The Wigan Directory of 1881, Ince-in-Makerfield

Ince-in-Makerfield, is a township in the parish of and adjoining the south-east boundary of Wigan. The Lancashire & Yorkshire and the London and North Western Railways and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal intersect the township. The district supplies large quantities of King and Cannel Coal, and some of the most extensive collieries in the county are worked here. There are also several extensive iron works, the principal being worked by the Wigan Coal and Iron Co. and the Ince Forge Co., the latter manufacture forgings for locomotives, marine and stationary engines, and heavy smith work; and in addition to these may be mentioned railway wagon, chemical and other works, which employ a large number of hands. The Ince Cemetery comprising about 4 acres, and the Wigan Cemetery 18 acres, are both situated in this township off the Warrington road, and are separated by the London and North-Western Railway. Christ Church was erected in 1863-4 at a cost of about £6000, and was opened for divine service on the 17th March, 1864; the living is of the annual value of £300, and is held by the Rev. T. F. Fergie, B.D. There are places of worship for Wesleyans, Independents, Primitive Methodists, and Roman Catholics.

   The township comprises 2314 acres, and the population in 1861 was 8266; in 1871, 11,989; and in 1881, 16,017.

Christ Church, Ince Green lane. - Rev. T. F. Fergie, B.D., vicar; Rev. Arthur Woods, B.A., and Rev. Thos. Taylor, curates
Independent Methodist Chapels, Lower Ince, and Keble street
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Ashton st.
Roman Catholic (St. Williams'), Ince Green lane. - Rev. J. Dowling, priest
Wesleyan Chapel, Rose Bridge, Manchester road

National Schools, Ince Green lane. - J. Grindrod, master; Ben Stott, assistant; Miss Margaret Crawford, mistress; Miss Morris, assistant; Miss Gillett, infants' mistress
Hall of Ince School, Warrington road. - Thomas Yarwood, master; C. A. Mottram, assistant; Miss E. Whitmore, mistress; Miss E. Hill, infants' mistress
Wesleyan School, Rose Bridge, Manchester road. - Henry Holt, master; Peter Henshall, assistant; M. E. Ranson, infants' mistress

   Local Board of Health Office. - R. Knowles, clerk; R. Winstanley, engineer and surveyor; R. S. Hall, medical officer; B. Howgate, collector & inspector; Peace, Ackerley and Co., law clerks

   Ince Cemetery, Warrington road. - Robert Winstanley, clerk & registrar

   Wigan Cemetery, Warrington road. - F. T. Brandreth, registrar; Thomas R. Ellis, clerk to the board

   Post Offices, 130 Manchester road, and 239 Warrington road. Letters are received through Wigan. Money Order, Savings' Bank, and Telegraph Offices.


Brandreth Mr. Frederick Thomas, Wigan Cemetery
Brown Mr. Jas. W., Westwood Park, Lower Ince
Bryham Mr. John, Pennington House, Belle Green lane
Bryham William, Esq., J.P., Ince Hall, Manchester road
Carter Mr. Joseph, Ivy Cottage, 217 Ince Green lane
Crompton William, Esq., Fir Tree House, Warrington road
Dowling Rev. Joseph, 206 Ince Green lane
Fergie Rev. Canon, Westwood Park, Lower Ince
Gerrard Mrs. Anne, Ince Hall, Ince Green lane
Gerrard Mr. John, 102 Ince Green lane
Grindford Mr. John, 50 Ince Green lane
Hall R. S., Esq., 65 Ince Green lane
Holt Mr. Henry, 113 Manchester road
Howgate Mr. Benjamin, 41 Ince Green lane
Johnson Mr. Peter, 1 Manchester road
Keir Mr. Stephen, 120 Manchester road
Knowles I., Esq., Westwood Park, Lower Ince
Liddle Mrs. Margaret, 302 Ince Green lane
Melling Mr. Zaccheus, 212 Ince Green lane
Percy Francis, Esq., Kirkless Hall
Percy Mr. Thomas M., Hemfield House
Preston Mrs John, Rock House, Warrington rd.
