The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, M

Wigan, M

McArdle Charles, shopkeeper, 101 Scholes
McArdle Catherine, Cotton Tree Inn, 53 Hardybutts
McAvoy Edward, butcher, 123 Scholes
McAvoy Thomas, butcher, 98 & 123 Scholes
McBritney William, county court bailiff, 12 Lorne street
McCartney R. H., schoolmaster, 49 Poolstock lane
McCartney Mr. Robert, 49 Poolstock lane
McClure Mrs. Alice, 14 Scarisbrick street
McClure John, draper, &c. (Evans & McClure), 14 Swinley road
McConnel Thomas, travelling draper, 15 Queen street
McCormack John, stonemason, 17 Chapel lane
McCue Lawrence, rag dealer, 11 Hardybutts
McCurdy Denis, pawnbroker, 8 Caroline st.
McDermot John, overlooker, 38 Corporation street
McDermot John, boot and shoemaker, 33 Wellington street
McFarlane William, labourer, 2 New Lodge
McGarr John, iron turner, 60 Caroline st.
McGeorge J. A., assistant manager (Parr's Bank), Park view
McGiffin Philip, manager (Bushell & Co.'s), 4 Hallgate
McGowan James, mining surveyor, 12 Freckleton street
McGrath Andrew, shopkeeper, 76 Spring gardens
McGrath James, shopkeeper, 50 Lower Morris street
McGregor James, banker's clerk, 8 Park view, The Mesnes
Magrath Mark, tailor, 27 Queen street
Magrath James, tailor, 97 Great George st.
Macintosh Donald, policeman, 34 Harrogate street
Mack John, cabinet maker, Willgoose lane; house, 29 York street
McKay David, 151 Woodhouse lane
McKerrow William, travelling draper, 19 Church street
McKie William, grocer, Arcade, King st.
McKinsey George, inspector (railway), 7 Acton's walk
McLellan James, travelling draper, 5 Western place, Standishgate
McLellan Samuel, travelling draper, 1 Acton's terrace, Upper Dicconson street
McLellan William, travelling draper, 9 Dicconson street
McLeod Jacob, butcher, 110 Scholes
McLeod Thomas, butcher, 124 Scholes, and 21 Market Hall
McMahon Ellen, householder, 88 Darlington Street east
McMahon Mary A., dressmaker, 4 Caroline street
McNally Richard, beer retailer, 179 Hardybutts
McNaught William, travelling draper, 3 Acton's terrace, Upper Dicconson street
McNulty James, shoemaker, 10 Scholes
Major William, clerk, 123 Standishgate
Makinson & Wilcock, auctioneers and valuers, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway approach, Wallgate
Makinson George, ironmonger, 62 Market place; house, Colinfield, Wigan lane
Makinson James, bricklayer, 71 Woodhouse lane
Makinson James, bricklayer, 84 Warrington lane
Makinson John (Makinson & Wilcock), auctioneer and valuer, agent for the Appley Bridge Chemical Manure Co., and the London and Southwark Insurance Co., Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway yard, Wallgate, and at Up-holland
Makinson John, compositor, 13 Oxford st.
Makinson Peter, general dealer, 81 Scholes
Makinson Richard, tea dealer, 34 Standishgate
Makinson Thomas, bricklayer, 95 Darlington Street east
Maledy Matthew, tripe dresser, 68 Millgate
Maledy Sarah, beer retailer, 59 Millgate
Maloney Martin, wholesale provision merchant, 87 Scholes
Manchester and County Bank Limited (branch), King st. - Wright Gee, manager
Manchester and District Loan Office, 33 King st. - Peter Ward, agent
Manchester and Liverpool District Bank (branch), 1 King st. - Mr. Charles B. Fernihough, manager
Manchester Clothing Depot, New Buildings, top of Wallgate
Manchester (Fire) Insurance Co., Leader's Buildings, 31a King st. - Maskell W. Peace, agent
Margetts William Edward, engineer, 31 Upper Dicconson street
Marks James, milliner and draper, 42 Greenough street
Markusfeld Zigismund, clothier, 2 Market Hall; house, 210 Wallgate
Marrow Charles, maker-up, 19 Horsfield st.
