The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, L

Wigan, L

Laithwaite Thomas, iron broker, 8 Harrogate street
Lamb & Moore, coal proprietors, Newton and Meadows Collieries; Chief Office, 186 Frog lane
Lamb & Sons, auctioneers, valuers, arbitrators, estate agents, and trustees in bankruptcy (established 1829), 29 King street
Lamb Charles A., auctioneer and valuer (Lamb & Sons), Bellingham Lodge, Wigan lane
Lamb John & Co., practical oil distillers and refiners, manufacturing chemists, asphalters, brattice cloth, &c., manufacturers; works and general office, Wallgate - See advertisement
Lamb William J., coal proprietor (Lamb & Moore), the Sycamores, Wigan lane
Lamon Rev. Henry John, 11 Caroline street
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Station, Wallgate
Lancashire and Cheshire Miners Relief Society, Arcade, King street; George L. Campbell, secretary
Lancashire Insurance Company, 31a King street; Appleton & Wright, agents
Lancaster Elizabeth, newsagent, 2 Darlington street
Lancaster John, engine tenter, 176 Frog lane
Langshaw William, schoolmaster, 3 Hilton street
Lanyon Joseph, agent for Refuge Friendly Society, 6 Mill street
Latham Ellen, shopkeeper, 9 Poolstock lane
Latham Henry, Britannia Inn, 107 Warrington lane
Latham James, joiner and builder, 46 Holland street
Latham James, shopkeeper, 27 Wellington street
Latham James, provision dealer, 52 Scholes; house, 43 Warrington lane
Latham Mary Ann, householder, 33 Great George street
Latham Richard, bolt and throstle screw maker, Scholes Bridge Works; and beer retailer, 1 Scholes
Latham William, bolt and screw maker, James street; house, 9 Poolstock lane
Latimer William, grocer, 46 Wallgate, and Ashton-in-Makerfield
Law Charles H., photographer, Wallgate
Law Fire Insurance Co., King street - Part, Woodcock & Co., agents
Law Property Life Assurance Co., 3 Market street - Thomas Heald, agent
Law Union Insurance Co., 26 Scarisbrick street - James Parker, agent
Lawson John, printer and stationer, 66 Darlington street
Lawson Thomas, oiler and greaser, 52 Pool street
Lawson William, newsagent and stationer, 169 Scholes
Lawton Thomas, saddler, 4 Darlington st.
Lawton William, coach builder (Cornish & Lawton), 90 Darlington Street east
Laycock James, cabinet maker, Royal Hotel yard, Standishgate; house, 23 Greenough street
Laycock Samuel, grocer and tea dealer, 10 and 24 Hallgate; house, 52 Wigan lane
Lea James, plumber and glazier, 4 Clarence yard
Lea James, shopkeeper, 22 Orchard street
Lea John, painter and plasterer, 5 Chapel lane, and Rodney street
Lea John, cotton spinner (Wm. & John Lea), 146 Wigan lane
Lea Richard, coal agent, 5 Lansdowne terrace
Lea William, cotton spinner (Wm. & John Lea), 146a Wigan lane
Lea William & John, cotton spinners, Rose Bridge Mill, Ince
Leach James, shoemaker, 49 Caroline street
Leach Robert, pawnbroker, 89 Wallgate; house, Morningside, Wigan lane
Leather Robert, brewer, 46 Pool street
Leatherbarrow James, shopkeeper, 22 School street
Leatherbarrow James, carpenter, 63 Miry lane
Leatherbarrow Thomas Swift, clogger, 171 Scholes
Lee John, sawyer, 15 Cecil street
Lee John, traveller, 21 Leader street
Lee Joseph, colliery underlooker, 274 Whelley
Lee Ralph, collier, 18 Poolstock lane
Leech Thomas, compositor, 4 Oxford street
Leech William, agent for the Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co., and Insurance agent, 20 King street; house, Elm Cottage, Pemberton
Leech William, beer retailer, 4 Scholes
Leeds and Liverpool Canal Carrying Co., Canal Wharf, 190 Wallgate - James Holmes, agent
Leeds and Liverpool Canal Office, Henhurst bridge - William Bullin, agent
Lees Edward, clog iron manufacturer, 32 Lime street
Lees William, solicitor, 33 King st.; house, Langtree Grange, Standish
Legal and General Life Insurance Co., King street - Part, Woodcock & Co., agents
Leigh Bromley, cowkeeper, 156 Great George street
Leigh Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 90 Warrington lane
Leigh Elizabeth, householder, 14 Regent st.
Leigh Enoch, beer retailer, 152 Scholes
Leigh John, forgeman, 5 Florence street
Leigh Peter, shopkeeper, 253 Scholes
Leigh Robert, painter, 4 Pitt street
Letman Thomas, milk dealer, 34 Queen st.
Lever & Co., wholesale grocers, Church Gates, 28 Wallgate
Lewis Walter, loan office, 5 Brethertons row
Leyland Charles, joiner, 5 Church street
Leyland George, moulder, 26 Wigan lane
Leyland James, ironmonger, 164 Scholes
Leyland James, tailor, 45 Wigan lane