Seddon Mr. R. B., 216 Ince Green lane
Stephenson Mr. W. H., New Hall, Manchester road
Swift Thomas, D., Esq., Moat House, Manchester road
Yarwood Mr. Thomas, Holly House, 247 Ince Green lane


Abbot Mrs. Ann Eliza, 36 Petticoat lane
Ackers William, colliery manager, 233 Ince Green lane
Ainscow Charles, clogger, 3 Newhall street; and beer retailer, 25 Pickup street
Ainscow John, waterman, 277 Ince Green lane
Ainscow Thomas, clogger and shoe maker, 160 Manchester road; house, 189 Stony lane, Hindley
Archer Joseph, shopkeeper, 125 Belle Green la.
Arkwright Jas., clogger, 419 Warrington rd.
Armstrong Susannah, householder, 228 Ince Green lane
Ashton Jas., Ince Hall Inn, 245 Warrington rd.
Ashurst Mary Ann, householder, 152 Warrington road
Atherton James, colliery manager, 224 Ince Green lane
Atherton Robt., shopkeeper, 31 Manchester rd.
Atherton Thomas, beer retailer, 150 Belle Green lane
Austin Wm., salesman (Rose Bridge Colliery), 128 Ince Green lane
Bailey Joseph, china, glass and earthenware dealer, 97 Warrington road
Bamber John, shopkeeper, 299 Warrington rd.
Bandell John, picture framer and glazier, 6 Manchester road
Bannister John, forgeman, 273 Ince Green la.
Barnes Henry, shopkeeper, 43 Manchester rd.
Baron John, hair dresser, 154 Manchester rd.
Baron Matthew, Rifleman Inn, 23 Caroline st.
Baron Matthew, grocer & baker, Can row, Ince common
Baron Robt., hair dresser, 417 Warrington rd.
Baron Thomas, clogger, 165 Manchester road
Barrow Jas., beer retailer, 52 Manchester road
Barton Henry, shopkeeper, 18 Manchester rd.
Barton John, beer retailer, 37 Manchester rd.
Barton Thomas, newsagent and stationer, 150 Warrington road
Barton Thomas, furniture & hardware dealer, 167 Manchester road
Barton Thos., coal agent, 132 Ince Green lane
Barton William, White Swan Inn, 146 Warrington road
Bates Richard, forgeman, 189 Ince Green lane
Battersby Miss Ann, 7 Cemetery lane
Battersby Robert, hardware and furniture dealer, 1 William street
Beatey William, colliery underlooker, 222 Ince Green lane
Belshaw Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 151 Ince Green lane, and 372 Warrington road
Benson Wm., shopkeeper, 101 Manchester rd.
Bentham Isaac, shopkeeper & insurance agent, 34 Warrington road
Bentham Thos., shopkeeper, 136 Manchester rd.
Bentley Charles, nonconformist sexton and gardener, Wigan Cemetery
Bertram Alexander, engineer, Bank houses, Belle Green lane
Bevington Thomas, engine driver, 290 Ince Green lane
Bibby Harriet, chemist & druggist, 158 Manchester road
Bilsborough Robert, beer retailer, 82 Ince Green lane
Birchall Mrs. Hannah, 304 Ince Green lane
Birchall James, shopkeeper, 26 Warrington rd.
Birchall John, clothes dealer, 72 Manchester road
Blackledge Thos., beer retailer, 33 Caroline st.
Boardman Thos., brickmaker (W. & T. Boardman), 303 Manchester road
Boardman William & Thomas, brickmakers, Manchester road
Bolton Emmanuel, draper, 109 Manchester road
Bootle William, colliery manager, 220 Ince Green lane
Bowden Margaret, shopkeeper, 306 Warrington road
Brandreth Frederick Thomas, superintendent registrar, Wigan Cemetery, Warrington rd.
Brimelow William, shopkeeper, 265 Manchester road
Brindle Thos., milk dealer, 58 Manchester rd.
Brown George, grocer and beer retailer, 66 Ince Green lane
Brown Geo., engine tenter, 218 Belle Green la.
Brown J. H., furnaceman, 61 Ince Green lane
Brown Peter, shopkeeper and butcher, 358 Warrington road
Brown William, newsagent, 41 Manchester rd.