Marrow Richard, painter, 8 Russell street
Marsden Mrs. Caroline, 134 Wigan Lane
Marsden Daniel, monumental mason, Darlington st.; house, 5 Harrogate st.
Marsden Elizabeth, householder, 11 Oxford street
Marsden Ellen, householder, 21 Great George street
Marsden Israel, shopkeeper, 17 Upper Morris street
Marsden James, wholesale clothier, (Coop & Co.), The Limes, Standish
Marsden James, beer retailer, 45 School lane
Marsden John Henry, plumber and painter, 53 Mesnes street
Marsden Jonathan, commercial traveller, 57 Mesnes street
Marsden Samuel, collier, 74 Pool street
Marsden William, joiner, 13 Caroline street
Marsden William, wheelwright, 104 Wigan lane
Marsh & Melling, flag and stone merchants, Canal Wharf, Wallgate and Raven street, St. Helens
Marsh Benjamin, shopkeeper, 32 Belvoir st.
Marsh Elizabeth, householder, 36 Pool st.
Marsh George, draper, 80 Market Hall; house, 4 Western place, Standishgate
Marsh George, draper, 35 & 42 Standishgate
Marsh George, Derby Arms Inn, 60 Chapel lane
Marsh George, joiner, 40 Harrogate street
Marsh George, fireman, 121 Woodhouse lane
Marsh John, engine tenter, 38 York street
Marsh John, stone merchant (Marsh & Melling), Mona House, Orrell
Marsh Mary, householder, 107 Great George street
Marsh Mary, shopkeeper, 87 Queen street
Marsh Peter, cashier, 9 Miry lane
Marsh Thomas, milk dealer, 42 Millgate
Marsh Thomas, grocer, 28 Cross street
Marsh Wm., baker and provision dealer, 144 Chapel lane
Marsh Wm., grocer's assistant, 44 Corporation street
Marshall Samuel, tailor, 11 & 13 Great George street
Marshall Thomas, Esq., J.P., The Larches, Wigan lane
Martin B., chimney sweeper, Elbow lane, Millgate
Martin Elizabeth, dressmaker, 28 Lorne st.
Martindale John, flagger, 10 Harrogate st.
Martland John E., overlooker, 34 York st.
Martland William, shopkeeper, 42 Hallgate
Martlew & Sons, blacksmiths and cab proprietors, Albion yard, Millgate
Martlew Catherine, confectioner, 96 Wallgate
Martland Catherine and Margaret, confectioners, 114 Wallgate
Martlew Fred, cab proprietor (Martlew & Sons), 109 Millgate
Martlew Robert, blacksmith and cab proprietor (Martlew & Sons), 71 Millgate
Mason Catherine, householder, 139 Great George street
Mason Charles, telegraph clerk, 25 Harrogate street
Mason Mrs. Dorothy, 10 Wigan lane
Mason Edward, joiner, 16 Florence street
Mason Edward, engine tenter, 143 Woodhouse lane
Mason Isaac, machine broker, Seven Stars Inn, 252 Wallgate
Mason J. W. & Son, linen drapers, &c., 6 Standishgate
Mason James, shopkeeper, 299 Warrington road, Ince; house, 81 Dicconson street
Mason John, labourer, 10 Acton's walk
Mason Samuel, fireman, 2 Kent street
Mason Richard, Albion Inn, 24 Millgate
Mason William, musical instrument dealer, 51 Mesnes street
Mason Thomas, egg, &c., dealer, 31 Wellington street
Masters & Son, auctioneers, &c., 26 King street
Masters George Bryan, auctioneer (Masters & Son), Derby terrace, 15 Wigan lane
Mather John, chemist and druggist, 108 Scholes
Mather John, fitter, 2 Duke street
Mather Richard, earthenware dealer, 11 Upper Morris street
Mather Robert, plumber, 10 Richmond st.
Mather Stephen, grocer, 192 Scholes
Mather Thomas, confectioner, 26 Darlington street
Mathew Rev. R. G., 9 New Market street
Matthews John, operative, 27 Hodson st.
