inn, Park lane
Glover Thomas, Victoria Inn, 285 Warrington road, Goose Green
Gore John, farmer, Worsley Mesnes
Gore Richard, shopkeeper, 491 Ormskirk road
Gorner Alice, shopkeeper, Kitt Green
Gorse Thomas, grocer, Kitt Green
Green The Misses, day school, 43 Ormskirk rd.
Greaves James, shopkeeper, Kitt Green
Green Henry, brick maker, 1 Ormskirk road
Green Jas., Bird-i'th'-Hand Inn, 9 Ormskirk road
Green Thomas, joiner, 264 Ormskirk road
Green Thomas, cowkeeper, Holt street, Poolstock lane
Greenall John, beer retailer, 113 Chapel st., Lamberhead Green
Greenall Robert, farmer, Bull's Head Inn, Smithy Brook
Greener William John, mining engineer, Wood Cottage
Greenhalgh John, beer retailer, Clapgate lane, Goose Green
Grimshaw Elizabeth, butcher, 88 Ormskirk rd.
Halliwell Charles, overlooker, Brunswick Cottage, Newtown
Halliwell J. & A., shopkeepers, 7 Ormskirk rd.
Hamilton Thomas, beer retailer, 24 Bentinck street, Goose Green
Hampson James, clerk, 173 Ormskirk road
Hampson William, farmer, Worsley Hall
Hankins Richard F., surveyor, Billinge road
Hargreaves James, draughtsman, 169 Ormskirk road
Harmer Michael, shopkeeper, Fleet street, Lamberhead Green
Hartley Henry, draper, 620 and earthenware dealer, 618 Ormskirk road
Hartley Henry, jun., butcher, 616 Ormskirk road
Harltey James, grocer and draper, 467 Ormskirk road
*Hartley Robert, surgeon, Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Hatton Joseph H., traveller, 276 Ormskirk rd.
Heaps Giles, grocer and draper, Fleet street, Lamberhead Green
Heaton Abraham, grocer, 82 and 182 Ormskirk road
Heaton Elias, shopkeeper, 255 Ormskirk road
Heaton Henry, brewer, 187 Ormskirk road
*Heaton Joseph, watchmaker, Lamberhead Green
Heaton Peter, shopkeeper, 33 Chapel street, Lamberhead Green
Heaton Robert, shopkeeper, 10 Duke street, Goose Green
Heaton Samuel, shopkeeper, Goose Green
Heaton Thomas, carrier, 268 Warrington rd., Goose Green
Heaton William, coal merchant, Warrington road; house, 146 Ormskirk road
Hesketh Thomas, Blundell's Arms, Highfield
Heyes James, 140 Ormskirk road
*Heyes Samuel, farmer, Bell Farm
Hibbert James, clerk, Queen's terrace, 209 Ormskirk road
Highton John, shopkeeper, 89 Worsley Mesnes
Hill James, shopkeeper, Marsh Green
Hill John, beer retailer, Marsh Green
Hill John, shopkeeper, Little lane, Smithy Brook
Hill Mary, shopkeeper, 46 Bentinck street, Goose Green
Hilton Charlotte, shopkeeper, 2 Albert street, Newtown
Hilton Henry, shopkeeper, 88 Billinge road
Hilton Thos., cotton spinner, Ellesmere Mill, Newtown; house, 144 Wigan lane, Wigan
Hilton William, shopkeeper, Kitt Green
Hitchen Edwin, butcher, 561 Ormskirk road
Holme & King, railway contractors, Soho st., Newtown; and 2 Queen street, Wigan
Holme James, beer retailer, Marsh Green
Horrocks Robert, clogger, Worsley Mesnes
Hough Henry, beer retailer, 53 Ormskirk road
Hough John & Sons, boiler makers, Newtown Boiler Works - See advertisement
Hough Richard, boiler maker (John Hough & Sons), 208 Ormskirk road
Houghton Frederick, farmer, 90 Billinge road
Houghton George, clerk, 205 Ormskirk road
*Houghton John, shopkeeper, Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Houghton Wm., tea dealer, 201 Ormskirk rd.