Bryham John, clerk, Pennington House, Belle Green lane
Bryham Wm., colliery manager (Rose Bridge Colliery Co.), Ince Hall, Manchester road
Buckland Thomas Henry, railway guard, 252 Ince Green lane
Buckley Abel, lock minder, Rose Bridge
Bullough William, beer retailer, 27 Manchester road
Bushell James, grocer and provision dealer, 317 Manchester road
Butler Edmund, draper (Butler Bros.), 296 Ince Green lane
Butler Henry, draper (Butler Bros.), 300 Ince Green lane
Bywater James A., printer, bookseller, and stationer; agent to the Scottish Provincial Fire and Life Office, 185 Manchester road; house, Worsley Mesnes, Pemberton
Carter John, grocer, 240 Ince Green lane
Carter Joseph, cashier and secretary (Pearson & Knowles), Ivy Cottage, 217 Ince Green lane
Carter Joseph, colliery underlooker, 257 Warrington road
Carter Wm., grocer, 216 Warrington road
Cartwright William, shopkeeper, 6 Raven st., Ince Green lane
Caswell Joseph, householder, 5 Cemetery lane
Caswell Thos., ironworker, 447 Warrington rd.
Chamberlain James, shopkeeper, 120 Warrington road
Charnock Jas., engine tenter, 199 Ince Green lane
Chivers James, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 178 Belle Green lane
Chivers William M., grocer and beer retailer, 185 Belle Green lane
Clarkson Henry, stationmaster, Ince Green la.
Clemson Wm., householder, 226 Ince Green la.
Close john, engine tenter, 76 Ince Green lane
Corless Hugh, Commercial Inn, 98 Manchester road
Cotterill Thos., forgeman, 316 Ince Green la.
Cowburn Albert, grocer, 48 Warrington road
Crank John Thos., clerk, Hawthorn Cottages, 239 Ince Green lane
Crawford Miss Margaret, 48 Ince Green lane
Croft Henry Dobson, colliery agent, 202 Ince Green lane
Croft John, forgeman, 49 Ince Green lane
Crompton & Shawcross, colliery proprietors, Fir Tree House Colliery, Lower Ince
Crompton Wm., colliery proprietor, (Crompton & Schawcross), Fir Tree House
Crook James, puddler, 289 Ince Green lane
Crook Wm., ironworker, 439 Warrington lane
Dale William, brewers' manager, 184 Manchester road
Davies John, puddler, 227 Ince Green lane
Dawber Thomas, clogger, 34 Manchester road
Dawson Elizabeth, milliner and draper, 177 Manchester road
Dawson John, policeman, Kirkless lane
Deakin John, forgeman, 230 Ince Green lane
Dewhurst William, grocer & provision dealer, 260 Ince Green lane
Dingley George, foreman (engine shed), 244 Warrington road
Dobb Jane, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 307 Manchester road
Dowling Rev. J., 206 Ince Green lane
Draper John, shopkeeper, 175 Manchester rd.
Dunn John, shopkeeper, 237 Belle Green lane
Durant John, shopkeeper, 16 Ellen street
Dyson Thomas, labourer, 441 Warrington rd.
Eaves William, clerk of Parish Church, 58 Ince Green lane
Edmunds Wm., policeman, 338 Warrington rd.
Edwards Margaret, grocer, 4 Church view, Ince Green lane
Edwards Solomon, earthenware dealer, 117 Ince Green lane
Ellison Edmund, beer retailer, Cases's Arms, 81 Manchester road
Ellison George, carpenter, 279 Ince Green lane
Ellison George, beer retailer, 3 Brookside, Manchester road
Ellison John, clogger, 15 Brookside, Manchester road
Ellison Richard, grocer, Post Office, 143 Belle Green lane
Ellison Mr. Thomas, 156 Warrington road
Ellison William, colliery underlooker, 260 Ince Green lane
Evans Chas., shopkeeper, 339 Warrington rd.
Evans Humphrey Robert, agent for William Davies, dyer, Liverpool, Post Office, 239 Warrington road
Evans Isaac, engineer, 191 Ince Green lane
Evans John, beer retailer, 188 Ince Green lane
Fairhurst Henry, newsagent, 163 Manchester road
Fairhurst Jas., shopkeeper, 144 Ince Green la.
Fairhurst Wm., shopkeeper and beer retailer, 8 Warrington road
Farrimond Joseph, colliery underlooker, 445 Warrington road
Fields William, grocer and baker, 225 Manchester road, and 290 Warrington road
Fisher Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 9 Concert street
Fisher John, beer retailer, 7 Concert street
Fishwick Wm., butcher, 104 Warrington road
Flynn Peter, shopkeeper, 231 Belle Green lane
Foster Henry, engine driver, Taylor's lane
Foster James, grocer, 315 Warrington road
Gardner Wm., shopkeeper, 136 Belle Green la.