Mawdsley Evan, Vine Inn, 45 Caroline st.
Mawdsley John, shopkeeper, 41 & 43 Princess street
Mawdesley William, farmer, Baron street
Mawson & Co., stock and sharebrokers' accountants, and insurance agents, 23 King street - See advertisement
Mawson James W., shopkeeper, 193 Whelley
Mawson John Yates, sharebroker (Mawson & Co.), Beacon House, Bridgeman terrace
Maxwell Mary, shopkeeper, 113 Wallgate
May George, photo. artist, 5 Acton's walk, Chapel lane
Maycock Frank, Angel Inn, 93 Scholes
Mayhew & Son, solicitors, and agents to the Sun Fire Office, 20 Standishgate
Mayhew Horace, mining engineer, Leader's buildings, 31a King street; residence, Bank House, Wigan lane
Mayhew Walter, solicitor (Mayhew & Son), perpetual commissioner, and commissioner for affidavits, and in Common Pleas and Chancery at Lancaster, steward to the manor of Ashton-in-Makerfield, and to the manor of Windle, Woodlands
Mayor Thomas, cabinet maker (A. & H. Barlow & Co.), 15 Powell street
Meaden Samuel, hosier and draper, 1 Market place
Meadow Henry, insurance agent, 118 Great George street
Meadows Walter, shopkeeper, 116 Frog lane
Mears John, underlooker, 89 Woodhouse lane
Mears John, house agent, 200 Wallgate
Mears John, draper, 83 Market Hall; house, 85 Hallgate
Mechanics' Institution, King street - John Smith, secretary
Mee Alice, shopkeeper, 61 Queen street
Meek George, draper, &c. (J. Meek & Sons), 17 Wallgate
Meek Joseph, Esg., J.P., Swinley House
Meek Joseph & Sons, linen drapers, silk mercers, milliners, house furnishers, agents for Wheeler & Wilson's sewing machines, and to the Patent Airtight Metallic Coffin Co., 17 & 19 Wallgate - See advertisement
Meek William O., draper, &c. (Joseph Meek & Sons), 8 Dicconson street
Meller James, shopkeeper, 110 Whelley
Melling Edward, wheelwright, 68 Wigan lane
Melling Henry, tool dealer, 174 Scholes
Melling Henry, wheelwright, 40 Greenough street
Melling John, gauger, 8 York Street east
Melling Samuel, forge master (Ince Forge Co.), 10 Park View, The Mesnes
Melling Thomas, forge master (Ince Forge Co.), Lower Ince
Melling Thomas, fishmonger, 79 Scholes
Melling William, stone merchant (Marsh & Melling), Billinge-Higher-End
Melling William, forge master (Ince Forge Co.), 11 Birkett Bank
Mellor Peter, marine store dealer, 64 Queen street
Mercer George, clerk, 4 Ashland avenue
Mercer John, blacksmith, 3 Green street
Mercer Thomas, bricklayer, 2 Clifton street
Metropolitan Railway Carriage and Wagon Co., 98 Wallgate - John Seddon, agent
Middlehurst John, engine tenter, 1 Miry lane
Middleton Charles, shopkeeper, 69 Hallgate
Millard James, hardware dealer, photographer, and auctioneer and valuer, 118 Millgate, and opposite Market Hall
Milligan Hugh, draper, 1 Gidlow street
Milligan Thomas, jun., furnishing ironmonger, 5 Market street
Milligan Thomas, coal agent, 11 Upper Dicconson street
Milligan W. H., commission agent, 72 Darlington Street east
Millington Ann, householder, 55 Greenough street
Millington John, bricklayer, 10 Turner st.
Millington William, Legs of Man Inn, Market Arcade
Mills James, boot and shoe maker, 142 Scholes, and Market Hall
Mills Joseph, shoemaker, 102 Chapel lane
Mills Peter, shoemaker, 85 Corporation st.