Leyland James, grocer, 36 Upper Morris st.
Leyland James, compositor, 47 York street
Leyland Jane, boot and shoe repairer, 70 Millgate
Leyland John, boot and shoe maker, 38 Greenough st., and 82 Market Hall
Leyland Joseph, shoemaker, 48 Great George street
Leyland Peter, shoemaker, 11 Wiend
Leyland Samuel, tailor, 9 Duke street
Leyland William, police sergeant, 41 Warrington lane
Liberal Club (Working Men's), 12 King st. - James Winstanley, hon. sec.; W. S. France, treasurer
Lingard Thomas, pointsman, 25 York st.
Liptrot John, blacksmith, 38 Woodhouse lane
Liptrot Roger, coal agent, 7 Birkett bank
Lister John Montgomery, agent for the Prudential Insurance Co., 164 Frog lane
Litherland Edward, collier, 117 Worsley Mesnes
Litherland Henry, druggist and grocer, 134 Wallgate; and grocer, 106 & 137 Scholes
Litherland William, tea dealer, 101 Market Hall, and 42 Wigan lane
Little Robert, photographer, 2 Clarence yard, Wallgate
Littler Alice, householder, 35 Miry lane
Littler Henry, Rose and Thistle, 111 Chapel lane
Littler Joseph, joiner, 1 York Street east
Littler Margaret, householder, 8 Acton's walk
Littler Thomas, mechanic, 11 James street
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., Wm. Leech, 20 King street; John Wall, 56 Wallgate; and T. R. Taylor, 11a Standishgate, agents
Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, 96 Standishgate - Edward Rutherford, manager
Livesey & Harrison, dealers in fancy goods, 100, 102 & 104, Market Hall; house, 1 Richmond street
Livesey & Parkinson, plasterers, 61 & 65 Caroline street
Livesey Thomas, plasterer (Livesey & Parkinson), 65 Caroline street
Lloyd Abraham, bone manure, &c., manufacturer, Standish Lower Ground - Edward Donohue, manager
Lloyd James, moulder, 2 Leader street
Lloyd Margaret, draper, 37 Birkett bank
Lockhart Isabella, householder, 36 Corporation street
Lockwood William, coach maker, 20 Leigh street
Lomax James, shopkeeper, 1 Westmoreland street, Whelley
Lomax Samuel Starkie, schoolmaster (St. Thomas'), 103 Clayton street
London and County Plate Glass Insurance Co. Limited, King street - Richards & Hall, agents
London and Lancashire Insurance Co. - R. Halliwell, 22 Rodney st.; Holmes & Johnson, 1 & 2 Victoria Buildings, King st.; Frederick Wood, 11 Victoria Buildings, King st.; Peter Ward, 33 King st.; S. A. Oliver, 20 King st.; and Thomas Swarbrick, 1 Church st., agents
London and North-Western Railway Station, Wallgate - John Taberner, stationmaster; Edward Newton, clerk-in-charge
London and North-Western Railway Co.'s Goods Offices, Chapel lane; Joseph Atkinson, manager; Thomas Lowe, chief clerk
London Assurance Corporation Insurance Co., 5 Rodney st. - Thomas Brown, agent
London Guarantee and Accident Insurance Co., 4 Victoria Buildings, King street - Richards & Hall, agents
London Tailoring and Clothing House, 23 Wallgate
Long George, overlooker, 41 Prescott street
Lonsdale John, brewers' traveller, 28 Vaughan street
Lord Samuel, collier, 40 Poolstock lane
Lord Thomas, carder, 20 Greenough street
Lord William, bookkeeper, 45 Corporation st.
Lowe Alice, Golden Cross Inn, 120 Standishgate
Lowe Edward, family grocer, 61 Standishgate
Lowe Isaac, furnace tenter, 31 Hodson st.
Lowe James, tinplate worker, 282 Wallgate
Lowe James, painter, 33 Miry lane
Lowe James, clerk, 9 Clifton street
Lowe James, pork butcher, 122 Scholes
Lowe John, grocer, 40 Scholes
Lowe John, Governor of Workhouse, Frog lane
Lowe John, underlooker, 134 Frog lane
Lowe Joseph, shopkeeper, 284 Wallgate
Lowe Joseph, travelling draper, 45 Great George street
Lowe Messina, tobacconist, newsagent, &c., 38 Scholes
Lowe Thomas, auctioneer, 17 Rodney st., and 63 Wallgate
Lowe William, Horse Shoe Inn, 106 Millgate
Lowther James, shopkeeper, 73 Darlington street
Lucas Alexander, shopkeeper, Hardybutts
Lucas Job, butcher, 72 Millgate
Lumsden James, building inspector, 50 Woodhouse lane
Lynott Edwrad, overlooker, 11 Green st.
Lyon Catherine, householder, 87 Great George street
Lyon Edward, grocer and provision dealer, 20 Millgate; house, 64 Dicconson street
Lyon Hugh, collier, 72 Poolstock lane
Lyon James, grocers' traveller, 18 St. James' terrace
Lyon John, shopkeeper, 28 Taylor street
Lyon John, sawyer, 44 Poolstock lane
Lyons John, agent for Integrity Life Assurance Society, 71 Scholefield lane
Lythgoe Ralph, innkeeper, Ropemakers' Arms, 3 Caroline st. - See advertisement

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