Gaskell Jas., beer retailer, 109 Warrington rd.
Gaskell Richard, ironmonger, 29 Manchester rd.
Gerard Mr. John, 102 Ince Green lane
Gerard M., dress maker, 102 Ince Green lane
Gerrard Ann, shopkeeper, 6 Newhall street
Gerrard Cornelius, clerk, 283 Ince Green lane
Gerrard James, surveyor (Ince Hall Coal Co.), Old Ince Hall
Gerrard William, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 283 Manchester road
Gidlow James, cotton spinner, New Hall Mills, Manchester road; residence, Arley Hall, Blackrod
Gidlow Thomas, colliery proprietor and iron manufacturer, Gidlow Coal & Iron Works, Petticoat lane
Gill Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 16 Warrington rd.
Gill John, shopkeeper, 7 Raven street, Ince Green lane
Gore John, shoe maker and clogger, 357 Warrington road
Gostelow Henry, grocer, 108 Manchester road
Gould Daniel H., labourer, 435 Warrington rd.
Gould G. L., forgeman, 443 Warrington road
Goulding John, sen., colliery overlooker, 449 Warrington road
Goulding John, colliery overlooker, 437 Warrington road
Green Catherine, draper, 24 Newhall street
Green Joseph, grocer, baker, and beer retailer, 175 Warrington road
Green Thomas, Railway Tavern, 390 Warrington road
Greenough John, shopkeeper, 18 Petticoat la.
Greenough Thomas, blacksmith, 429 Warrington road
Gregory Henry, Shovel and Broom Inn, 40 Manchester road
Gregory Joseph, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 194 Manchester road
Gregson Jas., shopkeeper, 210 Warrington rd.
Grindford John, schoolmaster (National School), 50 Ince Green lane
Hadfield Samuel, blacksmith, Manchester rd.; house, Newhall street
Hall R. S., surgeon, and vaccination officer, 65 Ince Green lane
Hall Robert, foreman (railway), 310 Ince Green lane
Halliwell Miss Elizabeth, 201 Ince Green lane
Halliwell William, joiner and builder, 11 Manchester road
Halsall Willmer, engine tenter, 322 Ince Green lane
Halstead Thomas, policeman, 5 Wilding st.
Halton Alice, grocer, 103 Belle Green lane
Halton Mary, dress maker, 103 Belle Green la.
Harford Thomas, fitter, 3 Moss side
Hargreaves John, boot and shoe maker, 152 Manchester road
Harris Edward, shingler, 433 Warrington rd.
Harrison John, shopkeeper, 421 Warrington rd.
Hart Hannah, householder, 262 Ince Green la.
Hart James, hardware and general dealer, 170 Warrington road
Hatch William, grocer, 88 Warrington road
Hatton John, engine driver, 284 Ince Green la.
Hayes Henry, Crown Hotel, 249 Manchester rd.
Hayes Jane, beer retailer, 164 Manchester rd.
Hayes John, colliery overlooker, 220 Manchester road
Healey James, Belle Vue Inn, 2 Kirkless lane
Heaton James, foreman, Hawthorn Cottages, 245 Ince Green lane
Heaton John, beer retailer, 87 Warrington rd.
Heaton Joseph, shopkeeper, 2 Pennington la.
Heaton Mary, shopkeeper, 73 Manchester rd.
Heaton Moses, shopkeeper, 22 Lord street
Heaton Richard, labourer, 204 Ince Green la.
Heaton Thomas, shunter, 244 Ince Green lane
Hesketh John, shopkeeper, beer retailer, and joiner, 38 Albert street
Hesketh Mr. Thomas, 64 Ince Green lane
Hesketh William, painter and paper-hanger, 159 Manchester road
Hewitt Thomas, clogger, 42 Manchester road
Higham Christopher, beer retailer, 315 Manchester road
Hill James Edwd., butcher, 150 Manchester rd.
Hilton James, joiner, 226 Manchester road
Hilton John, newsagent, 304 Warrington rd.