House John, foreman, Highfield
Howard Thomas, brick maker (Partington & Howard), 202 Scott lane
Howorth Mary, provision dealer, 630 Ormskirk road
Hull Lawrence, shopkeeper, 215 Billinge road
Hunt Frederick A., insurance agent, 254 Ormskirk road
Hurst James, shopkeeper, 1 Park lane
Hurst John, 'bus proprietor, White Lion Inn, 502 Ormskirk road
Hurst R., shopkeeper, Little la., Smithy Brook
Hydes Mark W., traveller, 200 Ormskirk road
Irvine John, shopkeeper, 1 Victoria street, Newtown
Irving Walter Hugh, clerk, 315 Ormskirk road
Jardine William, saddler, 535 Ormskirk road
*Jarvis Edward, joiner, Lamberhead Green
*Jarvis John, hair dresser, Lamberhead Green
Jenkinson James, shopkeeper, 59 Albert st., Newtown
Johnson Margaret, farmer, Harvey House
Johnson Lydia, farmer, Park lane
Jolley Mr. Henry, 66 Albert street, Newtown
Jones Charles, miner, 266 Ormskirk road
Kilshaw James, farmer, Smethurst lane
Kilshaw Thomas, farmer, Carr lane
Kirby David, draper, 197 Ormskirk road
Knight Daniel, grocer's assistant, 217 Ormskirk road
Knowles Mary, Pack Horse Inn, 521 Ormskirk road
Lamb & Moore, coal proprietors, Newtown and Meadows Collieries
Laithwaite John, machine clerk, Rose hill
Layland Samuel, hame and chain maker, Goose Green
Leach Richard, beer retailer, 41 Ormskirk rd.
Lee James, shopkeeper, 92 Ormskirk road
Lever John, shopkeeper, Fleet st., Lamberhead Green
Leyland John, hair dresser, 127 Ormskirk rd.
Leyland Rebecca, earthenware dealer, 150 Ormskirk road
Linacre Alfred, agent for the Royal Liver Friendly Society, 119 Ormskirk road
Liptrot James, flagger and slater, 14 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Liptrot John, contractor, Zion House, Lamberhead Green
Liptrot Nicholas, slater, flagger, and shopkeeper, 135 Ormskirk road
Liptrot Robert, farmer, Oldham's fold
Livesey John, smallware dealer, Worsley Mesnes
Lomax Henry, greengrocer, 28 Warrington rd.
Lowe Edwin C., clerk, 167 Ormskirk road
Lowe Henry, shopkeeper, 23 Bentinck street, Goose Green
Lowe John, shopkeeper and postmaster, 279 Warrington road, Goose Green
Lupton Henry, painter, Tunstall lane
McLachlan Isabella, Saddle Inn, Newtown
McLoughlin John, butter and egg merchant, 320 Ormskirk road; shop, Market place
Malcolm Henry, manager (Coop & Co.), 158 Ormskirk road
Magrath John, clogger, 94 Ormskirk road
Magrath Thos., general dealer, 96 Ormskirk rd.
Martlew Bros., blacksmiths, Lamberhead Grn.
Martlew George, beer retailer, Clapgate lane, Goose Green
Martlew Jas., Tipping's Arms, Worsley Mesnes
Martlew John, bookkeeper, 177 Ormskirk rd.
Martlew Sarah, shopkeeper, 570 Ormskirk rd.
Martlew William, moulder, 210 Ormskirk rd.
May Mill Spinning Co., May Mill, Highfield. - Joseph Roper, manager
Mason Adam, clogger, 46 Ormskirk road
Mayor William, clogger and draper, 89 Ormskirk road
Meadows Wm., shopkeeper, Scots la., Newtown
Miller Joseph, general dealer, 481 Ormskirk rd.
Millington Alfred, 172 Ormskirk road
Mills John, colliery underlooker, 492 Ormskirk road
Molyneux J. L., surgeon, 558 Ormskirk road
Molyneux John, shopkeeper and draper, Northumberland st., Goose Green
Monk John, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 10 Ormskirk road
Monks Joseph, clerk, 311 Ormskirk road
Monks Paul, shopkeeper, 223 Ormskirk road
Moorfield Henry, grocer, 177 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Moorfield Peter, shopkeeper, 295 Ormskirk rd.
Moorfield William, brickmaker, Queen street
Moss Ellen, shopkeeper, 61 Brook lane
Moss James, shopkeeper, Fleet street, Lamberhead Green
Newton Ellen, shopkeeper, 32 Ormskirk road
Norley Coal & Cannel Co., Norley Collieries. - Jonathan Longbottom, manager
Norton Samuel, manager, 308 Ormskirk road
Occleshaw Richard, shopkeeper, 26 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Ogden Henry C., overlooker, 276 Ormskirk rd.
Ormandy William, accountant, 144 Ormskirk road; office, King street, Wigan
Ormesher Edwd., jun., farmer, Whalley House
Orrell Coal & Cannel Co., Limited, Orrell Colliery. - W. H. Harbottle, managing director
Orrell Thomas, tailor, Goose Green
Orrell William, Dog & Partridge Inn, Chapel street, Lamberhead Green
Parkinson H., weighman, 115 Worsley Mesnes
Parkinson Luke, Pack Horse Inn, Smithy Brook
Parkinson M., shopkeeper, 539 Ormskirk road
Parkinson Thos., beer retailer, Kitt Green
Parkinson Wm., shopkeeper, 443 Ormskirk rd.