Millward William, grocer's assistant, 16 Horsfield street
Milner Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, 46 Market place; house, 39 Upper Dicconson street
Mitchell James & William, butchers, 23 & 79 Market Hall
Mitchell Thomas, colliery underlooker, Wigan lane
Mitchell Thomas, shopkeeper, 6 Duke st.
Mitchell Thomas, butcher, 80 Woodhouse lane
Mitchinson Thomas, picture frame maker, 12 Greenough street
Mitton Ellen, greengrocer, 45 Market Hall
Mitton Jane, butcher, Market Hall; house, 5 Hilton street
Moal John, police inspector, 5 Wellington street
Molteni & Son, manufacturers of looking glasses, picture frames, barometers, &c., 41 Wallgate
Molyneux Elijah, ironmonger, whitesmith, and safety lamp manufacturer, 198 Scholes
Molyneux Henry, grocer and provision dealer, 47 Market street
Molyneux Henry, fireman, 23 Woodhouse lane
Molyneux James, brewer, 2 Orchard st., Warrington lane
Molyneux John, bookkeeper, 4 Orchard st., Warrington lane
Molyneux Peter, beer retailer, 86 Wigan lane
Molyneux Thomas, manager, 105 Poolstock lane
Monoghan Henry, tailor, 4 Manor street
Monoghan Hugh P., schoolmaster (St. John's R.C.), 62 Greenough street
Monoghan Patrick, shopkeeper, 2 Warrington lane
Monk Thomas Anderton, joiner and builder, 9 Field street, Frog lane
Monks Elisha Hodkinson, M.D., surgeon, Regent House, 27 Greenough street
Monks E. H., grocer and provision dealer, 78 Scholes
Monks Mary Ann, grocer, 26 Rodney st., and 85 Millgate
Monks T. H., pawnbroker, 114 Scholes
Montgomery William, drapers' assistant, 16 Clifton street
Moon Mr. Peter, 91 Hallgate
Moorby George, grocer, 246 Wallgate
Moore Eleanor, householder, 4 Gt. George st.
Moorfield Henry, joiner, Frog lane; house, 51 Woodhouse lane
Moorfield James, shopkeeper and brickmaker, 98 Woodhouse lane
Moorfield John, shopkeeper, 160 Frog lane
Moore William B., insurance agent, 9 Regent street
Moran Patrick, beer retailer, 17 Warrington lane
Morell Othello Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 62 Standishgate
Morgan Charles, baker, 146 Great George street
Morgan James, provision dealer, 69 Queen street
Morgan James, ginger beer manufacturer, 89 Great George street
Morgan Morgan, baker, 8 Kirkless street
Morris Cornelius, fishmonger, 142 Wallgate
Morris James, Bold Arms Inn, 30 Scholes
Morris Thomas, brewer, 37 Poolstock lane
Morris William, brewer, 18 Poolstock lane
Morris William, bricksetter, 10 Russel st.
Morritt joseph, agent for the Prudential Assurance Society, 15 Scarisbrick street
Mort James, agent to the Philanthropic Burial Society, 106 Great George street
Mort John, waggon builder, 43 Birkett bank
Mort Samuel, foreman, 42 Woodhouse lane
Moss Edward, upholsterer, 35 Charles st.
Moss Elizabeth, householder, 10 Great George street
Moss Peter, beer retailer, 72 Standishgate
Moss Thomas, insurance agent, 29 Regent street
Moulding Thomas, warehouseman, 14 Harrogate street
Mousdell Alfred, clogger, 165 Hardybutts
Munro G. & Co., wine, spirit, ale and porter merchants, 35 Market place, and 3 Millgate
Munro Hugh, underlooker, 172 Frog lane
Munsey Charles, boot and shoemaker, 13 & 15 Wallgate - Chas. Trehearn, manager
Murphy Michael, plasterer, 34 Miry lane
Murray Mrs. Isabella, 11 Dicconson street
Murray James, miner, 4 Lorne street
Myers Thomas, carpenter, 20 Church street
Myers Thomas, pawnbrokers' assistant, 29 Charles street
Myler Patrick, butcher, 33 & 75 Market Hall; house, 17 Wiend

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