Hilton Peter, wheelwright and smith, Warrington road; house, Platt Bridge
Hitchen Richard, beer retailer, 102 Warrington road
Hodgeon Charles, general dealer, 203 Belle Green lane
Hodgkiss Richard, butcher, cheese and bacon factor, 183 and 178 Manchester road
Hodkinson Richard, Bay Horse Inn, 16 Manchester road
Hodkinson William, surface manager, 225 Ince Green lane
Holden Robert, police sergreant, 457 Warrington road
Holker Sarah Ann, milliner and dress maker, 144 Belle Green lane
Holland Daniel, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 151 Manchester road
Holleywell James, Queen's Head Inn, 7 Manchester road
Holt Henry, schoolmaster (Wesleyan), 113 Manchester road
Horrobin Thomas, tailor, 69 Manchester road
Horrocks John, clogger and shoe maker, 45 Manchester road
Houghton James, engine driver, 291 Ince Green lane
Houghton Thos., railway inspector, 22 Taylor's lane, Warrington road
Howgate Benjamin, School Board officer, rate collector, and nuisance inspector, 41 Ince Green lane
Hunt Thomas, corresponding secretary (Ince Hall Coal Co.), 57 Ince Green lane
Hurst James, colliery underlooker, 218 Ince Green lane
Ince Charles, engine driver, 3 Cemetery lane
Ince Forge Co., manufacturers of forgings for locomotives, marine and stationary engines, heavy smith work; also forgings rough turned or finished, Ince Green lane
Ince Hall Coal & Cannel Co., Limited; registered office, Ince Green lane. - George Gilroy, managing director
Ingram Thomas, shopkeeper, 313 Warrington road
Johnson James, beer retailer and brewer, 68 Manchester road
Johnson Mr. Peter, 1 Manchester road
Johnson Richard, mineral water manufacturer, Careless lane; house, 125 Manchester road
Johnson Robert, grocer, 77 Manchester road
Jones Henry, iron roller, 235 Ince Green lane
Jones Thomas, draper, 32 Warrington road
Johnson William, butcher, 170 Manchester road
Jukes Richard, manager, 232 Ince Green lane
Kearney Wm., beer retailer, 27 Warrington rd.
Keir Stephen, police inspector, 120 Manchester road
Kellett Robert, pointsman, 197 Ince Green la.
King Mrs. Jane, 210 Ince Green lane
King John, tailor & draper, 213 Manchester rd.
Kinnery John, repairer of colliers' tools, 243 Manchester road
Knowles Alice, Walmsley Arms Hotel, Warrington road
Knowles Edwd., carpenter, 246 Ince Green la.
Knowles John, mining engineer, Hawthorn cottages, 241 Ince Green lane
Knowles Richard, clerk to Local Board, 43 Ince Green lane
Lambert James, railway agent, Hawthorn cottages, 243 Ince Green lane
Lancaster James, secretary (Reform Club), Chatham street, Belle Green lane
Lancaster William, miner, 127 Manchester rd.
Latham Henry, Britannia Inn, 2 Warrington rd.
Latham Thomas, colliery underlooker, 218 Manchester road
Lawrence Isaac & Sons, brewers, Ince Brewery, Lord street
Lawrence Isaac Wilson, wine and spirit merchant, Walmsley Arms & Royal Hotels, Manchester road
Lawrence Mrs. Jane, certified midwife, 154 Warrington road
Lawson James, grocer, 35 Manchester road
Lawton Peter, shopkeeper, 267 Manchester road
Lea W. & J., cotton spinners, Rose Bridge Mills
Lee Richard, brewer, Prince of Wales Inn, 215 Belle Green lane
Leech Thos. L., shopkeeper, 10 Warrington rd.
Leyland James, inspector of colliery lamps, 281 Ince Green lane
Leyland John, shopkeeper, 148 Manchester rd.
Leyland William, shopkeeper & beer retailer, painter, &c., 135 Manchester road
Liddle Mrs. Margaret, 302 Ince Green lane
Lindley John, shopkeeper, 61 Manchester rd.
Liptrot E. & A., dress makers, 89 Manchester rd.
Liptrot Wm., beer retailer, 58 Belle Green la.
Litherland James, engine winder, 1 Church villas, Ince Green lane
Livesey John E., forgeman, 294 Ince Green la.
Livsey George, Bridge Inn, 313 Manchester rd.