Parkinson Wm., beer retailer, Duke st., Goose Green
Parr Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 297 Warrington road, Goose Green
Parr William, shopkeeper, Kitt Green
Parry John F., manager, Spring bank
Partington & Howard, brick and tile makers, Scots lane, Marsh Green
Partington Paul, clerk to the Local Board; Offices, Tunstall lane
Peak John, manufacturing chemist, &c., Soho street, Newtown
Pearce John, draper's assistant, 286 Ormskirk road
Pennington A., commission agent, Billinge rd.
Pennington Jas., shoemaker, 459 Ormskirk rd.
Pennington Richard, nail maker, 461 Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Pennington Thomas, grocer and draper, 518 Ormskirk road
Perry Ellis, farmer, Smithy Brook
Phythian Ellen, farmer, Goose Green
Phythian William, farmer, Delph House
Pigot Elizabeth, shoemaker, 533 Ormskirk rd.
Pike Thos. Jenkinson, White Swan Inn, 626 Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Pilkington J. G., clogger, 69 Ormskirk road
Pilkington Peter, beer retailer, Ormskirk rd., Lamberhead Green
Platt Joseph, clerk, 170 Ormskirk road
Pollard Henry, timekeeper, 331 Ormskirk road
Pollock Wm., cabinet maker, 268 Ormskirk road
*Powell John, shopkeeper, Kitt Green
Preston Richard G., builders' ironmonger, Ormskirk road, Newtown
Preston William, grocer and beer retailer, 111 Worsley Mesnes
Quinn Denis, shopkeeper, 21 Billinge road
*Radcliffe James, grocer, Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Richardson Charles, farmer, Marsh Green
Riding William, policeman, 267 Warrington road, Goose Green
Rigby E. & A., shopkeepers, Kitt Green
Rigby Edward, butcher, 50 Warrington road
Rigby James, clerk, 274 Ormskirk road
Rigby John, butcher, 529 Ormskirk road
Rigby Theodocia, miller, Smithy Brook
Ritson Jos., colliery manager, Brook Cottage
Robinson Peter, draper, 78 Ormskirk road
Roby John, shopkeeper, 15 Chapel street, Lamberhead Green
Roper Jos., manager (May Mill Spinning Co.), May Cottage
Rothwell Jane, shopkeeper, Kitt Green
Roscoe Alfred, bookkeeper, 216 Ormskirk road
Rowe William, Bold Hotel, Worsley Mesnes
Rutherford John, bricklayer, 185 Ormskirk road
Rutter John, beer retailer, 86 Ormskirk road
Rutter Wm., shopkeeper, 151 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Rylance Jane, draper, 531 Ormskirk road
Rylance Joseph, shopkeeper, 9 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Rylance Thomas, general dealer, 503 Ormskirk road
Sagar Thomas, insurance agent, 83 Warrington road
Salkeld Matthew, insurance agent, 176 Ormskirk road
Schofield Thos., shopkeeper, Thwaites Delph
Scotson John, Halfway House Inn, Ormskirk rd.
Seller William Henry, insurance agent, 280 Ormskirk road
Sephton Chas., plumber, &c. (E. & C. Sephton), 183 Ormskirk road
Sephton E. & C., painters, plumbers, glaziers, and gas & water fitters, 151 Ormskirk rd.
Sephton Edward, plumber, &c. (E. & C. Sephton), 151 Ormskirk road
Sephton John, grocer and beer retailer, Post Office, 183 Ormskirk road
Sephton J. & G., ironfounders, Thwaites Delph
Sharrock John, beer retailer, Marsh Green
Sharrocks Wm., shopkeeper, 523 Ormskirk rd.
Simm Thomas, shopkeeper, Goose Green
Simpkin Joseph, underlooker, Highfield
Slater John, beer retailer, 566 Ormskirk road
Slavin John, miner, 163 Ormskirk road
Slavin Michael, beer retailer, 77 Spring bank
Smallshaw Henry, shopkeeper, Marsh Green
Smith Alfred, farmer, Worthington fold
Smith John, tailor's cutter, 211 Ormskirk rd.
Smith Joseph, beer retailer, 37 Warrington rd.
Smith Thos., accountant, 50 Poolstock lane
Smith William, builder (France & Smith), 191 Ormskirk road
Somers John, nuisance inspector and school attendance officer, Spencer's fold, Lamberhead Green
Southam Wm., shopkeeper, 133 Ormskirk rd.