Llewellyn William, stoker, 312 Ince Green lane
Lloyd Benjamin, grocer and provision dealer, and draper, 402 Warrington road
Local Board Offices, 43 Ince Green lane. - Richard Knowles, clerk
Lowe Henry, furniture broker, 204 Warrington road
Lowe James, grocer and provision dealer, and baker, 83 Manchester road
Lowe James, shopkeeper, 6 Petticoat lane
Lowe James, shopkeeper, 50 Manchester road
Lowe Thomas, shopkeeper, 134 Manchester rd.
Lyon Thomas, shopkeeper, beer retailer, and joiner, 217 and 221 Warrington road
Lyons Alfred, shopkeeper, 360 Warrington rd.
McFadden Robert George, grocer and baker, 173 Warrington road
McFarlane James, draper, 63 Manchester rd.
McNulty James, boot and shoe maker, 139 Manchester road; and 10 Scholes, Wigan
Malley Thomas, clogger and shoe maker, 64 Warrington road
Malone Richard, beer retailer, 215 Manchester road
Marrow Sarah, dress maker, 28 Taylor's lane, Warrington road
Marsh Jospeh, shopkeeper, 20 Bird street
Mason J. & Sons, grocers, 393 Warrington rd.
Mason John, grocer, 53 Manchester road
Mason John, colliery underlooker, 253 Warrington road
Mason John, confectioner, 20 Manchester rd.; house, 25 Forge street
Mather Richard, shoe maker and clogger, 164 Warrington road
Maybury William, shingler, 13 Warrington rd.
Meadows Christopher, colliery manager, 26 Taylor's lane, Warrington road
Mears Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 70 Warrington road
Mears William, newsagent, 241 Manchester rd.
Melling Thomas, forgeman, 3 Church villas, Ince Green lane
Melling Mr. Zaccheus, 212 Ince Green lane
Miller William, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 130 Ince Green lane
Milligan William, stoker, 288 Ince Green lane
Mitchell Henry, butcher, 39 Manchester road
Mollatt Edwin, brewers' traveller, 255 Warrington road
Molyneux John, grocer, 138 Belle Green lane
Molyneux Thomas, shopkeeper, 19 Manchester road
Moore James, beer retailer, 40 Warrington rd.
Moorfield Henry, shopkeeper, 352 Warrington road
Morris Chas., timekeeper, 308 Ince Green lane
Morris Elizabeth, householder, 60 Ince Green la.
Morris William, forgeman, 234 Ince Green la.
Morton William, jun., grocer and provision dealer, 128 and 48 Manchester road
Moss Hall Coal Co., Limited, Moss Hall and Low Hall Collieries. - George Caldwell, managing director
Moss Thomas, draper, 84 Warrington road
Mousdell John, beer retailer, 59 Broom street
Mulligan Edward, grocer, provision dealer, and beer retailer, 235 Belle Green lane
Murphy James, agent for Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, 41 Newhall street
Naylor John, engine driver, 320 Ince Green la.
Naylor John, draper, 173 Manchester road
Newbold Mrs. Charlotte, Fern cottages, 221 Ince Green lane
Nicholson Jas., tripe seller, 122 Warrington rd.
Nicholson Thomas, clogger and shoe maker, 94 Manchester road
Nichols Jane, shopkeeper, 173 Warrington rd.
Occleshaw John, grocer, 104 Manchester road
Ogden John, Railway Inn, 190 Ince Green la.
Ogden Joseph, manager (Rolling Mills), 97 Ince Green lane
Oliver John, beer retailer, 61 Belle Green lane
Orrell James, beer retailer, 44 Petticoat lane
Orrell John, John, draper, 187 Belle Green lane
Orrell Richd., shopkeeper, 123 Manchester rd.
Orrell Samuel, provision merchant, 158 Warrington road
Orrell Thos., The Old Hall Inn, Cemetery la.
Osbaldestin Christopher, draper, 143 Manchester road
Osborne Daniel, colliery underlooker, 91a Manchester road
Owen Joseph, grocer and beer retailer, 9 & 11 Kirkless lane
Owen Martha, shopkeeper, 217 Belle Green la.
Padfield James, newsagent, 98 Ince Green la.
Parkinson T., shopkeeper, 386 Warrington rd.
Parr James, draper, 59 Manchester road
Payne Sarah, shopkeeper, Taylor's lane, Warrington road
Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co., Limited, coal proprietors, Warrington road
Peet Peter, carpenter, 285 Ince Green lane
Percy Francis, manager (Wigan Coal & Iron Co.), Kirkless Hall
Percy Thomas, assistant manager (Wigan Coal & Iron Co.), Hemfield House
Peters William, beer retailer, 153 Ince Green la.
Pilkington Richard, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 177 Ince Green lane
Pilling William, grocer, baker, and beer retailer, 78 Warrington road
Pittfield Alfred, shopkeeper, 44 Ince Green la.
Plant John, surgeon's assistant, 189 Manchester road
Police Office, 120 Manchester road. - Stephen Keir, inspector
Poole Mrs. Margaret, Fern cottages, 219 Ince Green lane
Porter James, grocer and beer retailer, 45 Ince Green lane
Povall James, sexton and superintendent, Ince Cemetery
Prescott Henry, colliery metal man, 451 Warrington road
Preston Mrs. John, Rock House, Warrington rd.
Price William, brakesman, 286 Ince Green la.
Proe Samuel, grocer, 51 Manchester road
Ralphs E. E., dress maker, 197 Warrington rd.
Ratcliffe Robert, butcher, 82 Warrington rd.
Reform Club, Manchester road. - James Lancaster, secretary
Reynolds John, manager (Gidlow Coal and Iron Works), Petticoat lane
Rimmer William, Bush Inn, 216 Belle Green lane
Roberts Wm., beer retailer, 18 Warrington rd.
Robinson Jas., engine driver, 9 Warrington rd.
Robinson Jas., shopkeeper, 120 Ince Green la.
Robinson John, grocer, 116 Belle Green lane
Robinson John, shopkeeper, 138 Warrington rd.
Robinson Wm., foreman, 249 Warrington rd.
Rogers James, beer retailer, 79 Petticoat lane
Roper James, hair dresser, 57 Manchester rd.
Roscoe John, grocer, 228 Belle Green lane
Rose Bridge & Douglas Bank Collieries Co., Limited; registered office, Rose Bridge - William Bryham, managing director
Royle James, clerk, 427 Warrington road
Rudd Edward, grocer and beer retailer, 52 Ince Green lane
Rudd Edwd., storekeeper (Ince Hall Coal Co.), Ince Green lane
Rudd Richd., beer retailer, 228 Manchester rd.
Rutter Robert, beer retailer, 187 Ince Green la.
Ryan Michael Joseph, pawnbroker, 171 Manchester road
Scarborough Mr. S., 305 Manchester road
Secker George, hair dresser, 86 Warrington rd.
Seddon James, hardware dealer, 180 Belle Green lane
Seddon John, grocer, 1 Brook street
Seddon Robert Barlow, manager and secretary (Springs Wagon Works), 216 Ince Green lane
Seddon Wm., engine driver, 237 Ince Green la.
Sharples Mary, clogger and shoe maker, 223 Manchester road
Sharples William, clogger, 186 Belle Green la.
Sharrock James, fitter, 318 Ince Green lane
Shaw James, labourer, 431 Warrington road
Sheargold Dvd., forgeman, 287 Warrington rd.
Sheargold Enoch, manager (Moss Side Iron Works), 1 Moss side
Shields Martin, shopkeeper, 29 York street, Belle Green lane
Sidebotham Henry, grocer, draper, and baker, 312 Warrington road
Simm Jas., relieving officer, 100 Manchester rd.
Sinclair Robert, grocer and provision dealer, 106 Warrington road
Skidmore Noah, iron roller, 118 Ince Green la.
Smith Israel, butcher, 239 Belle Green lane
Smith John, clerk, 62 Ince Green lane
Smith Timothy, fireman, 258 Ince Green lane
Smith William, furniture broker and dealer, 191 Manchester road
Smith William, grocer and beer retailer, 118 Manchester road
Smyth Edward, engine driver, 11 Cemetery la.
Springs Wagon Works Co., wagon builders, &c., Warrington road. - R. B. Seddon, manager and secretary
Stephen George, Rose Bridge Inn, 96 Manchester road
Stephen Richard, shopkeeper, broker, and beer retailer, 64 and 66 Manchester road
Stephenson William Henry, mining surveyor (Ince Hall Coal Co.), New Hall, Manchester road
Stone Charles, clerk, 223 Ince Green lane
Sumner John, shopkeeper, 46 Manchester rd.