Southworth Edward, shopkeeper, Marsh Green
Southworth Jas., shopkeeper, 478 Ormskirk rd.
Sparks Cornelius, draper, 249 Ormskirk road
Starkey Joseph, beer retailer, Billinge road
Steadman Elizbth., shopkeeper, 61 Ormskirk rd.
Stephen J. & G., engineers and ironfounders, Thwaites Delph
Stephenson James, farmer, Hawkley Hall
Swales Elijah, shopkeeper, Ormskirk road, Lamberhead Green
Swann John, tailor, 247 Ormskirk road
Swift Brothers, engineers and ironfounders, Union Foundry, Newtown
Swift Mr. Allen, Spring bank, Ormskirk road
Swift Henry, engineer (Swift Brothers), Holly bank, 101 Warrington road
Swift John, plumber & painter, 569 Ormskirk rd., Lamberhead Green; and Wallgate, Wigan - See advertisement
Swift James, engineer (Swift Bros.), Holly bank, 99 Warrington road
Swift Martha, draper, 37 Ormskirk road
Swift S. (Exors. of), Worsley Mesnes Brewery
Swift Wm., brewer, Worsley Mesnes Brewery
Taberner Henry, shopkeeper, 499 Ormskirk rd.
Taberner James, stationer and insurance agent, 549 Ormskirk road
Tarbuck Wm., Railway Inn, Billinge road
Taylor Ellen, British Queen Inn, 550 Ormskirk road
Taylor John, George Inn, 557 Ormskirk road, Pemberton
Taylor Joseph, shopkeeper, 10 Norfolk street
Taylor Richard, beer retailer, Little lane
Taylor Thomas, shopkeeper, 49 Ormskirk rd.
Taylor Wm., shopkeeper, 68 Warrington road
Thomas John, shopkeeper, 10 Victoria street, Newtown
Thomas William, greengrocer, Ormskirk road, Newtown
Thompson John, farmer, Carr House
Topping George, beer retailer, 75 Ormskirk rd.
Topping Joseph, farmer, Cuthbert Scot's House
Turner George, shopkeeper & draper, 454 Ormskirk road
Turner Jabez, coal agent, 30 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
Turner James, farmer, Park lane
Turner Richd., cloth examiner, 179 Ormskirk rd.
Unsworth John, joiner, 272 Ormskirk road
Unsworth Joseph, beer retailer, Warrington road, Newtown
Waddington Robert, manager (John Lamb & Co., oil distillers), 91 Flitwick terrace, Newtown
Wadsworth John, Tan pits, Goose Green
Waite Wm., grocer and draper, 13 Fleet st., Lamberhead Green
Walker John, blockmaker, 38 Ormskirk road
*Walsh Jos., beer retailer, Lamberhead Green
Walsh Thomas, shopkeeper, 78 Warrington rd.
Walsham Thomas, schoolmaster, 214 Ormskirk road
Warburton Jesse, clogger, 287 Warrington rd., Goose Green
*Warburton John, pawnbroker, Lamberhead Green
Warburton William, chemists' assistant, 207 Ormskirk road
Waring Hannah, Miners' Arms Inn, Kitt Grn.
Waring William, beer retailer, Kitt Green
Waring William, beer retailer, Kitt Green
Webster James, blacksmith, 10 Warrington rd.
Webster Wm., assistant overseer and collector of taxes, Rose hill
Westcott George, confectioner, 1 Albert st.
Wetton George, miner, 28 Enfield street, Lamberhead Green
White William, sen., farmer, Beech Farm
White William, jun., Lamberhead Green
Whittaker John F., traveller, 324 Ormskirk road
Whittle Henry, contractor, 304 Ormskirk road
Widdows Alice, shopkeeper, Chapel street, Lamberhead Green
Widdows Henry, chemist, 562 Ormskirk road
Widdows John T., cowkeeper, Church street
Wilkinson John, farmer, Langley House
Willoughby Robert, coke burner, Highfield
Wilton Charlotte, shopkeeper, 2 Albert street
*Winnard William, beer retailer, Fleet street, Lamberhead Green
*Winstanley Ellen, beer retailer, Ormskirk rd., Lamberhead Green
Winstanley Samuel, farmer, Goose Green
Winstanley Samuel, farmer, Thwaites Delph
*Winstanley William, beer retailer, Lamberhead Green
Wood William, inspector, 167 Ormskirk road
Woosey Thomas, farmer, Park lane
Worsley James, manager, 278 Ormskirk road
Worsley William, artificial manure manufacturer, Trentham Manure Works, Newtown
Worthington James, wheelwright, Chapel st., Lamberhead Green
*Yates Robert, Leigh Arms, Lamberhead Green

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