Sutton John, hardware and general dealer, 162 Warrington road
Swift Henry, foreman, 56 Ince Green lane
Swift Thos. Dickinson, railway wagon builder, Ince Green lane; residence, Moat House, Manchester road
Tabner Peter, shopkeeper, 217 Manchester rd.
Taylor Mrs. Alice, 251 Warrington road
Taylor Ann, grocer, 455 Warrington road
Taylor Eliza, shopkeeper, 166 Warrington rd.
Taylor Ellen, shopkeeper, 255 Manchester rd.
Taylor John, draper and hatter, 22 and 24 Ince Green lane
Taylor Richd., shopkeeper, 261 Manchester rd.
Taylor Thomas, grocer, 38 Manchester road
Taylor William Henry, milliner and draper, 287 Warrington road
Thornton L., shopkeeper, 239 Manchester rd.
Topping Mr. James, 208 Ince Green lane
Trickett Joseph, grocer, baker, corn flour and provender dealer, 391 Warrington road
Trickett Joseph, grocer & provision dealer & baker, Post Office, 130 Manchester road
Trueman Mark, foreman (Local Board), 106 Ince Green lane
Turner Sarah, shopkeeper, 65 Petticoat lane
Turton William, grocer, 425 Warrington road
Unsworth George, debt collector, 187 Manchester road
Unsworth M. A., dress maker, 187 Manchester road
Valentine Geo., shopkeeper, 216 Manchester rd.
Vernon William, puddler, 378 Warrington rd.
Waddington J. & W., oil distillers & tarpaulin manufacturers, Clarington brook
Walker Jas., Squirrel Inn, 146 Manchester rd.
Walker John, beer retailer, 195 Manchester rd.
Walker William, grocer, draper & beer retailer, 2 & 4 Newhall lane
Walsh John, beer retailer, 130 Belle Green la.
Walters Geo., shopkeeper, 256 Warrington rd.
Warburton George, shopkeeper, 229 Manchester road
Waring Margaret, dress & mantle maker, 273 Manchester road
Watson Sarah, clogger, 131 Manchester road
Watson William, clothes dealer, 31 Newhall st.
Webster Thomas, shopkeeper & beer retailer, York street, Belle Green lane
White Joseph, butcher, 191 Warrington road
Whittle James, iron broker, 14 Forge street
Wigan John, beer retailer, 253 Manchester rd.
Wigans Alexander, joiner & builder, 111 Manchester road
Wilcock Finch, shopkeeper, 90 Ince Green la.
Wilding Thomas, grocer & beer retailer, 231 Warrington road
Wilding William, clerk (Wigan Coal & Iron Co.), Cinnamon House
Wilkie Thomas, farm bailiff, Kirkless lane
Wilkinson Peter, beer retailer, 33 Newhall st.
Williams John, engine driver, 231 Ince Green la.
Winrow William, hardware dealer, 212 Belle Green lane
Winstanley Mrs. Annabella, 39 Ince Green la.
Winstanley J., shopkeeper, 189 Belle Green la.
Winstanley Samuel, shopkeeper, Petticoat lane
Winstanley William, picture framer, 148 Warrington road
Withington Charles, clogger & shoe maker, 151 Warrington road, & 100 Ince Green la.
Wolstenholme Charles, painter, 229 Warrington road; and 60 Queen street, Wigan
Wrigley Francis, manager, 186 Manchester rd.
Wright James, engineer (J. & T. Wright), Arley House, Warrington road
Wright Ralph, Rock Ferry Inn, 145 Warrington road
Yarwood Thomas, schoolmaster (Hall of Ince), Holly House, 247 Ince Green lane
Yates Thomas, railway pointsman, 314 Ince Green lane
York John, repairer of musical instruments, 182 Manchester road
Young James, fireman, 380 Warrington road


Caldwell Alice, Belle Green lane
Caldwell James, Fogg's fold, Platt Bridge
Halsall William, Ince Green lane
Howard James, Amberswood common
Crompton & Shawcross, Warrington road
Ormrod George, Amberswood common
Pearson & Knowles, Warrington road
Ridyard James, jun., Platt Bridge
Rose Bridge Colliery Co., Manchester road
Swift Henry, Moss Hall
Widdows James, Fir Tree grove
Wigan Coal & Iron Co., Kirkless Hall

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